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Friday, 30 December 2011

Heroic Anish tried to save his father but he is drowned too

Heroic Anish tried to save his father but he is drowned too

The Father - Son gone to Rachol, Zuari River on their bike from their Residence Borda, Margao (a distance of about 14kms) to perform some religious rites 'ashes' of their late father /grand father who died a year ago.

 At the dock (jetty), while father (48)  performing rites stanging on the steps below knee deep water, he suddenly fell into the river (slipped), seeing  his father is struggling for life, the son raise alarm but no one out there to help, he then jumped hoping to save his father but he was drowned too.

Heroic Son Aneesh (17).  RIP


He could not save his father, so what?
At least he was brave enough to try to save him.
Not all such risky attempts end up in success
Bravery award to the son highly recommended (posthumously)

The incident took place on Thursday the 22nd Dec. 2011 at 2.30pm.
Police, Coastal Police, Navy divers with under water cameras tried to look for them the whole day and the next day but no luck.  Bodies found floating on the third day Saturday the 24th Dec, one at the site / dock and the other little further towards Raia-Shiroda Ferry.

Final rites took place on Sunday the X’Mas day.

Father was working at Account Dept. KTC, Margao and the son was a student of Class XII.

One can well imagine what the wife / mother is going through, I have personally watched the situation at her residence Borda (1st floor flat) today 29th Dec. 2011. Little daughter/Sister Durga also seen.

 God, give them strength to bear all this.

The heroic son

father-son obit 

A short clip – Zuari River, steps, Barges, Iron ore etc


at the site

 The killer steps

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sunburn Festival Goa 2011

Sunburn Goa 2011
27-29 Dec.
Largest Music and Dance  Festival in all of Asia.
Held in Goa for the Fifth year in a row.

Area covered for this year is massive, twice as much

"This year Sunburn is going to be spread across 20 acres!
Nearly thrice the size of last year"

Last year, the festival attracted about 50,000 people (tickets sold)
this year, over 1 lakh expected (over 10 lacs as per news reports)

Ground A and Ground B


Tickets sale:
Day 1: Rs.3000 +Tax (3,450)
Day 2: Rs.4000 + Tax (4,600)
Da3: Rs.6000 + Tax (6,900)
3 days ticket Rs.7000 + Tax (8050)
+ VIP sale

Some pics  27.12.11

Stage MUAH

Ground B, DJ line up


Video 27.12.11

HD large screen

Last year
Video 28.12.10


Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sonia Gandhi in Goa 17.12.11

Sonia Gandhi in Goa – Part II  (Report with video II)

The meeting was to start at 4.30pm at Campal grounds but Sonia Gandhi along with the dignitaries arrive at 5.30pm.  There were people sitting on the chairs as early as 3.30 pm  (hot sun).
At 3.45pm, I started taking some pics of the empty or deserted DB road but I was stopped by the police who were in goups on both side of the road.

I asked ‘konn Deu or Laxmi eupachi asa re he vatten?” (any god coming this side) they had no answer. I went little further and started taking pics and no one said anything this time.

Saw people walking from St. Inez Fire Service area which  was the dropping point (by bus as announced) from there, the distance to the venue is about 1 KM. When approached the Junction opp Bal Bhavan, people had to walk further about 350 meters as the only public entry gate was towards Panjim Gymkana.  At around 5 pm, saw people coming in  large numbers, that is when they changed their ‘dropping point’ plan.  People now dropped off right at the Entrance gate (D B ROAD). The Road which was empty all this time, suddenly is full of busses including luxury buses and many ST (Maharastra )buses. More and more people coming in around 5.30pm as if they knew Sonia will arrive by an hour late.

Sonia Gandhi arrived at 5.30pm at the venue but people continue pouring in. There were upto 10 gates with metal detectors but it seems they could not cope up with the rush.

