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Monday, 23 September 2019

Vasco to Belgaum (Belagavi) new Train

Vasco da Gama to Belagavi (Belgaum) twice weekly train flagged off on 4.9.2019
by Railway Minister Suresh Agadi along with Goan MPs Ministers and MLAs
This train is on a trial run for 3 months or till upto December 7, 2019

06922 / Vasco Da Gama - Belagavi Passenger Special (UnReserved)
Video: Inaugural train Vasco to Belagavi
Note: Timing is now revised eff. 13.9.19
It will now leave Vasco da Gama FRI/SAT 06:05 and arrives Belgaum at 11:30
From Belgaum it will leave 12:30 and arrive Vasco at 18:20
It will also stop at Desur station as per new schedule
Belgaum Ticket fare Rs. 45 to from Vasco or Rs.35 to from Margao

This is the only class available for this entire 10 coaches train. Second Class Ordinary.

Train leaves Vasco station Fri/Sat at 06:05 but ticket booking window opening timing is 06:00, they will open at 05:45 but you may see a long migrants Q already not of Belgaum bound passengers but Howrah Amravati Train (pic). You may jump the Q once ticket window is opened for Belgaum ticket because their train leaving 1 hr after yours.

Ticket booking clerk should also make announcement asking Belgaum bound passenger to come forward.
You may need another 2-3 minutes to go to Platform No.3. over footbridge.
Platform was in darkness so also the entire train coaches. Neglected.
Lights only came on after leaving Cansaulim Station.
The train left Vasco with about 12 pax
No pax boarded at Dabolim and Chandor.
At Chandor the train did not stop on the platform but on the second line (both ways)
Two train crossing took place here Goa Express and Local Kulem Vasco train)
Cansaulim there were 2 (could be Rly employee), Margao about 33, Sanvordem about 13,
Kulem about 20
Train arrived Belgaum on platform no.2 at 11:51 (31 mins late) with about 25-30 passengers.
The train left Belgaum for Vasco at 12:39 with about 95 passenger

Next day at Belgaum station, while passengers waiting for the train on platform no.2, it arrived on platform no.1, (no prior announcement made) at 12:42 (1h 22m late) and left from the same platform 13:10 (1h 10M late) with about 130 pax (some of whom may be of Londa bound).

Train after lot of stoppages at signal points, stations train crossing etc (At Sonaulium station in Goa (not scheduled stop) the train stopped there 40 min to give way to Nizamudin Delhi express train),
Train finally reached Vasco at 19:41 (1h 21m late) platform 3 with about 25 passengers.
No pax alighted at Chandor and Dabolim but there were 2 at Cansaulim.
Seating Capacity of the train is 8x90 + 50 = about 775

Update 8.11.2019
The train stops at Dudhsagar waterfall less than 5 minutes
Latest video with timer

When arrived at Vasco Da Gama station at 05:53, the train was there on platform 2 but doors were locked nor there was light inside, train departure time 06:05. Train guard also arrived but he then phoned some one to open the doors etc and the door started opening at 05:56 followed by lights.
Train left at 06:06 with about 42 passengers.
At Dabolim, 6 Passenger boarded and Cansaulimg 15 plus crossing of Hyderabad Vasco train.
At Madgaon about 70 Pass. boarded, Chandor Goa 7 with crossing of Local train.
Sanvordem there were about 35  and Kulem about 40
Before that it stopped 10 minutes at Kalem for crossing of goods train
At Londa Jn. it stopped exactly one hour allowing other trains to cross and overtake.
Gunji it stopped 15 minutes for crossing
Finally arrived at Belagavi at 12:23, 1 hour late

The same train left Belagavi  after 1 pm with about 200 passengers

Next day, we took bus to Panaji which left Belgaum 08:30 and arrived Panaji 12:30 (4hrs) via Chorla Ghat, Keri Sattari, Sanklim, Bicholim, Assonora, Tivim, Mapusa etc, fare was Rs.111 from Belagavi Station bus stand

