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Friday, 27 January 2012

Grape Escapade 2012 - Food, Wine and Lifestyle Festival

Grape Escapade 2012  8th edition of Food and wine festival
26-29 Jan. 2012, Old GMC Courtyard, Panjim
Organised by Goa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd in association with Department of Tourism.

GTDC* website says..
"One of the main objective behind organizing this festival is to promote ‘Brand Goa’ to the rest of the world, provide an opportunity to all visitors to sample Goa as a life style destination and make this festival an annual event to strengthen the brand of GTDC as the nodal Goa Tourism promotional Establishment.

This event is the only one of it’s kind in India !
This fiesta of flavors is being organized for the Eight consecutive year and seeks to encapsulate the vivacity of Goan lifestyle by highlighting her multi-cultural influences and artistic passions, thus branding Goa as a “Lifestyle Destination”.
The festival promises to be a unique cultural experience as the event brings together hoteliers, restaurants and professionals from the entertainment, food & beverage and lifestyle under one roof.
The leading hoteliers and Restaurateurs will present culinary delights from across the globe, international fusion cuisine and exotic deserts will be set up to satisfy everyone’s palate.
To set the mood ablaze for this flamboyant event, we have a wide range of music, dance and act performances to enthrall the audience. The highlight of the festival will be the fashion show and the selection of The Grape Escapade Queen 2012 on the last day. 
Set in the luxurious Inox Courtyard, the event is expected to attract over 20,000 wine lovers & visitors.
Join us with your friends and family and spend your weekend relaxing at the Inox Courtyard, right in the heart of Panjim, capital city of Goa !"

Day 4 (Last Day) 29.1.12

Some pics uploaded on 31.1.12

Crowded Courtyard

African Safari Cats

Kinfisher Voice of Goa 2010
Melvyn Noronha

Carlos and friends
Talking drums

Host and the co-host
Alfie – Jessica


Raul and Adrian
Raul in south Indian attire

Raul –Sharon in the crowd

Deigo, Sharon, Raul & Adrian


Raul with Queen2



Video Syndicate Band

Spot painters with their paintings

And the Grape Escapade 2012 Queen is..

VIDEO - Queen Contest

Minolta Fernandes
Electronic & Telecommunications Engineer
Pursuing her MBA in Bangalore
Her aim is to become a successful entrepreneur
Family oriented person, fun loving, witty etc
4 in 1
this added 24hrs later..
Queen and 1st Runner up
Minolta Fernandes (Queen) & Regina Dias
Queen gets Diamond Pendant (Courtesy- Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers)
and Return tickets for two Goa-Sharjah-Goa (Courtesy - Air Arabia)
Runners-up,  Regina Dias also gets Return tickets for two Goa-Sharjah-Goa
who also sang Lorna's BEBDO song
All nine contestants
Second round 5 out of 9
First 3 from the second round
Video Day 3 - A short Tour to the Courtyard with LUI Solo n Live

The main entrance

LUI solo n live - Watch video above

The impressive performance by IMPRESSIONS

 Compere / Host – Alfie Silveira

with Lui

Beautiful co-host – Jessica
looks even more beautiful with saree (1st day)

Elegant Fashion Show

Stage background

Jessica again

The Band – Brothers in arms

Drummer and the keyboardist - Marcelino and Philomen

with the lady crooner - Kris


all 6 - Kris, Caitani, Marcelino, Philomen, Domnic, Ivan

 Solid Crowd
What's on tonite?  (last day -29/1/12)
Kingfisher Voice of Goa
Carlos and friends
African Safari Cats - Neil Rebeiro
Queen Escapade 2012 - Crowning
Band - The Syndicate
prev. day...
Video   Day 2 - Darling love me tonight - Savio

From day 2

Solo Singing - Savio


Cuban dancing


Duet singing
Nezz and Neka sisters

Video (Nezz & Neka)

With host Alfie

 Zumba Dancing
With Ruth and students


What's on tonite? (28.1.12)