Subash Shirodkar GPCC chief, started his welcome speech  at around 5.40pm but more and more people seen coming in (as if they were held up somewhere..).  Chief Minister Digambar Kamat  Started his speech at around 5.46pm followed by Sonia Gandhi at 5.54pm but people still coming in from the main gate DB Road Side. About 5000-7000 people had to stay out of the barricaded area either beacuse there was no room inside or the security could not cope up with the rush. Sonia finished her speech at 6.07pm which was followed by Mauvin Godinho vote of thanks.  The whole Sonia Gandhi event lasted for about 40 minutes only as everything got over at 6.10pm

May were hoping High Command Sonia Gandhi would come with some goodies for Goa  at least we thought she would announce something on ‘Goa’s special Status’ which is the long pending demand of the Goans.  But going by the event proceedings, it appears that Sonia was not aware of it at all as she did say something which was in response to Chief Minister request in his speech. She said, she would put the issue before  her government in Delhi. Also, CM requested 3 bridges including Zuari bridge as if this is the only time he met Sonia Gandhi.  And for her mention of Goa elections ‘in couple of months’ some  press/media taken it as a hint or Goa declaration, as if we did not know about it earlier.  Couple of months could mean anything between 2-5 months. 5 months from now i.e. May 2012 when the current tenure of the Goa Assembly comes to an end.

After releasing the tricolour balloons in the air, there start Kunbi dace lead by Amelia (see video2)
The stage which was situated to the right of the boxed dais (enclosed all 3 sides), I don’t think anyone from the box could see the stage or the dance. Check video2.

School kids were sitting in the open hot sun forming no. ‘50’ facing the dais or which was meant for the dignitaries only.

Media people in the middle also seen out in the sun waiting Sonia Gandhi impatiently from as early as 4pm or even earlier.

Free goodies like caps with Sonia-Raul pics on it (see pic), Free Audio CDs with CM pic on it see pic (cd by Sidharnath Buyao of 8 songs. singers also include Nephi Rod, Swapnil Bandodkar), free Congress logo long scarves etc were give to all, plus free water bottles.

We did not get any water nor meals, we had cold lassie at the nearby kiosk on DB Road, opp entrance gate. Rs.12 each.

However, there are unconfirmed reports including on twitter that free money and meals also given per person,  not at the venue though or else we would have joined the Q too.

If that is true, then I guess it is perfectly normal now a days with all parties. I call it ‘tricks of the trade’ for I know for facts, it happened in the past with other parties including NCP.

Konkani songs by Peter-Roshan, Sonia Shirsat etc were also sung before 5.30pm.
Added in video2
There was also a folk dance ‘Veer Bhadra’.

We had a laugh when CM said ‘ temporary (Beach) shacks’ we thought we heard it as ‘temporary sex’ watch video2

 As the whole thing got ever at 6.10pm, firework display which started soon after, did not really look like firework as it was a day time. See video2

Finally, with Congress caps, flags in their hands, scarves around their necks, the speeches etc etc it did look like an election rally, Madam Sonia too in the end solicited support from the people to bring Congress back to power.

 Again, I would say these are all ‘tricks of the trade’

Some pics

is Goa in safe hand?

At the gate, there were about 10 in all

People pouring in

Tricolour balloon in the sky


Massive crowd

Madam Sonia
With Digambar Kamat, Subash Shirodkar, Luizinho Faleiro, Francis Sardinha etc

More crowd

Empty Road – DB Road -  due to Security reasons

Video 1 (Sonia Gandhi speaking..)

More pics added here

 Free Audio CDs to all
CD by Sidharnath Buyao, 8 songs also sung by Swapnil Bandodkar and Nephie Rod
Mother-son free caps for all

 It’s Congress only celebrations?