Update 1st and 2nd November 2019
On 1.11.2019, at Belagavi, station, about 425 passengers boarded in a 385 sitting capacity train Belagavi - Vasco da Gama. Spotted about 25 on luggage shelves and some on foot-boards. Another 150 might have boarded en-route Khanapur, Londa and even more from Castlerock, dudhsagar waterfalls etc and as such used up all water from the train toilets, basins etc. Vasco Station failed to service the train in the night (neglected as usual for this train) and the next day morning the train left.. and again it came back from Belagavi with no water.. such is the treatment given to this train.. the train was full of passengers families and kids spending more than 9 hrs to reach Vasco

On 2.11.2019, Belagavi-Vasco train was already late by 2.5hrs but just before Vasco Station about a km away, the train was on hold for about 25 minutes and train finally reached its destination at 21:19 instead of 18:20 hrs.  On inquiry,  Station Master says 'Line was not clear'.   The station has 3 platforms don't why the line was not clear, may be they are naive or done on purpose because they don't like the train.
At Belagavi sation, about 325 passenger boarded the train

06:15 train left Vasco  with about 70 Passengers
06:24 Dabolim  8 Pax boarded
06:35 Cansaulim , 13 Pax boarded
06:50-06:54 Margao about 40 Pax boarded
07:04 - 07:25 Crossing of 2trains at Chandor Goa Express and Local, 4 pax boarded
07:34 Sanvordem about 70 passengers boarded
07:57-08:07 Kulem, about 65 pass. boarded
09:06 – 09:30 Castlerock
10:15 - 11:32 Londa
12:45 left Khanapur after crossing of train
13:15-13:27 stopped at Desur
13:44 arrived at Belgaum

14:32 left Belgaum for Vasco with about 425 passengers (Train sitting capacity 385)
saw 25 seated on top luggage shelves. 1st Nov. Belgaum Holiday (Statehood day?)
The train arrived Vasco 3hrs late  21:10 hrs (online Train live running source)

 13:06 arrived from Vasco with about 230 Passengers 
Entire train had no water, all taps dry, not serviced at Vasco, the prev. night
13:30  Left Belagavi for Vasco with about 325 passengers (Train sitting capacity 385)
14:02  Khanapur, about 70 Pax boarded
14:25  Gunji , about 12 pax boarded
14:43-15:14, about 65 passengers boarded
15:56-16:16 Castlerock
16:33- 17:40 Caranzol  crossing of Goa Express
18:51-19:23  Kulem, 3hrs late, about 100 pax alighted
19:45  Sanvordem, about 100 alighted
20:10  Madgao about 150+ passengers alighted
20:32 Cansaulim, 15 Pax alighted
20:44 Dabolim 5 Pax
20:50 – 21:13  stopped just before Vasco station signal point
21:19 Arrived at Vasco platform No. 3 with about 100 passengers, 3hrs late
Update 25.10.2019
I was told the train left Belgaum at 13:30 (one hour late).
Left Londa at 15:40
Castlerock Station 16:26 to 16:38
Stopped at Caranzol for a minute or so
Stopped at Dudhsagar Station 17:14 for Nizamuddin crossing at 17:47, train left 18:01
Dudhsagar waterfall it sopped 3.20 minutes only  (3m,20sec) and not 5 minutes
It was bit darker and raining too around 18:06
Stopped at signal before Sonalium 18:19 to 18:41
Stopped at Sonaulim Station for goods train crossing 18:45 to 18:49
Stopped at Signal before Kulem  19:05 to 19:11
Arrived at Kulem 19:13 and left 19:27
Arrived Sanvordem 19:49 (about 3.5 hrs late)
Chandor 19:59 to 20:04
Madgaon 20:17 - 20:20  about 3.5hrs late
Cansaulim 20:33
Vasco da Gama 20:52 on platform No.1

Update: 18.10.19 and 19.10.19
The train continues to get step-motherly treatment.
e.g. stopping at stations for one hour only to give way to other trains coming from behind etc
Who would like to travel by this train if it takes 8.5hrs to reach Vasco from Belgaum?
Those traveled by this train more than once said 'never again, had enough'.

