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Friday, 11 April 2014

Churchill Alemao Trinamool Congress meet at Lohia Maidan Margao 10.4.14

From Lohia Maidan, Margao
10th April 2014

Churchill de Trinamool managed to gather about 7000 at Lohia Maidan today.
Tiatrists were also present on the dais like Anil Pednekar, Minin de Bandar and even Com Ben Evangelisto.

Whatever it is, most crowed is 'paid' crowd, I mean free transport.
Saw people coming in groups, even saw people alighting from a bus right at the venue.
Meet was to start at 2pm, people started pouring in after 3pm. Konkani Musical show was on when we arrived at 2.45pm with Steffi Goes, Rons, Ignatius de Xelvon, Cedric, Creto, Bladwin etc

Sidhanath Buyao and James also sang special songs on Churchill
About 60% of the crowd were migrants, again, about 20% of  those present were of below voting age including children.

Sukhendu Shekhar Roy MP Rajya Sabha (TMC, West Bengal) also present - Watch video below
On the dais includes Maria Rebello, Babush, Custodio Dias, Floriano Miranda,
David Fernandes, Sweta, Jerome Colaco, Raju Miranda, Conceisao Dias, Franky Gomes

Besides Mahesh Naik, Sayed Niaz, Piedade Noronha, Tiatrist Anil Pednekar, Sebastiao Simoes etc also spoke on the occasion.

Churchill delivered about 50 minutes speech

He talked about Vijay Sardesai, Reginald Lourenco, Digambar Kamat, Digvijay Sing, Sonia Gandhi, Sardinha, Parrikar, Rane, Jr Rane, Baush, Mauvin Godinho, Altar boys, Avertan, Caitu, Benjamin, Narendra Modi, Tejpal, Da Vinci code, Curchoren riots, St. Francis Xavier Body (Rumour on GT) etc.

Watch complete speech below.

Meeting ended at 5.23 pm as election campaigning for Election 2014 Goa was ending at 5.30pm

Churchill speaking

Churchill Alemao





tiatrist Ben Evangelisto


Ignatius de Xelvon

Front page colour ad


Lenoy Gomendes

Steffi Goes



Cedric, Rons, Creto, Lenoy, Bladwin D'Silva

Sukhendu Shekhar Roy MP Rajya Sabha (TMC)


Sidhanath Buyao
Video 1: Part of Churchill's speech

Video 2: Churchill's Full Speech  50mins

Video 3:  TMC MP Sukedu Shekar

Video 4: Steffi Goes
Konkani Cultural Program, songs

Video 5: Cedric and Bladwin D'silva

New pics added later on

Sidhanath Buyao

Anil Pednekar

Salom Sardinha’s ex Agent

 Niaz Sayed

Churchill Alemoa
Maria Rebello etc

Piedade Noronha

 Mahesh Naik

with Wire and holder