 Lights were on whole day long

Madkaikar’s boys

School Kids forming No. ‘50’

Video 2 - uncut

Monday, 14 November 2011

Kingfisher Voice of Goa 2011

Every year Kingfisher  conducts a talent hunt show in both English and Konkani singing category
It’s Kingfisher's Voice of Goa.
This year it was 7th year and grand finale took place at SGPDA grounds at Margao on 12th and 13th November, 2011.
Vaishali Samant, Bombay Vikings, The Syndicate Band, Crimson Tide Band, Varun Band etc were the added attractions. see pics below

4th time Lucky, Akash Telgu is the Kingfisher’s Voice of Goa 2011 – Konkani.
(Last three years he figured in the finalists)
Young Akash is more into bollywood Singing/Dancing since the age of 5.
We been watching his performance since he was just 13 (I have clips of his dancing/singing in 2005, 2006 (Youtube see link below) and so on. Akash is now 20 and studying at Chowgule College. Son of Rajan and Rajvi Telgu from Raia, Goa.

Try Akash on facebood here - (looks like he just started it)

Whereas, in English category, Queenie Fernandes is the Voice of Goa 2011 – see pic
Queenie is form Siolim, Goa and was lecturer in  Mapusa College.
Incidently, Queenie is the third winner hailing from the same village Siolim for the last 3 consecutive years  i.e. 2009, 2010 & 2011.

winner in each category get a cash prize of Rs.75,000 where as in English category the winner also gets one year contract with Kingfisher worth Rs.3 lacs.

Judges for the event were:
Sigmund De Souza, Joaquim D'Souza and Praveen Gaokar for Konkani rounds and Belinda Fernandes and Alex Braganza joined Sigmund in English rounds.

Congratulations to Akash and Queenie

 English/Konkani Winners with their Cheque

Cheque close-up

Group pic with winners

English finalist (second round)

Queenie fernandes
Neeraj, Sigmund de souza etc

Akash with his cheque

Vijay Sardesai, Neeraj, Sigmond, Queenie

 Konkani finalists

Akash with Sachin Chatte, the host


Video 1 - Konkani Fanalist (Second round)

Video 2 - Akash is the Kingfisher Voice of Goa -Konkani

video 3 - Final round English

Video 4  (Queenie Fernandes -Voice of Goa 2011)

Video 5  - Vaishali Samant

Watch Akash when he was just 13 n 14  - he is now 20

The added attractions:

The Syndicate Band
with Sharon and Raul on the vocals

Vaishali Samant
with DJ Amit and rapper Arya

 Bombay Vikings
with Neeraj Shridhar (see pic with the winners), Shanthini, Andrew, Cassie, Vishal Dande etc
Crowd had a good time with Bombay Vikings band.
I have watched it LIVE  for the first time, although I listen to it very often.  Thanks to Kingfisher
Many Goan musicians with the band - Andrew (keyboard), Cassy (drums) etc
Watch the audience participation part of the show, where Neeraj Shridhar (Original Member of Bombay Vikings) came down to the audience..
Akash, the new Kingfisher Voice of Goa 2011 (konkani) also seen singing with the band (before he knew he was a winner)
With Neeraj Shridhar

Video 6 (Bombay Vikings - Neeraj Shridhar )

Monday, 10 October 2011

Dr. Luis Proto Barbosa (1927-2011)

Dr. Luis Proto Barbosa
Was a very famous ‘dotor’ doctor /Physician at least until early 80s or until he become a minister

He had his motor bike (Honda I think) which make louder noise like that of bullet.

At night, when people  hear the bike sound, they said ‘konn tori boro nam mista..’ Next morning people asked each other where or who the doctor visited to

He was always there for the people no matter what time of the day or night.

Imagine, there were no proper roads and street lights at that time but he always made it on his own, even in the middle of the night on his bike.

When mothers were worried about their sick children he would say ‘ Kaim zaina go teka, tum bhinaka’(Don’t worry he/she is fine). After consultation, when asked ‘dortor kitu poixe? (How much to pay) we often heard him saying ‘Marie, sang go teka kitu poixe te’

He had his consoltor (dispensary still exists)  just before Cansaulim Market, opp Old Post office Or closer to the new panchayat or PHC.

Dr. Barbosa also had his consoltor at Utorda near Pondori posro, just before Musllint.(musonn ground)Consulting hours being late in the evening but we preferred going to Cansaulim which was not very far.

