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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Traffic Sentinel scheme Goa: Report Traffic Violations and earn money using your mobile/Camera

Goa Police Traffic Sentinel Scheme

Goa Police Traffic Sentinel Scheme launched on 10th November 2017. in just about 100 days, about 19,000 ?sentinels registered.
It was reported one sentinel (not me :-) ) sending upto 300 per day which means earning minimum 900 points and Max 3000 points a day. Each point equals to Rs.10 cash i.e. 300x3= 9000rs per day. it must be a full time job for him.
You too can utilise your spare time, students can make pocket money too. Just visit some busy roads, city, junctions, theatres, halls, events etc and you will find plenty of cases to report to.. e.g. one can come to Kala Academy or at Campal SAG grounds or opp Inox Children park etc where one can see footpath area always full of cars and bikes. One can even take a walk up and down 18 June Road to check parking on Zebra crossing lanes, footpath parking near Junta House, Yes Bank etc. Just 3 reportings per day can fetch you minimum of Rs. 9000 per month. There is no limit as to number of reportings per day. What more? You also stand a chance to win a bike or Maruti car (draw every 3 months?
Remember, by reporting traffic offences you are not only helping Goa Police but the society at large.  Good luck!!

Report traffic violations and earn money
100 point means Rs.1000
Minimum points earn per reporting is 3 and Max 10 depending on type of traffic offence.
Plus chance to win motor bike every few month?
A new traffic vigilance scheme started by the Goa Police will enable alert civilians to earn money, in
return for spotting traffic violations on the state's roads.

 Scheme launched on 10th November 2017
3 days later..
Traffic Sentinel Scheme get s massive response (H of 14.11.17)
Over 350 registered in 3 days..
Anyone can register,
Registration / Reporting through WhatsApp 787 575 6110,
email, facebook page of Goa Traffic Police

11.11.17, TG
click on links for bigger view/reading

Herald 14.11.17
Traffic Sentinel Scheme gets massive response
Over 350 registrations within three days; Sentinels now clicking pictures, videos of traffic violations and reporting to police
PANJIM: Beware traffic violators! Over 350 ‘Traffic Sentinels’ are reporting traffic violations across the State to the Traffic Police. Goa Police’s innovative community policing initiative – Traffic Sentinel Scheme – received over 350 registrations within three days of its launch. The scheme invites people to help in enhancing traffic management by capturing a photo or a video of a traffic violation and reporting it to the Traffic Police via the social media.

“So far, more than 350 Traffic Sentinels have enrolled and are now clicking traffic violations all over Goa. Anyone can join the initiative,” Director General of Police Muktesh Chander told Herald.

The Traffic Sentinels can report the offence through their smart phone with GPS location switched on, through Whatsapp to the Traffic Police on 7875756110, email on or Facebook page of Goa Traffic Police.

“The photo/video with clear view of the registration number of the defaulting vehicle, time & date of violation, place of violation and type of violation needs to be informed to report a traffic violation. There are 10 types of violations that can be reported through this scheme,” the officer said.

Reporting violations will fetch the volunteer reward points and once he/she accumulates 100 points, the department will offer a cash prize of Rs 1000.

The scheme has been borrowed from a similar initiative started by Chander in Delhi when he was Special Commissioner of Delhi Traffic Police. A citizen has to register by providing his name, mobile number and email ID on WhatsApp Number 7875756110. H 14.11.17

February 2018
TOI 3.2.2018
Traffic sentinels report 1,000 violations per day
Panaji: Goa traffic cell receives on an average 1,000 complaints per day from around 1,500 citizen sentinels linked to its WhatsApp platform under the traffic sentinel scheme. Informing that the sentinel scheme has been receiving good response from people, superintendent of police (traffic) Dinraj Govekar said that the cell sometimes receives 300 cases of violations from a single sentinel.
"The violators are then issued notices under the Motor Vehicle Act and asked to settle charges at traffic cell headquarters in Altinho, Panaji'' he said. In view of several violations being registered and inconvenience caused to the erring riders, an extension counter has been opened in South Goa, at the office of the DySP (Traffic), Margao, to compound the cases
On November 10, director general of police (DGP) Muktesh Chander had launched the scheme wherein citizens could report traffic violations on WhatsApp and earn cash rewards.

Under the initiative, citizens can send photos and videos of the violations along with the details of the erring vehicle to contact number 7875756110.

