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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Cinema houses of Goa - Old & New

Besides Radio, Cinema was our only entertainment as there was no TV, Cassettes and DVDs
TV/DD hit Goa around 1982, VHS Video around 1986, CD/DVDs late 90s
Typical Cinema ticket rates I remember of are
80 Paise Lower Circle (Right in front, Cine Lata had 2+2 benches)
Rs.1.30 Middle Circle
Rs.1.80 Upper Circle
Rs.2.20 Balcony (upstairs)
Cine Metropole also had Boxes, meant for couples, lovebirds etc

Mostly, we bought tickets in black 'do ka chaar' meaning 2.20 for Rs.4

All bollywood movies had different release dates in the country.
e.g. If a film is released in Bombay say in January, it took atleast 3 months to release in Goa say in March / April, sometimes, it even took 6 months. Now, all movies are released same day not only all over India but throughout the world.  Also, making movies it took upto two years the same is now done even in  6 months.

Following are some of the Goa's movie theatres that I remember of

Cine Agassaim
It was sometime in mid 80s stopped functioning.
I remember, we went there for night show Movie ‘Saagar’ but the show was cancelled
for want of enough customers.  (we still face this situation at Ashok/Samrat Panaji late shows)

The cinema house was run by a  few persons in the name of  Pilar Society and the same society was also running Agassaim-Panjim bus transport

The cinema house still exists but in dilapidated condition, growth of trees also seen on
the walls,  and the whole roof has come down.
Still can be seen from the main road
Its soon after Pilar junction to the right when going towards Cortalim.

El Dorado, Panjim (does not exist)*
The Cinema Theatre Existed until 1996
The 'end' of El dorado celebrated with the screening of the film 'Anth'
‘Anth’ also means ‘End’
New building come up now at it's place - see pic
El Dorado Plaza Building, Panjim Market.

Cine Gulmarg Ribandar (not in use)
Near Police Out Post
now lies in dilapidated condition , roof may come down anytime now


Screen section

Projector section

Jai Mahalasa, Curti Ponda

Cine Aisha,  Ponda
Does not exists now, new building come up on it's place

Cine Kamala, Tisk, Usgao
Still operating Latest release Film 'Policegiri' 6th July 2013

Chitra Mandir, Marcel
Not in operation since 8-10 years
Owned by a extended family

Last displayed tickets rates
Rs.15 Special Class, Upper Class Rs.12 and Lower Class Rs.10
Cine Prashant Curchorem* (Sanvordem)
It now a water-bottle filling unit (Aqua de Fonte)

Cine Niagara  Curchorem (Sanvordem)
Stopped showing movies about for years ago.
Now the same is Banquet or party hall
Update 2017: Revived by Z Cenemas, now regular showing (from early 2017?)
100 seater

Cine Metropole Margao (Still exists, abandoned)*
I remember watching Sholay film here and many others.
Besides, Konkani First Colour film 'Bueranatlo Munis' and b/w 'Boglantt'
It had 5 classes or sections
Lower, Middle, Upper, Balcony and Box
Film Sholay and konkani Film Buerantlo Munis, I watched here and many others.

El Capitan, Mapusa,
New building exists now at its place?

 Cine Alankar, Mapusa (still running)
Since April 1965.  Lease holders Rao Brothers (Same as National, Panaji)
update: Stopped running in 2017, Bahubali was the last film shown.

Victory Talkies, Siolim
(existed around here)

El Monte, Vasco (Late 70s, still exists)*
Towards MPT / Harbour Road

Cine Vasco, Vasco (Still exists, but not in use)*
4 classes including Balcony (1.30, 1.80, 2.40 & 3.20)
Many movies I watched here. As the same was nearest to my college MES.

