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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

7 Casino boats of Goa

The seven  offshore Casino Boats in Goa / Panaji
(Actually, they are all operating in the busy river Mandovi along with Fishing boats -
Trawlers, Canoes, Mining Barges, Passenger ferryboats, River Cruise boats, Casino feeder boats etc)

The first (2002)
Casino Goa / Caravela
Advani Pleasure Cruises Pvt. Ltd.

Now Casino PRIME Nov/Dec 2011

Change of guards again?
Back to old Name ‘Caravela’ July/Aug 2012
 (now disappeared late 2013 replaced by Deltin Jaqk)

 How much is the Casino Entry Fee?
 It was around Rs. 200 in the begining but around April 2010,
 Congress Govt raised it to Rs.2000 (to discourage Locals / Goans).
However, when BJP Govt took over in March 2012,
the entry fees slashed to just Rs.500 thus reducing it by 75%.

Second: Around Dec. 2007
Casino RIO
The Hotel Leela Ventures
Now, MINT Casino run by the MDLR group

(now (late 2013) Taken over or confiscated by Goa Govt for non-payment of dues etc)

(not in operation since Oct. 2009 but the boat still seen around)

Third: Around May 2008
Pride of Goa
Goa Coastal Resorts and Recreation Pvt Ltd

(IMO 9093830, size 66.14m x 19m, year built 1994)

Or Casino Pride


BJP trains guns at off-shore casinos
PANJIM, FEB 20, 2009
Allowing the government four-week time to take action, BJP on Friday issued warning to the State Government to disallow operations of casinos on Mandovi River.
Leader of the Opposition Manohar Parrikar told a press conference that BJP would be forced to launch an agitation if casinos are not removed from Mandovi by March 15.
Charging that Digambar Kamat 'takes any rot', Parrikar said some of the casinos are being allowed to operate without proper permissions.
He said, of the seven casinos, which are operational now, Casino Royal, King's Casino, Pride of Goa and recently launched Casino Maharaja, do not have permissions from Director General of Shipping.
It is a 'big casino scam' involving the whole Cabinet, chief minister's office and senior bureaucrats, with beneficiaries receiving Rs 3-4 crore, as kickbacks, he alleged.
Stating that the casinos have not obtained NOCs from Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB), he said he has written to the Goa State Pollution Control Board as to how these casinos are disposing off sewage and whether it is being dumped into the Mandovi.
According to Parrikar, a lot of illegalities are being committed on onshore casinos even as government disputes the situation. He claimed to have video recordings to prove that all kinds of card games are allowed to be played there.
Parrikar also charged that chief minister's office exerted pressure on excise officials to release Casino Royal. It was eventually released without even payment of adequate excise duty.
Making another allegation, Parrikar said, Senior officials from chief minister's office pressurised the Customs to release the vessel (Herald).
The then Opp. Leader in now Goa's Chief Minister BJP Govt. eff. March 2012
He  now says all Casinos will be out of Mandovi River by March 2017 thus giving himself 5 years notice as against 4 weeks notice he gave to then Cong. Govt to shift Casinos out of the river.

Fourth: Around May 2008
King’s Casino
Victor group of Hotels

Now Delta Corp Ltd

(not in operation since March 2010 nor the boat seen around)

Here is a Video - Riverside walk with view of Casino boats etc

Fifth: Oct 2008
Casino Royale  24.10.08
High Street Cruises and Entertainment Pvt Ltd / Delta Corp Ltd

(IMO  9507439. Size 70mx13.4m, year of built 2008)
PNJ-660 as deltin Jaqk

Sixth: Feb. 2009
Casino Maharajah  - Feb 2009

(San Domino PNJ 690,  IMO 8807129, size 68.49m x 11.8m, year built 1989)
Creative Gaming Solution, a subsidiary of Mumbai-based
Pan India Network Infravest Pvt Ltd (Pinipl), Essel Group

