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Friday, 11 July 2014

Baina Beach illegal slums demolition 11.7.2014, 26.9.2015

Update 28.9.2015
Video - II


Tents, sheds

This part of the beach not affected

Update: 26.9.2015
About 157 illegal structures demolished today after giving them 15 days notice
157 hutments bulldozed at Baina for violating CRZ norms, demolition under protection of 300 policemen.
Acting on orders from the Goa coastal zone management authority (GCZMA), state government machinery carried out the demolition drive.
Started 7.30 am with 6 / 8 JCBs and the work completed by 9am
Almost all houses were vacant (people took away with them their belongings)

Pics and video

Video - Part I

Video Part II (Extended)
Coming here soon
Some Pics

Religious structure existed here

74 Baina residents given 48 hours to vacate
In view of the hostile sea conditions at Baina, South Goa district collector Venancio Furtado issued an order on Tuesday asking the residents of 74 hutments at Kattem, Baina, to move out within 48 hours. The collector added that alternative arrangements had been made and that this was just a "precautionary measure" keeping in mind the safety of the people.

The collector told disaster management authority (DMA) officials to see that the residents are shifted to Tilak Maidan in Vasco, the Chicalim sports complex and the civic supply godown at Cortalim, where makeshift quarters have been created and food and water will be provided.
Note: No one took the alternate arrangement, temporary shelter

Demolition started 9.40am
11th July 2014
Baina Beach
Vasco da Gama, Goa

See updates below..

 Illegal slums Demolition
within CRZ and HTL
(Coastal Regulatory Zone, High Tide Line)
also demolished on safety grounds due to rising sea level
There were about  74 illegal hutments / Shanties with about 377 people
8 huts spared due to last-minute Court's stay order
Update: 17/7/14
Court Stay order lifted as the petitioner withdrew his application

Update: 21.07.14
Remaining 4 huts demolished today
(see pics below)

The Police, security force, IRB, Demolition squad arrived at the site at 8.35am
Electricity connections disconnected 9.10 am

Demolition started 9.40 am and must have ended just after 1pm
We left fully wet at 11.15
There were 2-3 JCBs, bulldozers

Video - Photo show

there are 106 photos
Here are some links
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Electrical connections, Sky TV etc
Huts right on the sea shore, during monsoon, waves break at their doorsteps
All this time or for the last 10 years or so , Govt did nothing and allowed them to grow illegally.
Many even had electrical connections (see pics), don't know how they got it without even taken into account health and safety issue. Who gave them NOCs, who made money on them?
Shame on MMC and local MLAs / Ministers.
74 huts, about 377 people..
All they want is  their votes
A lady was shouting ' Ministers only come for votes but not to rescue them'
Watch videos


Last minute Salvage

Squad arrives - Goa Police, PWD workers, IRB (Indian Reserve Battalion),
Electricity dept workers with steps ladder etc

Electricity cut-off

What’s happening??
Dogs watching in distress

Video 1: Photo Slide show

Video 2 : Main -
A tour before Demolition, police force /Squad arrival - Demolitions

Update: 16/7/14
Not a safe place to live


Video 3 - 16.7.2014 - Dangerous place to live

Demolitions Phase II


From the remaining section
 Watch this coconut tree falling down
Coconut tree pushed down

clearing of debris

View from the beach, Ravindra Bhavan

Bat Island

JCB pushing truck
 a puppy

This is little further, same beach / stretch - Beach Erosion
Baina Katem, near sewerage plant etc


Video clips - Baina Katem erosion 21.7.14

Update: 3rd Sept 2014

Baina beach huts demolition Phase II

Goa Govt. served  eviction & demolition notices to 205 illegal slums at Baina beach
To be vacated by 5th Sept.

Protest  in the City at MMC, 3rd Sept 2014  (3rd day)

I thought notices were served for their dwellings are illegal and for their own safety.
I was shocked to listen to the protestors’ slogans as young as 5 saying..
Goa Govt Come to your senses (Goa Sarkar Hosh meim aaho..). 
Cholchina re cholchina, dadagiri cholchina.
Soddchena re soddchena, jikle bhogor soddchena

 Don’t know what to say..
Humari billi humko myaao?
Am I missing something?

 One fellow was claiming that he has Portuguese documents such as birth certificate
He even says, if I have heard it right,  Parrikar came to them (Beach) during elections..
Watch video

Video - Latest footage of Baina beach area also added in the end  3.9.14


Some pics
 Kids special

Media etc



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