Based on the type of violation, the user is entitled to certain points. For instance, reporting a violation of triple-seat riding on a two-wheeler will earn them 10 points, while parking on footpaths or zebra crossings will accrue three points.

On accumulating 100 points, the user can claim a reward of Rs 1,000. A lucky draw will also be held, wherein a sentinel may win either a motorcycle or a car.

19,000 sentinels registered?

1. What is Traffic Sentinel Scheme?
Ans. Traffic Sentinel Scheme has been launched by Goa Traffic Police for empowering general public to participate in better management of traffic on Goan roads. In this scheme, any person can report traffic violation by capturing the photo/video of the defaulting vehicle and send it through Whatsapp on Mobile No. 7875756110, E-Mail on
 of Facebook Page of Goa Traffic Police.

2. Who is Traffic Sentinel?
Ans. Traffic Sentinel is a person who reports traffic violation committed on Goan roads using WhatsApp (7875756110), E-Mail ( or Facebook Page (Goa Traffic Police). Predefined reward points for different violations will be credited in the account of Traffic Sentinel for each violation so reported. Once the Traffic Sentinel accumulates 100 Points he/she will be given cash reward of Rs. 1,000/-.

3. How one can become Traffic Sentinel?
Ans. One has to register by providing his name, mobile number and email ID on WhatsApp Number 7875756110. His/her Mobile Number will be his/her Unique Id. Thereafter can start reporting traffic violations through WhatsApp (7875756110), E-Mail ( or Facebook Page (Goa Traffic Police) by compulsorily mentioning his unique Id.

4. What type of violations can be reported through this scheme and what are the credit points for different violations?
Ans. 10 types of traffic violations can be reported through this scheme. The details of credit points for each violation is as follows: Type of Violation
Reward Points Photo or Video

 Driving against the flow of traffic 10  points
 Parking on Footpath 3
 Parking on Zebra Crossing 3
 Triple Riding 10
 Improper Number Plate 3
 Without Seat Belt 7 
 Without Helmet 7
 Using vehicle with Tinted Glass 3

 Video Clip Only
 Red Light Jumping 10
 Dangerous Driving 10
 Using Mobile while Driving 10 

5. What all is required to report a violation?
Ans. The following information needs to be sent while reporting traffic violation. The photo/video if possible should be clicked/recorded by keeping GPS in ON Mode for getting exact date and time.
a. Photo/video with clear view of Registration No. of the defaulting vehicle
b. Time & Date of violation
c. Place of violation
d. Type of violation

6. How can I see my reward points?
Ans. Once 100 points are accumulated the concerned citizen will be intimated via e-mail. Nevertheless, the citizen can inquire through WhatsApp, E-Mail, Facebook the status of their points.
7. What kinds of rewards are being given in the scheme?
Ans. Once the Traffic Sentinel accumulates 100 Points he/she will be given cash reward of Rs. 1,000/-.

8. Can I report multiple violations?
Ans. Yes. Traffic Sentinel can report multiple violations in a single reporting. For example, if the picture sent by Traffic Sentinel shows a person driving motorcycle without Helmet and stopping beyond stop line, than it will be counted as two violations and each violation will have separate reward points. Also a Traffic Sentinel may send as many photos/videos for reporting different traffic violations as he/she wishes.

9. What is my reference ID?
Ans. Your registered Mobile Number is your unique reference ID.

10. What could be the reason for a reported violation for not getting the reward point?
Ans. If a picture or video of a reported violation does not clearly indicate the violation committed or the vehicle number is not clear then this reported violation will be discarded and will not get any reward point.

11. What is the responsibility of a Traffic Sentinel in legal aspect?
Ans. In case any violator challenges the violation recorded and reported by a Traffic Sentinel, the Hon’ble Court may require the Traffic Sentinel to testify before it for the violation so reported

Sunday, 19 November 2017

High Value Art installations in the City - Panaji

High Value Art installations in the Capital City - Panaji

The exhibited 6 art installations costing Rs 1.34 crore ?
Add installation cost by GSIDC, maintenance cost etc

I wonder what would be its value in the international market?