Never operated ever since it anchored here in Feb 2009
(but now operating as Big Daddy since Feb 2018 see pics below)
New Big Daddy (Lucky 7 PNJ 809) ship started operating as from 9.5.19

below Pic August 22, 2017
Started its gambling operations around 10th Feb 2018 by Big Daddy (casino Lucky 7 fame).
 Its allocated jetty (entry point) is at new Captain of Port Jetty (CoP) just before old secretariat, D B road, Panajii Mandovi River
Pic Feb.18, 2018 

Seventh (Feb.22, 2010)
Boa Sorte

(PNJ 670,  IMO 9092484 size 69.30m x 14.18m, year built 1991)

Casino Carnival
(Re-christened as Casino Pride 2 as from April 2014, see pics below)
Goa-based Salgaoncars industrial group / Goa Marriott

There are reports doing rounds that some casino boats/licenses 
taken over by others (existing)

4in1 pic (May 2008)

As of date (Sept 2012), only 4 of the seven casino boats are  operating.
Viz. Royale, Carnival,  Pride and Caravela see update below 1.8.19

Casino feeder boats

Some night Scene Pics

Night scene

Royale (this has now become Deltin Jaqk




Pride 2


Deltin Caravela

Casino Entry point

Carnival close-up

 Mint by the bridge

more video clips here


City riverside walk - Casino boats etc

nite scene

Boa Sort


Video Riverside walk  Oct. 2008

update: 26.5.2013
Latest arrival 26.5.13 Horse Shoe (Delta Corp Ltd)
size 85m x 22m
Horseshoe casino PNJ - 785 as Deltin Royale


night time view - Deltin started operating from 16th Aug 2013

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar writes..
Parrikar first said on his facebook wall, permission to Horse-shoe rejected..
then 2.5 months later accepted? Typical U-Turn

on June 5, Parrikar said (from his Facebook wall)
A vicious campaign is currently being run about supposed change in stance by my Government on the issue of casino. I would like to put it on record that my stand on casinos has not changed. To put the things in perspective, let me point out the below facts/comments:- 6 licenses were issued during Congress regime without following any procedure. I am firm in my stand that no new licenses will be issued by my Government. The actual number of operating offshore casinos has come down to 3. (actually, there are 4 now -June 2013, including Deltin)

- About the highly debated and publicized Horseshoe casino, please note that it is only a vessel. Permission for starting of casino has been rejected.

What is surprising is that despite of clarification, which is already in public domain through media, some publicity seekers with vested interests have chosen to spread blatant lies with regards to the Government’s stand on the issue. I am sure this clarification will set record straight.



 At sunset

3in1 Pride-Mint-Royale

Video (latest 27/5/13)

Update: May 2014
Casino boats back to 5

Casino Pride 2
(night time view)

Goa's first and second Casino boats now rusting in peace?

Goa’s First Casino boat Caravela
Now, Rust in peace?
Near Chicalim river
Finally scrapped / cut in June / July 2018

Second Casino boat of Goa
Leela, Mint, MDLR, Kanda
Rusting in peace, near Chicalim river, last seen May 2019


Update June 2016
8th Casino coming soon..

So far we have.. (in operation)
MV Pride of Goa (Casino Pride)
MV Horseshoe ( Deltin Royal)
MV Boa Sorte (Casino Pride 2)
MV Casino Royale (Deltin JAQK)
MV Royale Flotel (Deltin Caravela) - Newest, see update below 1.8.19
seen anchored in River Mandovi 15.6.16 (pic)
60.2 mt by 13 mt vessel owned by the parent company, Delta Corp Ltd is fitted with a spa featuring Jacuzzi hot-tubs and claims a five star hotel rating with the largest room size in India

owner: Delta Pleasure Cruise Co Ltd

Update 5.8.2016

Ali re ali Aachi Panaji Madhye ali
Konn ali re?
Anaki ek  Casino bai ali.
 Rejected by Brittonkars, Raibondrkars and accepted by Ponnjekars?
Anchored at Panaji in-between Deltin Royale and Maharajah casino on 5.8.16 morning