At Dudhsagar waterfalls, there is always rush and panic not knowing how long the train will stop there.. The train stops faraway from the main waterfall point but in most cases engines are stopped right in front allowing train pilots to have best views including taking selfies on the ground.

When train stops, there is no way to know why it stopped, passenger assume it stopped at signal point like it did all over the journey. There is no sign board to say 'Dudhsagar waterfall' nor there are announcements to say so, if they announce, they could also say the exact time it will stop there thus avoiding fear and panic amongst the passengers or tourists.

Just five coach train (121.4m + 2 engines 35m) , it can take 2+2 minutes to walk up to the point and the train stops 5 minutes only and that too is not very sure or clear. Read details below with pics and videos

Train left Vasco da Gama at 06:07 with about 41 passengers
Dabolim there were 3 Passengers, Cansaulim 3 Pax
Madgaum arrived 06:45, about 65 passenges boaded
Chandor there was one Pax, Sanvordem 7:22 with about 65 pax
Arrived Kulem 7:45 and there were about 35 p
Stopped at Dudhsagar waterfall about 9 minute
Always confusion and panic not knowing how long will the train stop here.
Of the five minutes, about 4 minutes required to walk up and down to the main waterfall site. Train always stopped away from the site with train engines at waterfall point. Saw train pilots coming down and taking photos etc pic
Arrived at Castlerock station 9:05 10 pax boarded 10 alighted
Tinaighat there were 6 Pax
Londa Junction arrived 10.08 but left 10:39
At Gunji the train stopped about one hour 10:56 to 11:52
Crossing? A train came from behind (Tirupati- Kolhapur?) came in, stopped and proceeded,
our train left about 40 minutes later
Khanapur arrived at 12:11 and left 12:19, about 30 pax got down
Arrived at Belagavi / Belgaum at 12:55 ( late by 1hr, 35mins)

The same train left Belgavi for Vasco at 13:17 with about 130 passengers (Sch. Departure time 12:30
Video: 1
Vasco da Gama to Belagavi 18.10.19All scheduled stopping stations to Belagavi via Dabolim, Cansaulim, Madgaon, Chandor, Sanvordem, Kulem, Dudhsagar Waterfall, Castlerock, Tinaighat, Londa Jn, Gunji, Khanapur, Desur

Train arrived Belagavi from Vasco at 13:00 ( late by 1hr 40mins)
Departed Belagavi at 13:22 with about 200 passengers
At Desur station about 5 Pass. Boarded, appear Rly employee
At Khanapur station about 60 passenger boarded, some were students
At Gunji station 3 boarded
Arrived Londa 14:50 and left 15:15
Tinaighat 15:35 and about 25 pax alighted
Castlerock 15:52 – 16:13, about 55 pax alighted including students
Stopped at Caranzol good train crossing 16:34 – 16:45
Stopped at Dudhsagar Station H Nizamuddin crossing from 17:01, 25 minutes
Dudhsagar waterfall about 5 minutes, rush and panic as ever.
Stopped at Sonaulim station 2 minutes
Kulem 18:13 to 18:23 about 25 pax got down mostly tourists/trekkers
Stopped at Kalem, 2 crossing Goods train and Local passenger train 18:33 to 18:57
Arrived Sanvordem at 19:13 (Sch arrival time being 16:25) about 70 got down many with heavy luggage (fruits, vegetable boxes etc)
Arrived Chandor at 19:26, no passenger got down
Stopped before Madgaon 19:36 to 19:45, crossing, a fast train
Arrived Madgaon 19:50 (late by nearly 3 hrs) about 100 pax alighted
Stopped before Majorda 20:01 to 20:08, crossing
Arrived Cansaulim Station at 20:16, 5 Pax got down
Stopped at Sankval station 2 minutes
Arrived Dabolim Station 20:31, 6 pass. alighted
Stopped at signal just before Vasco station 5 minutes
Finally arrived at Vasco da Gama on platform 2 at 20:50 (late by 2hrs, 30mins) with less than 100 passengers
Video 2:
Belgaum to Vasco da Gama 19.10.19
All stopping stations
All scheduled