Woman flowing hair
Art Installation Opp café Bhonsle, Panaji
Art by  Carl Antoa or Antao ?
1,434 kg Buffalo, Indian bison
Artist Viraj Naik
M G Road
4 Wonder heads ? Miramar pavements near Bandodkar Samadhi Memorial.
4 human heads looking in 4 different directions
Dr. Jack de Sequeira Road
Art by Pankaj Panwar

This was at CCP Market entrance. Now removed and shifted to Opp Old GMC
A cock in the bag
Art by Pradip Naik
now Shifted to opp Old GMC, footpath

Now Newopd GMC site
a male protagonist cavorting about a traditional door house.
It is prepared by G Radhakrishnan. Weighing at 5,500 kg, it costs Rs 55 lakh
Panaji Market Bus stop area, Promenade (not yet fixed/installed as of 18.11.17)
City Art Installations
Arabic Horse ?
At jogger's Park Circle, AIR / Doordarshan Road, Altinho Panaji Goa.
The 571 kg art installation of Arabic horse placed at Altinho ?  made by Subodh Kerkar ? at a cost of Rs 5,71,000 ?

Also read Navhind Times for costs, artists info etc

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Our Visit to Vailankani by Special train from Vasco da Gama on 6th Sept 2017
Village: Velankanni, District:  Nagapattinam, State: Tamil Nadu, India

We left on 6th Sept 2017 at 11.20am train from Vasco da Gama and arrived Vailankanni next day at 2pm.
Our hotel check-in timing was 7.30pm so we kept our bags at the reception counter  and set out for sightseeing etc.  Starting with the beach, restaurant/lunch fish curry thali followed by the Church / Shrine tour.

The  entire Vailankani tour was meant for 1.5 days but  for me it was like half day only as I was down with high fever the whole night and the next full day.  We left the hotel at 7.30pm to take return train  to Vasco  at 11.45pm from Vailankani station. Back at Vasco 2am (as against 11.45pm)

To find hotel or accommodation  there was very tough, somehow  we managed to book one triple room online  with two extra mattresses for Rs.3,600 (A/c).  There was one hotel  that was showing Rs.5000 per non- A/c room and the final figure for two rooms with taxes was showing up around Rs.13,000.  We were 6.

It was crowded there and people / pilgrims seen squatting  all over. It was like Old Goa Novena / Feast  scene where we see pilgrim sleeping in the convents and Churches etc but here it was out in the open be it in the  roads, garden or passages or corridors.

Everything there was expensive or sold at premium rates. Even Vasaichim like bananas were sold for Rs.130 per kg or Rs.60 half kg (6pcs), we saw lot of banana plantations from our train though!
Fish curry rice thali Rs.150 (pic)  but it did not come with fried fish, had to pay extra for fish.

At Church Canteen, the thali was cheaper i.e. Rs.70 + GST and that did not come with fried fish too. We paid Rs.40 a piece + GST (See menu pic)

Many devotees were offering tray full of puja items including coconuts and flowers. Yet some were offering coconut sapling inside the main Church.  Sadly, photography/videography is prohibited inside the main shrine.

Masses in all languages including Konkani mass, I missed 10’clock mass in the lower cathedral as I was sick.

Another thing we noted, despite the place being touristic (Church and beaches) the vendors/hawkers speak no  other language than Tamil. 

 During the Car Procession at night, one has be very cautious or best to avoid with kids and elderly.  A simple false alarm could trigger a catastrophic stampede like situation. There is simplly a mad rush and half of the crowd are those who already witnessed the Car procession on previous days.

On our way back, our train had no water in most of the washrooms, saw some using mineral water . Water tanks were only filled up once the train reached Mangalore junction around 5.30pm that’s after 18 hours from Velankani station departure.
Our special train, apart from special fare, there were no security personnel nor we saw TC on both sectors.  Train to Vailankani  was about 70% empty but train back to Vasco was full to the capacity.

Video: 1

Video: 2 (Night Scene, illumination)

Video 3: Car Procession

Video 4

Video 5 Walking on knees, Way of the cross etc

More pics and videos ..

Car Procession
Priests residence

Crowd / devotees / Mass

Walking on their knees,
Way of the cross, viasagr

The beach

Food, Fish curry Rice thali

Velankanni Railway Station

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Grounded MV LUCKY SEVEN at Miramar beach, Goa

The ship MV Lucky Seven grounded at Miramar beach early morning of 16th July 2017.
Earlier, for 3 days it was struggling far off the shore attempting to come into Mandovi River to be used or parked or anchored as Casino boat amongst the other 6 casino boats there in Panaji.