Cine Lata, Margao (Still running)*  Z Cinemas, 390 seats
Mainly, english movies were running here.
If the train stops at the Signal, we used to get down and walk
to the theatre.  If no tickets, then we used to run to Cine Vishant
3 classes / Sections. Lower Benches Rs.0.80p, middle Rs.1.30 and upper stall Rs.1.80
Tickets selling in Black was very common here, almost everyday.
One of the oldest or rather oldest surviving cinema theatre in Margao near old fish market
It has lighted internal inscriptions like EXIT, DO NOT SPIT etc in Portuguese language too.
Many movies I watched here viz. Jai Santoshi Ma, Kurushetra, Blue (A), Chalti ka naam gaddi etc
Last time I watch Konkani Colour Movie 'Padri' here around 2006

Cine Vishant, Margao (Still running, now into two halls)*
176 &  214 seating capacity
Managed by Z Cinemas (Zantye)
It had 4 classes including Balcony.
Kkotey Sikkey, Zoro, Jangal mein Mangal, Aa gale lag ja etc are some of the many films I watched here.

Blue Pearl, Margao (new, early1980s, does not exist now)*
Behind Grace Church, near Dr Hubert Gomes Dental Clinic
I must have watched about 10 films here in all
This new building seen in its place

Cine National, Panjim (Still running)*
I watched about 5 films here as this was too far from where I lived.
Now, its condition is poor, only visited by migrants
Broken seats, no A/c, smaller screen etc, no new movies are shown
Lease holders: Rao & Bros (Same as Alankar, Mapusa)
Update: Now, not in operation (since late 2016?)

Hira Talkies, Bicholim (still running) Z Cinemas with 270 and 133 seats
(was under renovation May 2013)
Resumed operations eff. 8th Aug. 2013 (renovated)

Shivam, Vasco ( 90s new, does not exist)
Remember watching one or two movies here.
Near Joshi Building or Tilak Maidan
I think, new Z Square Cinema come on it's place - see below under new / latest

Cine Paradise, Cuncolim
Now wedding party hall
Update 30/5/17: Opening soon under Z Cinemas

Nandi, Pernem
This theatre existed here for last 30 years or so and still running when checked in Feb.2019
It behind Police Station or St. Joseph Church, Near BSNL Exchange
Pernem, Goa

Ashok / Samrat, Panjim* Z Cinemas with 371 and 93 seats
18 June Road, Panaji
Near Vishal Mega Mart

I may have missed out one or two, will update..

Although, I have not been to all theatres (Except the one marked with (*), I remember very well  the names and place as daily schedule appeared in Navhind Times. There was a time, the first thing we saw or open was the Cinema page just to see what movies running where.

Other Latest Cinema houses:

Inox Multiplex, Panjim  (2004)
4 Screen Cinema House with seating capacity,  Screen I - 517, II - 315, III - 230 &  screen IV - 210
It's a IFFI gift for Goans

Osia, Margao (2005)
2 screen Cinema House 335 seats.
Now Inox eff December 29, 2015
 ( refurbished, reclining seats. started 1.7.16)
Osia Commercial Arcade, A Wing, 2nd Floor, SGPDA Market complex, Margao, Goa - 403 601

Z-Square, Vasco (2011)
2 screen Cinema house 323 and 63 seating capacity
(at old Shivam's place)

INOX, Margao (31.3.15)
Osia Commercial Arcade, G Wing, 2nd Floor, SGPDA Market complex, Margao, Goa - 403 601
4 screen Multiplex (904 seats) located near SGPDA grounds
about 100mtrs from Osia (Osia now also Inox)
A short location clip

Inox  Porvorim   (2.3.16)

Mall de Goa
4 screens and a seating capacity for 911. 
These pics taken in Oct. 2015
below Pics  Dec 2016
With this opening at Porvorim, INOX now ( as of March 2016)  has 14 screens in Goa including 6 at Osia Margao (A & G Wing)

K Sera Sera ( Vasco 20.4.17)
New Miniplex  by NRG group at Vasco
2 mini theatres
with seating capacity of 74 and 43 with semi reclining and full 180 degree reclining seats

Suvarna Bandekar Building,  Swatantra Path, 
Vasco Da Gama, Goa - 403802.
Close to Railways Station, about 100 mtrs
 opp HQ Hotel, Near MMC garden
1930 Vasco

Carnival Cinemas (Ponda 24.1.2018)
Ponda will have its first 2 screen multiplex with seating capacity of about 240. Seating capacity of about 227, about 114 each hall as per screen layout