Lui - Solo
Impressions - Dancers
Jyotsna Bhat - Fashion Show
Belinda & Tropicanos - Live Band
Grape Stomping - Foot crushing of grapes
Band: Brothers in Arms with Kris
Earlier.. Day 1

At the entrance, no grapes this time, we have wine glasses instead

Vidoe: Crimson Tide band
besides, there was a performance by Xtremers, Singmund D'Souza and his group
Video Xtremers

Band Crimson Tide played for 30 minutes only
All ended at 10.05pm but food and lifestyle / Wine must have continued till midnight
Compere / Hosts were: Jessica & Alfie Silveira
what's on today? (27th Jan.)
Joe 'solo'
Cuban Dancers
Nezz and Neka - Duets
Ruth & troupe -Zumba performance
Band: LYNX
Wine tasting session


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A letter to Mr. Manohar Parrikar

Dear Mr. Manohar Parrikar

‘BJP making waves...’

OK OK, I see that too.
But most are confused, they need help, they need assurances..

BJP knows very well that it needs us and needed us very badly.
This is the chance, perhaps the last chance.

So, come on Mr. Parrikar, let’s talk business now!
(oh! No, I don’t mean cash for votes or Sops for votes)

Tell us why you think we should vote for you?
What’s there for us in it?
Or what can we expect from you in exchange

Now, now, pl don’t even try your ‘daggling carrots’ tactics
i.e. cash (Rs.1000) for women, DSSS increment, lowering petrol prices etc
Peter would not be too happy if you rob him to pay Paul

If you do decide to come back on this, besides other things, please make sure
 you give us your solid assurances  on these following serious and most urgent issues:

Our Goa (Special Status)
Destruction of Goa
Rampant Corruption
Communal Harmony

That’s all we are interested in right now, can you do it?
or can we rely on you?

The ball is in your court.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thank you.
(for and on behalf of confused minds)

Don’t worry much about ‘Good Friday’ Holiday episode
It has never been a real public holiday to all,  besides that,  we also  know
some Hindu Holidays too were proposed in the list such as
Mahashivratri, Dashera, Gudi Padva  and Gandhi Jayanti , Statehood day etc
I believe, the proposal was only to make it optional or include it in the restricted holiday’s list where people (Govt. employee) could opt for it if so desired.
You  did it to reduce the Govt Holidays and as per the Central Govt. directives.
Perhaps you could introduce 6 days a week pattern as work in Govt. dept
always behind schedule.

Govt jobs, govt holidays, restricted holidays etc discussed here

'Actions speak' they say, we have witnessed it too...

Why Govt. jobs are in high demand?

Why Govt. jobs are in high demand?

 Well, to start with, Govt. dept., there is 5 days a week
Others 6 days a week.

Then there are 19 public holidays
but for others (Com+Industrial) it’s 9 only
much debated ‘Good Friday’ and ‘St. Francis Xavier’ holiday is for Govt. only

see list below.

Of the 19 public holidays (Govt)
  7 are of Hindu Festival
  3 Christians
  3 Muslims
  6 others (National/State etc)

Total Holidays/ Rest days/Leave : 176

i.e 104 Sat/Sundays
      19 Public Holidays
      33 (Restricted holidays + Casual/Sick leave/unpaid)
      20 (Annual leave)

in a year there are 365 days less 176 = 189 days = 1323hrs (189x7)
= 3.6   working days a week (as against 5 days a week in general)

Again, of the 7 hours a day (excl. Breaks)
Av. 1 hr lost per day due to late coming/early leaving/extended breaks/chatting with staff /phones-Mobiles/ Newspaper/toilets/tea/snacks/sleeping/roaming/clocking or signing in
and then go to sort out car parking or petrol filling or smoking or tea/breakfast

Which is equal to 6 hrs a day work i.e. av. 189 hrs or 27 days lost/year.