Update: 11.10.2019
The 10 coach train now reduced to 5 (4 General and 1 SLR) effective today, (which is due to poor response as per the news)
Once again, it is noted that the train involved in delaying tactics on account of step motherly treatment given to this train?
It arrived Londa (From Belagavi / Belgaum) 5 minutes late (13:40) and departed 30 minutes later i.e.14:10.
The train with just 5 compartments (see pic) (capacity 4x90+25 =385), 2/3 of it was already full. They should have at least reduced to to 8 coaches.
Another about 125 pax boarded at Londa (see pic) making it completely full, no vacant seats.
Another about 25 boarded at Castlerock and further about 25 boarded around dudhsagar etc
Saw many standing passengers some seated on foot-board.
Total passengers I would say around 550 (as against 385 seating capacity of the train).
Imagine train full of passengers many with families and children, infants etc made to wait for hours at stations only to give way to goods trains etc
At Kulem around 35 passengers alighted, Sanvordem around 100, Chandor 2, Margao around 200, Cansaulim 21, Dabolim 5 and Vasco the remaining around 125 (some may have alighted other side of the train at Kukem etc)
Extra info:
Tinai Ghat Train arrived 14:29 and departed 14:47 (Crossing goods train)
Castlerock arrived at 15:04 and left at 15:15
Caranzol station (Unscheduled Stop USS 15:40 and left 15:52 (Crossing coal train)
Dudhsagar Station (USS) it spent 1 hour, 16:14 to 17:13 (crossing H Nizamuddin)
Dudhsagar waterfall 17:16 17:21
Sonaulim Sation (USS)17:34 to 17:38
Kulem Station 18:03 to 18:19 (Schedule arrival time 16:00)
Kalem Station (USS) it spent 40 minutes, (18:32 – 19:11) two crossing, Coal train and Local Pass Train
Sanvordem / Kudchade Stn arrived at 19:25 (Sch. Arrival time 16:25) 3 hrs late
Chandor 19:36
Madgaon, the train arrived at 19:45 (Sch. Arr Time 17:03) i.e. 2hr:43min late
Vasco arrived Platform no. 2 about 2 hrs late 20:18 (Sch. Arr Time 18:20)
Update: 4.10.2019
Belagavi to Vasco da Gama
Nearly half full Train arrived at Londa Jn just on time i.e. 13:35 (Scheduled time 13:35)
There were not many stoppages at signal points nor at unscheduled stations.
Except Crossing at Caranzol, Kulem (Goa Express) and Cansaulim (Local passenger Train).
This time saw 3 coal trains lined up at Kulem, another little further, and one each at Sanvordem, Chandor & Vasco (all loaded). Forgot to check at Margao and Sankval (previously the train stopped to give way to goods train / crossing)

At Dudhsagar waterfall, train stopped exactly 5 minutes (Previously less than 5).

At Kulem, Sanvordem, Madgaon the train arrived 30 minutes late and as such I thought there would be an overall delay of 30 minutes but it reached Vasco Platform No.1 (previously 3) ahead of time i.e. 18:10 as against scheduled arrival time 18:20.

Looks like there is an error in the schedule / time table. From Dabolim to Vasco it should take not more than 10 minutes but schedule (IRI) says 30 minutes.

Passengers alighted at Vasco: about 90-100.
The twice weekly train (FRI/SAT) inaugurated on Sept.4, 2019
Update: 27.9.19
Hon’ble Minister in his inaugural speech 4/9/19 said that priority will be given to safety, punctuality and cleanliness in Railways.
But that was not the case, infact,  people think this train gets step motherly treatment or given least importance. The train stopped almost all signal points (Belagavi-Vasco sector). It also stopped at almost all unscheduled stations to give way to other trains mainly goods trains.
At Sankval unscheduled stop, time  was 20:18
It stopped at Caranzol, Dudhsagar, Sonalium, Sao Jose Areal or Margao extension, Sankval etc for crossing. The train finally reached Vasco station at 20:37 as against 18:20 that 2h:17m late
Suggestion 1
The train leaving time at Vasco is too early as if the train meant for Vascokars only, it should be changed to say around 7.30 am.