Carnival Cinemas, the third-largest multiplex chain operator in India with Latest Technology.
Opens at The Atrium Mall, Ponda, Goa on 24th January 2018 6pm at the hands of PWD Minister Sudin Dhavlikar
Opening film 'Padmaavati' or Padmaavat

Some more of the earliest period

 There were some more of the earliest time some as early as 1940s

e.g. Cine Eden, Panjim,

Cine Central, Mapusa,

Cine Dashrata, Mapusa,

Cine Mhalsa, Margao,

Cine Shamin, Bicholim,

Cine Shanta Durga, Calangute,

 Janata Talkies, Quepem

Cine Raj Hans, Assonora,

Cine REX,  Margao,

Cine Olimpia, Margao

(source 50years of Konkani Cinema book)


Friday, 1 March 2013

The New South Goa Collectorate, Margao

 South Goa Collectorate

Work started 21/12/07
Date of Completion was 20/6/10
Finally inaugurated 28th Feb 2013 ( Fully completion could take another 6 months or so)
Initial cost Rs.57 crores (Dec. 2007)
Inflated cost 140 crores (Dec.2012)  further inflating process in on
Offically termed as ‘White elephant’ (Paandhara Hatti).

Not fully ready Collectorate finally inaugurated only to coincide with the Minister’s Birthday
Shri Avertano Furtado (new Independent MLA of Navelim Constituency but alliance member of BJP) on 28th Feb. 2013.  The City MLA who was then Chief Minister Digambar Kamat who laid the foundation stone, in now a member of Opposition Party.  Other local MLA  (Ind.) is Vijay Sardesai (Fatorda) a diehard critics of the present Govt. and CM in particular. However, his predecessor's (Damu) name did appear in the Foundation Stone name plaque in 2007 which is located to the right of the present new one (front Entrance).

What’s exactly is collectorate?

It is a sort of district (South Goa)  Head Quarters complex
(Location of all  Govt. offices at one central place).
Ministers Cabins, Collector’s and his offices, including Dy. Collectors and their courtrooms, Malatdars, jt. Malatdars and their courts, Block Development Officers (BDO), Panchayat Director and his deputies and their courts, Talathis, Sub-registrar, NIC offices etc etc

The building also has 4-5 conference  halls with latest technology such as Net connectivity, Video Satellite conference,  provision for facilities like ATMs, Senior Citizen Counters etc

The 4 storey building has various blocks with 3 main entrances, 2 side entrances has 3 lifts in the lobby. Each entrance has about 37 steps (Staircase).
Frontal  entrance has raised vehicle access upto the door and the lobby has one lift.

The total area of the building 33,725 sq.mtrs. External painting only cost Rs.30 Lacs (with 5 years guarantee).
Besides, the parking area is 5,814 sq. mtrs.

The whole project/building is 1.8 times bigger than the Goa Vidhan Sabha or Assembly Complex, so says the Goa CM in his speech (watch video below)

 Following are the pics taken at various stages ranging from 2009-2013


evening /night


frontal access

Lifts /lobby


CM launching e-Matriz

CM Parrikar

Other dignitaries
Dy CM Francis D'Souza, MLA Caitu D'Silva, Parimal Rai (Secretary Revenue IAS), 
MLA Pramod Sawant, MLA Anant Shet (Dy. speaker),  Cong. MLA Babu Kavlekar,
Collector ND Agarwal, GSHDC Managing Director Sanjit Rodrigues,  ZP Chairperson
Nelly Rodrigues, NRI Commissioner Wilfred Misquita, MLA Benjamin d'Silva, 
MLA Subash Phaldesai, MLA Rajan Naik etc also present.

Avertano Furtado

 Dy CM,  Francisco D'Souza, Avertano Furtado

Goa Police, Brass Band

new Name Plate

NH17 view

another view – District Hospital ready by 19.12.13

View - Slums or hutment view

 Past Pics






Video 1 (Photo Show 28.1.13)

Video 2 (small 1 min clip 26.2.13)

Video 3 (Parrikar Speaking)

Video 4 ( Avertan Furtado Speaking)

Video 5 (The building)

Road Scene Poddo in Dy.Sp. Sammy Tavares Tiatr TIM THIKAM SANDDLELIM  June 2014