He took care of all of Cansaulim, Arossim, Cuelim, Velsao, Verna and upto Utorda/Majorda
and as such he was prominent figure  at local wedding receptions 'savod' (raising toasts).

Besides, during tiatr or village functions  to say a few words.

He had his own style as a toast master, often we imitated him.

He started his speech ‘Mogall Bhau-bhoinnado’

He had very sharp memory too. I must have seen him after 24 years – Last time I accidentally bumped into him in 2008, he immediately recognised me...

Of late, he spent his years at Adollem (near spring, down Birla road, Cuelim) where he had his farmyard.

I have last seen Dr. Barbosa at a funeral at Velsao church in 2008. See pics

As we know, Dr. Barbosa was an MLA,  Minister, Chief Minister and pro-tem speaker.
Don panam, Gai-padduk, hat etc

Dr. Barbosa has two daughters, one son (also a doctor Margao dispensary behind Grace Church) and regular church goer wife.

RIP Dr. Luis Proto Barbosa (1927-2011)

Some pics taken in 2008

The Last Journey - 9th Oct. 2011
Funeral, Police Brass Band, Church, Mass, State Honour, Gun salute, cemetery
Coffin / casket draped in the Union Flag / National Flag

Our GP, Ex. Chief Minister Dr. Luis Proto Barbosa  laid to Rest with full State Honour

Cansaulim, 9th Oct. 2011
About 40 priests Concelebrated mass with Bishop Alwyn Baretto as main Celebrant with Fr. Sertorio Rodrigues, Parish Priest of Cansaulim, Fr. Remedious Fernandes Vicar General of Goa,  Fr. Carmo Martins, Parish Priest of Grace Church Margao & Fr. Lucio Dias, Episcopal Vicar for South Goa. Fr. Lucio & Fr. Remdious are nieghbours of Dr. Luis Proto Barbosa.  Fr. Valerian Vaz, Fr. Eremito Rebello etc also seen amongst the 40 celebrants.

Many Politicians/dignitaries attended including Goa Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, PWD Minister ChurchillAlemao, Power Minister Aleixo Sequeira, Urban Development Minister Joaquim Alemao, South Goa MP Francisco Sardinha, Minister Jose Philip, Mauvin Godinho, Dr. Wilfred D’Souza, NRI Commissioner Eduardo Faleiro, Mathany Saldanha, Ramakant Kalap, Herculano Dourado, Teotonio Pereira, Minino Peres, Tiarist Cyriaco Dias etc

With full State honour with firing of gun shots, Police brass band etc

Video 1  (Gun Salute etc)

A short Clip

Some funeral pics

At the Residence Residence
the house

Poilice Brass Band

on the road

with Family (wife, two daughters and one son)

Priests and Bishop Alwyn Baretto (Sindhudurg)


Video 2 - Last Journey

Friday, 30 September 2011

AADHAAR your permanent proof of Identity

AADHAAR your permanent proof of Identity
with your biometric data

Registration or enrolment started from Sept. 2011

New registration still on..
Aadhaar Card enrolment centres (advert dtd 20.10.2016)

click here for bigger views

Enrolment of ADHAAR extended till 30th Nov. 2012

Futher extendted till 31st Dec. 2012

Further extented until 28th Feb 2013

Registration still on in April 2013 - see latest pic in the end below

update 2016
Aadhaar Card registration is on...  There are some special registration drives carried out by Goa Govt in various Talukas e.g. Quepem 10-12 May 2016

Adhaar Card registration is on and not closed - see above list of centres

Our AADHAAR card was applied in June 2012
Card received by post End November 2012 (6 months)

Aadhaar Card specimen

see it (aadhaar Card) larger here

Update: 14th July 2012 (new pic)
at Registration centre, Panjim

Update: 14.06.2012
AAdhaar registration Centre at Fishery Dept (Captain of Ports Jetty) accept registrations from 9.30-5.30pm with one hour break 1-2pm.  There is no big crowd or long Qs, just walk in with you form duly filled in with supporting documents and get yourself registered with 10-15 minutes. your card will be sent to your home within 60-90day (usually, it takes longer)

this is the receipt you get once registration formalities are done.

see it bigger here

update: April 11, 2012
Please enroll by end of Sept 2012

Update Oct.2012
Enrolment of ADHAAR extended till 30th Nov. 2012 now till Dec end

Have you applied yet?

