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Monday, 23 May 2016

AAP Massive Rally with Arvind Kejriwal in Goa 22.5.16

AAM AADMI PARTY (AAP)  Rally (Launch of Elections Campaign for 2017) in Goa at Campal grounds on 22nd May 2016

Massive crowd, I would say over 11,000 including those who were standing on the D B Road pavements etc.   Organisers say 13,000 - 15,000 though.

Video: 1
Arvind Kejriwal speaking (Full speech)

Video 2
Massive crowd
Francis de Tuem, Com Richard singing

Video 3
Fr. Michael Fernandes speaking
AAP Coordinator / Spokesperson

Video 4
Bhagwant Maan
AAP MP / Comedian from Punjab

Many pics, some links here
Pics here
Bhagwant Maan
Valmiki Naik
Dinesh Vaghela
Kejriwal, Valmiki, Rajeshree, Fr. Michael etc

Monday, 9 May 2016

Nepali Minor rape case in Goa (Raped by an MLA?)

Where is Rosy aunty?
Rosy Aunty now surrendered and in police custody since Sat 7.5.16 (news/TV)
Aunty would supply teenage girls to Babush on demand in return for Cash (H)
And the mother who allegedly sold her daughter to Babush?
She too is arrested and in police Custody since 5th May (Same day as Babush).
Some people get special treatment in the Lockup or while in police custody?
Babush gets special privileges in custody (TOI)
He was in touch with Top BJP leaders (what for?)
He was even allowed to make calls to BJP top leaders to help him out in the case
SP Karthik denies
No bed sheet given while in custody?
He was given bed sheet too at the behest of senior politician (TOI)
Sources said that Babush’s friends and supporters are allowed to meet him
Psychological test conducted, potency test conducted both normal
(Looks like both tests are being redone now? What for? )
Where is the blood-stained bed sheet?
Bloodstained but washed bed-sheet recovered from the bedroom wardrobe (news)
Did the girl ever meet Babush before the date of the alleged rape?
Cops conducted panchanama at hotel where Babush first met the girl (H)
The 4 star hotel Miramar beach where the girl was brought by one of the accused women
The girl first met Babush at Miramar top resort?
Two different birth certificates?
A source also revealed that the Police found two different birth certificates of the girl both from Nepal (GT/TV)
Looks like we now know the date of alleged rape i.e. March 6 (TOI)
Earlier date was not known whereas, another report says it was 2nd week of March
Sources: as stated
FIR against babush registered on 4th May 2016
The victim 16?
The accused 53?

The girl is habitual liar, says mother (H)’s-stepmother-says-her-daughter-is-a-‘habitual-liar’/101820.html
Court has further remanded Babush and the girl mother for 3 days, police asked for 10 days (News)
Girl's mother says she never been to Babush house not any hotel for that matter.
Rosy aunty remanded to further 2 days custody
Girls age ossification test being done
Blood DNA test report may take one month

Babush as well as the girl's mother further remanded to police custody for 4 days - news

Two separate dates about the incident of rape are being discussed– March 6 and 8 -
Babush says March 6 was CCP election day and March 8 result day...
Rosy Aunty remand extended by another 3 days
Girl's ossification test confirms she is below 18
Babush apply for Bail, hearing Monday 16.5.16
Babush remand extended by another 2 days, bail hearing on Wednesday 18th May
Girls mother remand also extended by 2 days
Rosy Aunty's remand extended by 2 days
Babush out on bail
Girl's mother and Rosy Aunty also granted bail

Nepali minor girl taken to IPHB for acting abnormal
The minor girl, who had complained of rape against St Cruz MLA Atanasio (Babush) Monserrate, has been admitted to Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behaviour (IPHB) from State-run protection home, a senior official from Apna Ghar has stated.  H


Babush Monserrate to be charged in rape, human trafficking case

28 Jun 2018 06:37am IST              
Evidence of exchange of call details and messages between politician and victim to be added to charge sheet

Team Herald

PANJIM: Two years after he was booked for rape and human trafficking, Goa Forward Party vice-president Atanasio Monserrate is to be charged in the case. Investigations into the high- profile case found evidence such as exchange of call details and messages between the politician and the victim, which would be added to the charge sheet to be filed before the Children’s Court. 

“We have nearly completed the investigation. A charge sheet will be filed shortly,” Superintendent of Police Kartik Kashyap told Herald.

Although the women police are awaiting a report of the mobile phone details from the Central Forensic Science Laboratory – delay of which has pushed the deadline of filing charge sheet further – forensic software of the Cyber Cell of Goa Police has already attached the details during the bail hearing in the Children’s Court. 

Herald is in receipt of certain extracts of the court submission that states numerous calls and messages were exchanged between the alleged accused and the victim. “The call detail analysis shows that there are number of calls and SMS between the cell phone of accused (Babush) and victim girl and that the SIM which the girl was using is registered in the name of Rosy Aunty which she had given to the victim to facilitate the conversation/contact with the victim girl,” reads the submission in the court. 

The analysis of the cloned copy of the mobile of the alleged accused had also revealed number of photographs of the victim suggesting he was ‘very much engaged with the victim though she was minor’.

The girl, who is now reportedly 18 years, continues to be in Apna Ghar. She was lodged in the shelter home after a police complaint against Monserrate, her mother and one Rosy Aunty. 

It has also come to the fore that the case, investigated by PI Sudiksha Naik, has recorded transcripts of messages extracted from the clone copy of one of the mobile phones indicating Monserrate and Rosy Aunty were concerned about the girl’s mother’s migration to Nepal.

Sources told Herald that if the CFSL further delays submitting the report, the women police will go ahead with filing the charge sheet while a separate copy of forensic details will be added thereafter. 

Babush Charge-sheeted
Cops charge Monserrate with rape of minor in 2016
PANAJI: Women’s cell of Goa police on Wednesday filed a char ..
The girl had also alleged she was drugged and then raped by  ..

Charge sheet filed against Monserrate in minor rape case

Crime Branch SP Kartik Kashyap confirmed that the charge sheet was filed on Wednesday in the District and Sessions Court. The charge sheet also names the victim’s mother and one Rosy who is said to have trafficked the girl

PANJIM: A charge sheet has been filed against Goa Forward Party vice-president Atanasio (Babush) Monserrate for raping and wrongfully confining a former employee two years ago. 

Crime Branch SP Kartik Kashyap confirmed that the charge sheet was filed on Wednesday in the District and Sessions Court. The charge sheet also names the victim’s mother and one Rosy who is said to have trafficked the girl.

Investigation into the high-profile case found evidence such as exchange of call details and messages between the politician and the minor victim, which have been added to the voluminous charge sheet.

The analysis of the cloned copy of the mobile of the accused had also revealed a number of photographs of the victim. 

Monserrate has repeatedly denied the allegations against him claiming he has been falsely implicated as he had terminated the job of the girl after she was allegedly caught stealing cash.