Suggestion 2

The train should operate say Thursdays and Saturdays from Vasco and Fridays and Sundays from Belgaum leaving both station in the morning say 7.30 and arriving at the destination in the after noon.

No same day return or quick turn around as trains usually not arrive on time.

Thus giving people some time to spend at Vasco / Belgaum visiting friends, family, shopping, sight seeing etc
The so called 10 minutes stop at Dudhsagar waterfall is not maintained, the train does not even stop 5 minutes or it stops only 2-4 minutes and it was full of confusion and panic, the engine drivers seem not briefed up on this, at one time they stopped theirs engines right infront of the waterfall as if they wanted to have the best view. Pax from behind had to walk upto 200 mtres to come to the main waterfall point. within a minute the train started moving but it had to stopped by pulling the chain at the request of the stranded passengers
Train engines noise also interfere with the natural sound of the waterfalls. Train had two engines in the front.

One can visit Dudhsagar on Friday/Saturday by new Vasco Belgaum train from Vasco 06:05, Dabolim, Cansaulim, Margao 06:40, Chandor, Sanvordem, Kulem 07:35, 
get down Dudhsagar 08:15 and spent about 7 hrs and came back by the same return train 
same day at 15:15. If you lucky, there may be other trains which may stop in-between 
to take you back home . 
This train is on a 3 months trial run upto Dec 7

Other trains passing via this route:
Amravati / Howrah express train to Margao / Vasco  passing Dudhsagar (May or may not stop there) around 12:30 on Wed, Thurs, Sat and Mon
Similarly, Chenai Express to Vasco passing around 10:20 on Saturdays

Other trains to Vasco  also passing that side but between 3-4 am  viz
Goa Express daily, Hubli link daily,
Yeswantpur/ Bangalore on Weds, Mons,
Tirupathi express and Hyderabad train on Fridays,
Velankani on Thursdays.
 Please check and re-confirm with the days, timings

Other trains From Vasco to Londa via Dudhsagar as follows
07:05  Amravati Tue, Thurs, Fri Sat
09:00 Tirupati / Hyderabad Express Friday
09:00 Vailankani Express  Monday
14:30 Chenai Express  Thursday
15:00 Goa Express all days
21:20  Yeswantpur / Banglore Monday and Saturday

Trains will arrive dudhsagar about 2 hours from above Vasco departure time

Update: 14.9.2019
New Vasco Belagavi train timing changed without even informing public.. On 13.9.19, many came to buy ticket (including me)  only to find train already left 6.05am iso 15:55.
Duty Station Master says they were informed 4-5pm on previous day.

Video: Dudhsagar waterfall 20-21.9.19

Video: Belgaum station etc 21.9.19

Video: Vasco to Belagavi train 20.9.19

Thursday, 1 August 2019

The Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2019 - New / Revised stiffer fines for traffic violations

The Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill, 2019, seeks to amend the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988

 Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2019 - New / Revised stiffer fines for traffic violations

As per WHO
1.2 m  death on the road in the world
i.e. av 1 lac per month or  3,333 per day

In India
1,50,000 killed every year on the road
i.e. av. 12,500 per month or 417 per day
In Goa, the av. is about  1 per day 

Govt / Cabinet approved it 24.6.2019
Cabinet approves the bill on 24.6.19
Union road transport and highways minister Nitin Gadkari is scheduled to introduce the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019, in Lok Sabha. The bill proposes changes to only three sections from an earlier amendment bill, which had lapsed with the dissolution of the 16th Lok Sabha.
Shri Gadkari says the Bill will provide an Efficient, Safe and Corruption Free Transport System in the Country

Update 15.7.19
The Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill, 2019 introduced  in Lok Sabha on Monday 15th July 2019

Update 23.7.19
The Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill, 2019 passed in the Lok Sabha, it will now move to Rajya Sabha for passing

Update 31.7.19
The M V (Amendment) Bill 2019 placed on the table of the House Rajya Sabha on 31.7.19  and passed same day.
However, due to some tech./ Typo error it will go back to Lok Sabha..