Due to strong winds or bad monsoon weather etc the ship finally got  drifted to Miramar beach shore.
Owners: Gopal Kanda promoted Golden Globe Hotels Pvt. Ltd.
Ship was purchased for Rs.12 cores

Name: Lucky Seven *
Flag: Panama *
IMO: 8943703 *
Gross Tonnage: 5570
Length Overall x Breadth Extreme: 66.11m x 23.8m
Year built: 1996
 * info visible on the ship

Looks like it's inside is all casino setup  as the same was a Casino ship before (2004, 2011) known as
'Casino Cancun' of Casino Austria International?

The ship on 13,14, 15 July (before it got grounded)

Video 2: Grounded on 16.7.17

Video 3, 4, .. see below

Salvage work
Arihant ship breaker of Mumbai will attempt to refloat the ship
Salvage work likely to start on Tuesday 25.7.17 and if all go well, the ship will be out of Miramar by 1st August 2017.
Salvage work now likely to start from 28th July which means the ship might go by 5th August.
Salvage work or attempt to refloat the ship further delayed, it may now start on 7th or 8th August
As of now 1.8.17, only some dredging or sand excavation work done during low tide.
Some reports including CoP  saying salvage or re-floating attempt  will now be made on 11th August
Chief Minister Parrikar on 12.8.17 said the ship has a gushing hole in its bottom and it needs to be fixed before trying to salvage it..
13.8.17 The ship also shows signs of leaning / Tilting on its back side (Port quarter)
Water started entering through its doors too.
Some reports says there is a 12 mtr long crack in the ship hull (bottom)
Looks like the contract with Ship breaking / salvaging company Arihant is terminated their JCB excavators etc on the shore are not seen now.
Reports also say the owners ask a fresh quote from Goa based Madganvkar salvaging company.
Now some reports says services of  Dubai based salvaging company have been hired
29.8.17 we saw generator and new water pumps on the shore, water pumping out of the ship started 30.8.17.
Now, some reports (TOI 3/9/17) say that the salvaging work entrusted to  M/s AMS Marine LLC, Egypt.
Looks like the ship salvaging work to be completed by end of September (if all goes well)
Lucky Seven permitted to anchor in the Mandovi River as per Court/CoP order, once re-floated..
Attempt 1:
10.9.17 The ship turned front side back (180 deg), re-floating, moving was attempted today - watch video
Attempt 2:
11.9.17 Pulling Lucky 7 attempt failed again.. It did move a bit ( see pic)
when second tug? was also trying to pull, looks like its rope got broken.
Some CoP (Captain of Ports)  officers were also present
Attempt 3:
12.9.17  Despite pulling by two tugs, the ship failed to move.  Looks like it stuck into the ground and shows sign of tilting on one side as before.
18.9.17 The ship moved little further away from the shore..
3 pulling tugboats:
MARIA  IMO 9429596  with 60 Ton Bollard Pull Capacity
N P ENAKSHI  IMO 8928272, 20 Ton Bollard Pull
M T PEHLVAN, PNJ 669 of CoP (Captain of Ports, Goa) 12 ton Bollard pull, hiring charges of CoP Pehlvan Rs. 16,940 per hour plus 15% service charge. During weekends, holidays and after office hours the charges are double i.e Rs.34K per hour.
High Court on 27th Sept has given (Extension)  up to Oct 10, 2017 to tow away Lucky Seven from it present position.
Pulling by tugboats may now resume around 4th Oct as that's when higher tides are predicted (2mtr+ high) 4-10 October.
Towing operations did not resume on 4th Oct
 Lucky Seven finally pulled out of Miramar beach on 5.10.17 around 9.30am.
The ship is now seen at Verem in Mandovi River (Can be seen from Panaji etc)
 The ship after repairs likely to go to Ratnagiri dry dock for Major repairs by 10th Oct and come back as Big Daddy by January 2018
As of now (6.10.17), Goa has 7 casino boats in the River Mandovi Panaji out of which only 5 are operating as casino - Check video below
 10.10.17  - The ship seen at its place at Verem when checked today.
It is likely to move out form here within next 7 days to Jaigad for major repairs and may be back ( refurbished) by 11th Dec. 2017
16.10.17 The two tugboats Maria and Enakshi were seen anchored nearby  but Maria missing from today (or 15th).
17.10.17. Lucky Seven still seen around Panaji River Mandovi
19.10.17 Lucky Seven likely to leave Goa for Dubai for repairs (instead of Jaigad) within a week's time.
1.11.17. Now, it may go to Cochin (not Dubai or Jaigad as mentioned earlier)
3.11.17 The ship still seen around
7.11.17 Lucky Seven still at Verem - see pics below
8.11.17 Lucky seven gone. when check at 4pm it was not to be seen anywhere in the river or around Miramar bay. Must have gone either at night  around 1am or at noon today as high tide level was 2.27 and 1.92 mtrs respectively.
Fully refurbished Lucky Seven (as Big Daddy)  may now come back to celebrate new year in the Capital city, Panaji amongst the other 6 casino boats
13, 14, 15 July 2017

