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Saturday, 7 April 2012

What’s the story behind Anjali (80) meets Chief Minister

Update: 8 Sept 2012
Anjali died in a road accident near KTC Panjim on 7.9.12

What’s the story behind 'Anjali (80+) meets Chief Minister'

I know there is a law banning children working below the age of 16, similarly,
is there any law banning elderly (in their 80s) doing manual jobs such as dish washing?

If not, please Mr. Parrikar do something in this matter too, for your are the ‘hope’ of the people of all walks of life.

Now, coming back to Anjani (80+) meeting Chief Minister

What’s the real story behind it?

Why she is still working as a dishwasher in the City? Who is her employer?

Why DSS pension of Rs.1000pm (now Rs.2000) denied to her?

Why her local BJP MLA or the Sarpanch (Siolim Dando) did not do anything about it despite she visiting them several times in this matter?

It’s really disgusting to know that the society, family, politicians etc made her to work for her living even at this very old wrinkled age. 

Just look at her and her face!

Or is there anything else that we are not aware of?

 Hope the press/media keep us updated on this

Some news paper cuttings


Looks like whoever arranged her to meet CM at his Car in the city, also arranged press and media as the news with pics flashed on all English dailies (except NT) and

TV channel talk of 2001 ‘Nayak’ film etc

5th April 2012, Panjim


Travelling from Dando Siolim to Panjim every day to work as dish washer. 

No DSS pension granted despite visiting local BJP MLA and Sarpanch several times.

 Anjali also worked in the offices of former Chief Ministers Dayanand Bandodkar and Shashikala Kakodkar as aweeper.

 Living with her daughter in law and grand son?

TV Channel

update as on 10th April 2012

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