Update  9.8.19
 Motor Vehicles Act: President Ram Nath Kovind gave his assent to the Motor Vehicles (AmendmentAct2019 on August 9, 2019

Update 1.9.19
The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 has come into force today 1.9.2019

Follow are some of the revised stiffer penalties

Driving without licence Rs.5,000

If your minor son/daughter is caught driving, then you will be fined Rs 25,000 and also serve 3 years in jail for this offense.
Your minor son/daughter will also be tried in Juvenile courts (under JJ Act)
Not wearing helmet:  Rs.1,000 + 3 months license suspension
Overloading of Two-Wheeler: Rs.2000 plus suspension of licence for 3 months
3 riders, 4 riders etc
Driving despite disqualification/suspension: Rs.10,000

Drinking-and-driving -  Rs 10,000 +

Speeding above the limit -  Rs 1,000

Driving and Operating cellphone -  Rs 5,000
Driving without wearing seat belts Rs 1,000

Not giving way to Emergency vehicle Ambulance etc: Rs.10,000
Overloading of passengers: Rs. 1,000 per extra passenger
e.g. if bus seating capacity say 29 + standing 11= 40 and if it carries 30 standing then the fine will be 30 -11 or  59-40 x1000 = Rs. 19,000 i.e. fine on 19 extra passengers
Parking offences if parked in no parking zone, 
parking on footpath or zebra crossing lane: Rs.500 (min. fine being 500, to be confirmed)
If  police or enforcing authority commits offence then the fine is double
i.e. not wearing helmet they will pay Rs.2000
The fines can go up by 10% every year.
E.g. Late 1980s if the fine for not wearing helmet was Rs.100, we continue paying same i.e.100 even after 30 years but this will change.. i.e.  the new fine of Rs.1000 now,  will become Rs.17,500,  30 years later or  after 5 years it will be  Rs.1,658 and after 10 years its 2,593 and Rs. 6,727 after 20 years
Penalty regarding motor vehicles is to be increased by 10 % every year..

to be updated...

For your reference

Proposed Amendments in Various Penalties under Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill  2019
SectionOld Provision / PenaltyNew Proposed Provision / Minimum Penalties
177GeneralRs 100Rs 500
New 177ARules of road regulation violationRs 100Rs 500
178Travel without ticketRS 200Rs 500
179Disobedience of orders of authoritiesRs 500Rs 2000
180Unautorized use of vehicles without licenceRs 1000Rs 5000
181Driving without licenceRs 500Rs 5000
182Driving despite disqualificationRs 500Rs 10,000
182 BOversize vehiclesNewRs 5000
183Over speedingRs 400Rs 1000 for LMV
Rs 2000 for Medium passenger vehicle
184Dangerous driving penaltyRs 1000Upto Rs 5000 
185Drunken drivingRs 2000Rs 10,000
189Speeding / RacingRs 500Rs 5,000
192 AVehicle without permitupto Rs 5000Upto Rs 10,000
193Aggregators (violations of licencing conditions)NewRs 25,000 to
Rs 1,00,000
194OverloadingRs 2000 and
Rs 1000 per extra tonne
Rs 20,000 and
Rs 2000 per extra tonne
194 AOverloading of passengersRs 1000 per extra passenger
194 BSeat beltRs 100Rs 1000
194 COverloading of two wheelersRs 100Rs 2000, Disqualification for 3 months for licence
194 DHelmetsRs 100Rs 1000 Disqualification for 3 months for licence
194 ENot providing way for emergency vehiclesNewRs 10,000
196Driving Without InsuranceRS 1000Rs 2000
199Offences by JuvenilesNewGuardian / owner shall be deemed to be guilty. Rs 25,000 with 3 yrs imprisonment. For Juvenile to be tried under JJ Act. Registration of Motor Vehicle to be cancelled
206Power of Officers to impound documentsSuspension of driving licenses u/s 183, 184, 185, 189, 190, 194C, 194D, 194E
210 BOffences committed by enforcing authoritiesTwice the penalty under the relevant section