Docs required at the time of enrolment:

1. Application form - see pic
2. Original and a copy of proof of ID (original to verify only) – see list (AA)
3. Original and a copy of proof of address ( -do- )                 See List (BB)

AADHAAR is a proof of Identity and not of Citizenship
Anyone living in India can apply for it including NRI/OCI holders and even foreigners living in India

You then need to register your face (they take photo of you), your fingers prints (they take all 10 fingers prints on an electronic device) and both your eyes (they give you a sort of binoculars to look through which your eyes or iris are registered).- see pic
Then you are given a receipt with enrolment number.
Whole process will take about 10-12 minutes per person, however, where Qing system in place, it can take up to 4 hours
e.g. At Panaji enrolment centre only about 120 persons allowed per day on first come first serve basis. For this one has to be in the Q before 10am and again before 2pm as only 60 token issued per session.

There are 4 enrolment desks or counters which means max 4 persons are enrolled in 10 minutes. It can delay due to breakdown or system down, power failure etc
Panjim MLA office is also an additional centre (update Oct/2012)
Near ICICI bBank, Atmaram Borcar Road, Panjim

Your Card will be ready in about 3 months time (to be verified)
 applied 4.5 months ago, I still did not get mine

One can check his card STATUS online

Congratulations! Your aadhaar card has been generated and the AADHAAR card letter will be delivered shortly ( 'Shortly' could mean more than 5 months, ours it took  nearly 6 month)

Panjim GPO /Post Office is also an enrolment centre. There is one desk /counter at the entrance, tokens also required here.

Some tips to fill up your AADHAAR Card application form (refer pic)
It can save time etc, we lost ours.

Your full name
Full address with pin code
Date of birth . eg. 10.10.1947
Sex – Male, female or transgender

PART B  - Relations details  (or next of kin)
Write wife or husband’s name or Father / mother’s name
If no wife/husband, or if both father/mother died, write your late father’s name
AADHAAR enrolment No. (if known or if they applied before you)

PART C  - Additional information
Mobile no.  Email ID  (both optional)

PART D –Financial information
Bank details etc (optional) i.e. you can leave it blank

PART E  - Introducer
Introducer Name,  his UID Card. No.   His Signature
Leave blank  (no one got UID card in Goa, I suppose)

Fill in whatever you know or based on whatever docs you have
e.g. Ration Card No..., Election Card No... what you don’t have - leave it blank
e.g. I don’t have Ration card, I will leave it blank
Name your Municipality or Village panchayat etc.

PART G ( for Staff use only - verification)
There are no enrolment centres in Mormugao (Vasco, Cortalim, Cansaulim etc), Sanguem and Dharbandora (Dharbandora may have included in Ponda).
update: There now 3 Centres at Momugao and one at Sanguem see ad insert above

You may have 3  more months  to enrol yourself (to be verrified) -
update: Enrol yourself by Sept. end  2012
Update: Now extended til 30th Nov. 2012 , now till Dec. end
Proof of Photo ID  - list of docs  containing name and Photo (AA) –
Any one of the following

Passport, PAN card, Ration Card, Election Card, Driving License, Photo Bank ATM or Credit  Card,  Recognised School ID card,  Goverment Photo ID card etc etc

Proof of ID containing Name and Address  (BB)– Any one from this list:

Passport, Ration Card, Driving Licence, Election Card, Bank Statement/Pass book, Water or Electricity or Landline Phone bill not older than 3 months,  credit card statement, Goverment Photo ID card etc etc


Some pics –  Press Ad

 AADHAAR Application Form

 At Enrolment Centre, Panaji, Goa

Aadhaar Card Centre at Panjim MLA (Goa Chief Minister) City Office

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Two brothers deaths in the house, same day

Two brothers deaths in the house, same day

When younger brother 18, returned back, he saw his brother 28, already dead.
He too died the same way, same day.