M V Royal Flotel (Deltin Caravela)
KWR 050
PNJ 780

5 operating Casino boats

Pic August 22,  2017

As of date (Feb 2018), 6 casino boats operating. see update below 1.8.19
MV Pride of Goa (Casino Pride) / Boa Sorte in its place March 2019
MV Horseshoe ( Deltin Royal)
MV Boa Sorte (Casino Pride 2) / replaced with new white March 2019
MV Casino Royale (Deltin JAQK)
MV Royale Flotel (Deltin Caravela)

Maharajah Casino (Big Daddy) / replaced with Lucky 7 on 13.3.19


Update: 13.7.2017
Gopal Kanda's Casino MV Lucky Seven waiting to enter River Mondovi.  Presently 13, 14, 15 July seen anchored near the river mouth, Miramar beach sea (Arabian sea)

Short video clip - 14.7.17

Update: 16.7.17

Lucky Seven finally grounded at Miramar beach 16.7.17

Another video of grounded  Lucky 7
day 6
Video: August 16 2017

Name: Lucky Seven *
Flag: Panama *
IMO: 8943703 *
Gross Tonnage: 5570
Length Overall x Breadth Extreme: 66.11m x 23.8m
Year built: 1996
Type of Vessel: Passenger Ship

* info visible on the ship
Source: Marine Traffic

more updates on Lucky seven here

Breaking news 24.7.2017
There could be no offshore casino boats from the year 2021
A bill in this respect likely to come up in the next Assembly session November/December 2017
bringing an end to the offshore casino in 3 years from now.
However, those operating offshore or river casinos, if they wish, can apply for land casino before their licenses expire.

Update February 2018
Maharajah Casino is now operating as Big Daddy
Pic June 2018
Jetty on footpath?
Footpath cleared end of June 2018

Pic April 2018

 Update March 8, 2019
New boat anchored in place of Casino Pride 2 / Boa Sorte on 8.3.2019
Started operations as from 24.5.19
Former name ARGOSY IV from USA Illinois, Riverboat  
Mandovi River, Panaji. PNJ 797

Casino Pride 2 / Boa Sorte shifted or taken place of Casino Pride 1, near ferry boat
next to Deltin JAKQ
 Update March 13, 2019
Lucky 7  PNJ 809 as Big Daddy replaced Maharajah Casino on 13.3.2019
started operating 9.5.2019

Night (8.5.19)

Casino Pride II

Big Daddy, lucky 7 at night


As of now (1.8.2019) there are 6 offshore casino boats viz:-
1. M.V Royale Flotel as Deltin Caravela PNJ 780
2. M V Lucky Seven as Big Daddy Casino  PNJ 809
3. M V Horseshoe Casino as Deltin Royal PNJ - 785
4. M V Casino Royal as Deltin Jaqk PNJ-660
5. M V Pride of Goa as Casino Pride  PNJ-703
6. M V Argosy IV as Casino Pride II  PNJ 797


Besides, there are  8 onshore casinos viz
1. Zuri Varca Goa White Sands Resort & Casino, Unit of 
Silver Springs Pleasure Resort Pvt. Ltd, Varca, Goa
2. Vainguinim Valley Resort, Dona Paula, Goa
3. La Calypso Hotels Pvt. Ltd, Calangute, Goa
4. Deltin Suites, Nerul, Goa
5. The 'O' Hotel, Candolim, Goa
6. Neo Majestic, Porvorim, Goa
7. Grand Hyatt, Bambolim, Goa
8. Goa Marriott Resort, Miramar, Goa

Deltin Caravela at night


Babush Atanacio Monseratte had promised also supported by 
his election manifesto (pic) that he would remove all 
casino boats  from River Mandovi  within 100 days of him 
coming to power (elected).
He was declared elected as Panaji City MLA on 23.5.2019 and accordingly completes 100 days as on 30th August 2019