Saturday, 27 July 2019

New South Goa District Hospital - Hospicio, Margao

New South Goa District Hospital - Hospicio, Margao 

Foundation stone laid for the 556-bedded district hospital, including a 50-bedded Cancer unit and a 100 bedded super specialty Cardiac Centre etc on 30.12.2008.
Estimated cost 92.66 crore, to be completed in 3 years or 36 months

Stipulated time of commencement 5/11/08
Stipulated time of completion: 4/11/11
Contractor: M/s M Venkata Rao Infra projects Pvt. Ltd, Dona Paula.

Kirloskar consultant Ltd - PMC

NH17, construction site  February 2009
Located at NH17 near South Goa District Collectorate, towards KTC bus Saand Margoa

Feb 2009, construction site 

The under-construction 400-bedded district hospital at Margao is estimated to cost Rs 150 crore including an amount required for the civil works

March 2011
 193 crores including ancillary works like underground drainage, a shopping complex, development of parks, , residential quarters, landscaping etc.

Feb 2013
CM Parrikar said it will ready in 10 months
New district hospital ready by 19/12/13 he said at the time of new collectorate inauguration

 Jan 2014
Ready by May 2015 - This announcement was made by chief minister Manohar Parrikar while inaugurating the Navelim panchayat ghar

April 2014: 
Health minister Laxmikant Parsekar has expressed hope of commissioning the new South Goa district hospital in Margao within the next 17-18 months.

23. 03. 2016
CM Parsekar says it will be ready by Nov 2016
He said it on site on 23.3.16

Dec 11 2016
After having failed to honour their promise of inaugurating the much- delayed under-construction Margao district hospital in December, chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar on Saturday assured that the hospital will now be completed by February 2017.

April 2017
Health minister Rane and TCP minister Vijay said the hospital will be ready by December 2017.

Again, New Health Minister Viswajit Rane on 29.4.2017 said the Hospital will be ready and inaugurated in April 2018

July 2017
Health Minister Rane said in the Assembly House that the hospital will be ready by May 2018

Jan 21, 2018
Now CM Parrikar says it may be ready by May 2018 but it will be inaugurated in August with all equipment inside

April 10, 2018
TCP Minister and local MLA Vijay Sardessai said that the new hospital likely to be commissioned by December 2018 or Dec 19 as per other news on 11.4.18

Health Minister Viswajit Rane now says it will be commissioned in 6 months, (January 2019?)

18. 1 2019
South Goa District hospital building ready  by June 2019
and handed over to DHS  it will  then furnish it and ready to use / Occupancy /Inauguration by Sept  30,2019
Says GSIDC and Committee on Public undertaking that conducted inspection of the premises on 18.1.19
The Committee headed by Margao MLA Digambar Kamat,  Nuvem MLA Wilfred de Sa, Cuncolim MLA Clafacio Dias,  NT dtd 19.1.19

Pics March 2019

Now, Margao MLA Digambar  Kamat, Committee head said the hospital will be commission by October end 2019

26.7.2019 Goa Assembly floor
The Hospicio hospital will be commissioned in 4 months.
When ready, GSIDC will  hand over to DHS  by September 2019 total spent so far Rs.216 crores and another 30-35 crores required for improvements (Equipment?) after which the hospital will be inaugurated

Pic August 2019

Update: 29.10.2019
GSIDC now says it will be ready by November end (2019). TG of 30.10.19
it will then be handed over to DHS
Which could mean, the hospital will only be thrown open / commissioned / inaugurated in January 2020 or later

March 2010 Photo

Old / existing Hospicio, Margao
Hospicio do Sagrado Coracao de Maria
Completes 150 years of existence in 2018.
The hospital was started by  Fr Antonio Joao de Miranda

Pic 2006

Pic January 2013