A well to do family with land property, car, rooms on rental etc

Now, there is no one left in the house.

No brother, no sister, no father, no mother

Don’t understand why they did it, particularly the younger one.

Lord, take them into your arms.

at home close-up

a short clip/ funeral


Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Come Fly with me Delhi-Bombay-Goa

watch this video
Sky experience - Flight take off, landing etc (watch it in full screen/HD)

video link

It was a last minute decision to visit Delhi at Ramlila Maidan.

Upon checking the latest info on the net at 10pm (just incase, Anna break his fast), immediately decided to leave early morning to catch the first available flight to Delhi from Goa.

Actually, ticket to Delhi were showing up around Rs.6,500 on Go-Air, Rs. 7000 on
Air India ans Rs.8,500 on Kingfisher Airlines when last checked at 9.30pm

Yet, we did not buy ticket online just in case it was heavy raining in the morning etc.
We thought of buying it at the Airport Counter.

We arrived there at 5.30am. Straight went to Go-Air counter but ticket are for Rs.9000.
Then we headed to International dep. Terminal – Kingfisher says Rs.18,000 where as Air India says Rs.23,000.
No prize for guessing which flight or Airline we took to Delhi. I am sure, you guys learn from this too and that’s the  reason I am sharing my experience with you on this air travel episode. So, you know now that  the tickets always cost higher at Airport.

Note: Ticket to Goa-Delhi can cost as low as Rs.5,000 if bought say one month ahead
There were some showing up at Rs.3,834 travelling mid November 2011 on Indigo and spicejet. Checked at the time of wrriting this, AM of 1st Sept. 2011
It says Base fare Rs.100 only but fees and surcharges Rs.3,784

Well, I haven’t eaten whole day & night nor any breakfast on the day of the journey.
I could eat something at the Airport Departure lounge though e.g. Sandwich Rs.100, Coffee Rs.40, Single Samosa Rs.40 etc but then again I thought wait for another 30 minutes and I might get it free onboard flight to Bombay.

Well, 45 minutes later, I regretted not having anything at the lounge for there was  nothing coming free onboard, not even water.

Next, as we had about an hour to spare in the transit, we went to a cafe (Airport Lounge).  There I saw some big fat samosas each priced at Rs.60.
I said ‘Can I have a single samosa and cup of coffee please!’
‘Sorry, two pieces per plate, we do not give single piece (samosa)’ said he.
I said forget about the samosa ‘just give me coffee’.
I had coffee and the bill was Rs.90.

Then, it was time to board Delhi flight which would take about 2 hours to complete the journey.

Onboard, I am starving. Nothing served complimentary. One has to pay even for water. Rs.20 per smaller bottle.

Seeing that some crew members carrying some meals trays in their hands, I asked one
‘How much for the meal tray?’ She said ‘Rs.220’. Can I have one please!
There came a tray (a typical meal tray that any airlines serve, see pic).
It had hot but dry omelette, 2/3 pieces of chicken tika, some potato stuff, a square bowl of cut fruit pieces, a croissant, a muffin, Jam and butter- see pic. No where I could see a Ketchup sachet to go with the hot-dry omelette. Nor I could see any packed cup of water or juice. I had to buy a water bottle for Rs.20 500ml.

If I had to serve my guests the same meal and at the same time saving money on it, I would take off Jam and butter and replace with water - Water must always go with the meals.
So, next time you order a meal, make sure to see there is water if not buy one.
Don't wait until something get chocked / stuck to your throat and then press 'flight attendant' button for water etc..

In Delhi, like a hungry horse, I ate one full Tandoori (my favourite) and one full Biryani & one full sour or 'sur' or toddy flavoured kingfisher beer (never taste the same as Goa KF).

On return journey, the tickets again cost us Rs.9000 each on Jet, booked online via an agent. That was the cheapest to travel on the same day.

