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Sunday, 30 March 2014

AAP Meeting at Azad Maidan, Panaji Goa 29.3.14, Vasco 8.4.14

AAM AADMI PARTY  (AAP) Meeting at Azad Maidan, Panaji Goa
on 29th March 2014. 6pm

There were no press advertisements, no hired buses, no free transport, no free money,
no Liquor, No Food or biryani etc
Yet there were around 1,000 people. Sort of historic turnout for any political rallies so far at Azad Maidan.

More and more people were joining in after 6.30pm, sadly, I could capture that as my camera goes blind after 6.30 or at sunset. The meet got over around 8.20pm with the singing of National anthem.

Another interesting part was almost all had AAP topi or cap on  their heads, sort of fearless support

It is possible that many did not turn up due to fear of intimidation.

Some pics

Singing with joy
Adv. Satish Sonak, Dr. Oscar Rebello, Dr. Dattram Desai, Manish Sisodia ,
Swati Kerkar and Baba Vaghera
AAP Public Meeting

AAP Public Meeting

Valmiki Naik

 M H Rizvi whose speech has shaken hearts of many

Nilkant (Mining Trucks..)

 Adv Satish Sonak
AAP Public Meeting
AAP convener Rajeshree Nagarsekar, Dr. Oscar. Dr. Desai, Sisodia, Swati and Vaghera

Dr. Oscar Rebello

AAP Public Meeting

Manish Sisodia

AAP Public Meeting


Swati Kerkar
South Goa Candidate
AAP Public Meeting

Dr. Dattaram Desai
North Goa Candidate
AAP Public Meeting

Belinda Fernandes
Remo’s Sister

the Crowd
between 5.30 to 6.45pm ( More people joined in 6.45-7.30)




Suhani and Zarina d’Cinha - Host
AAP Public Meeting


Little AAP

Rajendra Kakodkar

with brooms

Video 1: Azad Maidan Meet - Trailer

Video 2 Dr. Oscar Rebello Speaking

Video 3 M H Rizvi speaking

Video 4 Swati Kerkar ( South Goa Candidate)

Video 5  Dr. Dattaram Desa (North Goa Candidate)

Video 6 Manish Sisodia ( AAP's National Executive Member)

Remo's special song - AAP

Vasco meet 8.4.14
Fr. Michael Fernandes, Rizvi etc speaking
AAP Meet at Vasco 8.4.14

Fr. Michael, Rizvi ets

Fr. Michael Fernandes
Rajendra Kakodkar

Carmen Correia

? Chandrasekar
Had to leave after 7.30, meeting was going on

Remo's Mariya Zaddu. 1 min

Video: Message from Arvind Kejriwal. 1 min