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Monday, 14 May 2007

An hour at Bambolim Miraculous Cross (Fulamcho Khuris)

An hour at Bambolim Miraculous Cross (Fulamcho Khuris)

(with pics & Video - pl click on any pic for instant larger view)

I was invited for a litany at the miraculous Cross on 13th May 2007.
I was there an hour earlier and was very happy to spend some memorable moments there with the crowd/groups that come there for litany from all over Goa.

This ‘Fulamcho Furis’ atleast 50 years old is very famous and people from all religions seen paying respect to this miraculous Cross in many ways such as..


Some motor vehicles will stop (offering candles/flowers)
Some slow down (their vehicles)
Some regular travelers/drivers seen sounding their vehicle horn (as a sign of respect.)
Some passengers are even seen throwing some (currency) coins from their moving vehicles.

The cross is always seen almost hidden with the flowers (garlands) which devotees bring and put around the cross see pic (flowers and candles also available for sale at the site).

Litany or Ladin (Ladainha)
Traditionally, litanies were sung in Latin laguange e.g Kyrie eleison, Ora pro nobis, Salve Regina, Alma Redemptoris etc now most sing in their mother tongue 'Konkani'.
On Sundays, it is very busy there, so busy that the group who come to sing litany will have to take a token from the Shrine’s office for their turn. Litanies are sung one after another with group size ranging from 12-100. Each litany is of av. 20 minutes duration.
Video clip:

So why litany?
Some people take a vow saying that if their wish is fulfilled (e.g. Recovery from Sickness/hospitals, school/college examinations, employment, promotion, marriage, babies etc etc) they would come here and offer flowers, candles and litany. Besides, it is a tradition at every village ward level (Cross), at time of weddings, baptism, first Communion, birthdays, anniversaries etc

The present shrine/Church (see pic) is about 10 years old.
There are daily masses and 3 on Sundays.

Video clip various groups & litany

How to get here?
It is right on the NH17 on Panjim-Cortalim-Margao/Vasco road.
Close to Bambolim Goa Medical College or Military Camp area.
All local buses stop nearby (just a minute or two walk either way from the bus stop)
Bus fare from Panjim Rs.5
Route: Panjim-Bambolim-Siridao-Goa-Velha-Pilar-Agassaim-Cortalim-Margao/Vasco or vice-versa
Plenty of shops around for cold drinks etc. If you walk little further (behind the church), there is small and simple open air type restaurant offering Fish curry rice (famous for fish and boiled rice) and alcoholic drinks etc.

New video Oct. 2011