And we really did not expect the same treatment on board Jet as Go did.
9W 2205 / G8 180.
There was nothing complimentary on offer on Jet too.

I asked, can I have a bottle of water please?

She came back with a glass of water, then I asked ‘how much do I pay?’

'That’s complimentary' said she.

We also bought a can of juice (imported Del monte from Philipines)
Rs.50 and a cashew nut packet Rs.40 a good value for money- see pic)

I wonder if there is any domestic airline which continue offering complimentary stuff to it’s pax.

There was a time where even alcoholic drinks were served onboard domestic flights even on shortest routes like Goa-Bombay etc.

Some more pics
Traffic chaos at Airport when flights arrive

A view through the window

Houses and building view when landing

with flight wing


Re-fueling while pax still onboard – Aircraft’s doors were not even open


an aircarft


Airport expansion

Another photo show - Video

Airport prepaid taxi tariff

Monday, 29 August 2011

Is GOA NIWAS in Delhi privatised?

GOA NIWAS in Delhi is privatised?

Or it is for non-Goans rather than Goans?

It appeared more like a private hotel then Goa Govt. run Goa Niwas.

At the reception counter, there were two ladies (not Goan but Nepalis?) as if it was a pvt. Hotel.

Few Indian (non-Goan) guests were booking the rooms,
once they finished, one of us very politely explained in Konkani ‘Ami Goem son aileat..’

No, they won’t understand a word.

Then we tried to explain the same in English that we have come from Goa..Our visit was planned overnight (to join Anna Hazare) and took the first available flight to Delhi and hence could not pre-book from Goa Secretariat, Porvorim.

(In the past, without pre-booking, we did manage to get accommodation both at Goa Sadan and
Goa Bhavan (Bombay) as we were mostly accommodated in dormitory)

‘Sorry, we can’t help you’ was their answer. They even talked about privatisation
which we did not understand much.

Then we asked if we can see the Manager (if any). They pointed out a cabin opp. Front office.
We explained the same thing to the man and even showed our Ids such as election Photo Cards but no help as if we were at the wrong place . He then suggested that we should go to old GOA Sadan (18 Amrita Shergil Marg) to see if they can help us there. There too we were treated like aliens by the two non-Goans.
We then headed to Pahar Ganj, where we booked decent a/c room for Rs.1,200 each and it was closer to Ramlila Maidan too.

Much talked about Rs. 18.7 crore GOA NIWAS with 20 rooms, 4 suits, 4 dormitories, plus conference room, Swimming pool, Library, Gymkana etc was inaugurated in June 2010 by almost all the cabinet ministers including CM, speakers, MLAs, MP, CS, PWD engineers, UPA Chair person etc etc

Almost all cabinet minister and Congress MLAs and their aids & chamchas etc had gone to New Delhi (offcourse, by air and at our cost)

CM Digambar Kamat, PWD Minister Churchill Alemao, Speaker Rane, Home Minister Ravi, Tranport Ramkrishna Dhavilkar, Power Aleixo Siquera, Health Visvajit Rane, Dy.speaker Mauvin Godinho, MP Francis Sradinha, MP Shantaram Naik, Revenue Jose Filipe, Rajive Shukla, MLA Pandurang Madkaikar, Law commission Ramaknat Kalap. Cong President Subash Shirodkar, Congress Observer Luizinho Faleiro,
Besides CS Sanjay Srivatava, CM Sec. Rajiv Yaduvanshi, Principal Engieer PWD Wacha Sunder, Chief Enginer PWD Rego, DI Menino Peres etc etc

Is this GOA NIWAS not for us? I mean, not for Goans?

Not a single bed out of 100 beds available for Goans?

There is something going on there, perhaps, it is outsourced or privatised?

Can someone pass this on to Diggu please?
I am copying to CS, Parrikar, GT, Herald

Here is a one minute video clip on Goa Niwas Building (external)

Some pics:
with other detail info/map etc

Reading from the archive