Grounded 16.7.17
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 night

Day 4 19.7.17

Day 5 20.7.17

Day 6
Video 3: Day 6 (21.7.17)
Day 7 22.7.17

Day 8  23.7.17

Video: 4
Day 8 (23.7.17) with crowd

Day 9  24.7.17

Day 10
Video: Digging started
Day 11 25.7.17
Crane excavator that work both land and water

Day 12  26.7.17

Night  27.7.17 low tide 9.30

Day 13 (Day/night)  28.7.17

Video - day night 27/28th July

Day 14 29.7.17

Day 15  30.7.17

Video - Day 15

Day 16  31.7.17

Day 17  1.8.17

Day 18 2.8.17

Day 19  3.8.17

Day 20 4.8.17

Day 21 (night) 5.8.17

Day 22
Video: 6.8.17

Day 23  7.8.17

Video: day 23

Day 24  (Evening 7.15pm)  8.8.17

Day 25 (watch video) 9.8.17

Day 26 (watch video) 10.8.17

Video: Day 25 & 26
9th & 10th Aug. 2017

Day 27  11.8.17
The ship still there when spotted at 2pm
night time, 11pm . lights off, engines switched off

Day 28  12.8.17

Day 29 13.8.17
Ship position changed by 45 degree angle
It was in the previous position since the day 9
The ship also shows signs of leaning on its back side (Port quarter)
(the vessel tilted about 15 to 20 degrees at Port quarter side)
Night 7.30pm

Day 30  14.8.17

Video - day 30

Day 31 15.8.17
Video: Day 31 - 15.8.17

Day 32 (16.8.17)
Water entering the ship through it doors during high tide


Day 33 17.8.17

Day 34   18.8.17
A view from Dona Paula

Day 35  19.8.17
Video: with Bio-fuel bus

Day 36 20.8.17
Tilting and sinking?

Day 37   21.8.17

Day 38

Day 39  23.8.17
Door almost under water


Day 40  24.8.17

Day 41

Day 42  26.8.17

Day 43

Day 44  28.8.17

Day 45

Video  29.8.17

Day 46  30.8.17

Day 47  31.8.17
Black sand

Day 48   1.9.17
Tilted further ?

Day 49

Day 50

Video: Day 49 and 50

Day 51

Day 52
Formation of sand wall

Video: Day 51 and 52

Day 53 6.9.17

Day 54 -56 n/a (out of station)

Day 57 10.9.17

Sand wall formation

Video 10.9.17

Day 58  11.9.17

Day 60

Day 61 14.9.17

Day 62  15.9.17

Day 63

Day 64  17.9.2017

Video: Day 60, 61, 62, 64

Day 65

Day 66  19.9.17

Video: Day 65, 66

Day 67 20.9.17
A view from Goa Marriott


Day 68   21.9.17
A view from Goa Marriott Hotel  12 noon

4 pm Miramar beach


Day 69  22.9.17

Day 70  23.9.17

Day 71  24.9.17

Day 72  25.9.17

Day 73

Day 75  28.9.17

Day 76  29.9.17

Day 77


Day 78  1.10.17 ... 6.15pm

Day 79

Day 80  3.10.17

Day 81

Day 82  5.10.17
Moved out of Miramar beach  around 9.30 am
We missed the pulling act by about 30 minutes. These pics were taken 10.20 am
as seen from Panaji riverfront

7 Casino boats as of now
Deltin Jaqk, Deltin Royale, Deltin Caravela,  Casino Pride 1, Casino Pride 2,
Maharajah Casino (Defunct) and Lucky Seven (soon to be Big Daddy).
Latest video showing all 7




  The 7 Casino boats of Goa
visit here