So, actual av. Working days of the year = 162 days
i.e. about  3.1 working days a week

Moreover, one has to take into account slower pace of work 2-3 days before & after Ganesh Chaturti, Diwali, Dashera, Xmas, New year etc which is not included in the above computation

Besides, festivals like Carnival, IFFI, shigmo, elections, long sick leave, maternity leave  etc


-   It may not apply to a very few
     -  This is one way of looking at it, the other way would be fast money making under the table etc
    -   Job security guaranteed to almost all, no matter how corrupt is he or she.
e.g. A complaint was lodged against a JE in Salcette for his involvement in Light Poles theft, instead of sacking him, he was transferred to Pernem.

   - If you see pics above or below, then they must be inserted for illustration purspose only


Check here, list of various holidays

Public Holidays for 2012

1 Republic Day January 26 WEDNESDAY

2 Gudi Padva March 23 FRIDAY (Govt. only and not for Commercial/Industrial)

3 Good Friday April 06 FRIDAY (Govt. only..)

4 Birth Anni of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar April 14 SATURDAY

5 May Day May, 01 TUESDAY

6 Independence Day August, 15 WEDNESDAY

7 Id-Ul-Fitr August, 20 MONDAY  (Govt only..)

8 Ganesh Chaturthi (1st Day) September 19 WEDNESDAY

9 Ganesh Chaturthi (2nd Day) September 20 THURSDAY (Govt. only..)

10 Gandhi Jayanti October 02 TUESDAY

11 Dussehra (Vijaya Dashmi) October 24 WEDNESDAY (Govt. only..)

12 Id-Ul-Zuha (Bakri Id) October 28 SUNDAY (Govt. Only..)

13 Diwali November 13 TUESDAY

14 Feast of St.Francis Xavier December 03 MONDAY (Govt. only..

15 Goa Liberation Day December 19 WEDNESDAY

16 Christmas Day December 25 TUESDAY

Extra / Special

1 Milad-Un-Nabi or Id-e-Milad (Birthday Mohammad) Feb 05 (Govt. only)

2 Mahashivratri February 20 MONDAY  (Govt. only..

3 Holi  (Govt. only..)

Commercial + Industrial  holidays

1Republic Day January 26 Thursday

2Birth Anniversary of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar April 14 Saturday

3 May Day May 01 Tuesday

4 Independence Day August 15 Wednesday

5 Ganesh Chaturthi September 19 Wednesday

6 Gandhi Jayanti October 02 Tuesday

7 Diwali November 13 Tuesday

8 Goa Liberation Day December 19 Wednesday

9 Christmas December 25

On Public Holidays, Govt. offices remain closed where as on restricted holidays, it's a working day,

Restricted Holidays

1 New Year Day January, 01 Sunday

2 Makarsankranti January, 15 Sunday

3 Guru Ravi Das Birthday February, 07 Tuesday

4 Shivaji Jayanti February, 19 Sunday

5 Ram Navami April, 01 Sunday

6 Mahavir Jayanti / Maundy Thursday April, 05 Thursday

7 Budha Purnima May, 06 Sunday

8 Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus July, 15 Friday

09 Raksha Bandhan August, 02 Friday

10 Janmashtami August, 22 Monday

11 Onam August, 29 Wednesday

12 Hartalika September 18 Tuesday

13 All Souls day November, 02 Friday

14 Govardhan Puja November 14 Wednesday

15 Bhaubij November 15 Thursday

16 Guru Teg Bahadur Martydom Day November, 24 Thursday

17 Muharam November 26 Wednesday

18 Guru Nanak’s Birthday November, 28 Wednesday

19 Feast of Immaculate Conception December, 08 Saturday

20 Christmas Eve December, 24 Monday

21 New Year’s Eve December, 31 Monday



1.Republic Day January, 26 Magna, 06 Thursday

2. Gudi Padva March, 23 Chaitra, 03 Friday

3 Yearly Closing of Account April, 01 Chaitra, 12 Sunday

4. Good Friday April, 06 Chaitra, 17 Friday

5. Birth Anniversary of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar April, 14 Chaitra, 25 Saturday

6. May Day May, 01 Vaisakha, 11 Tuesday |

7_ Independence Day August, 15 Sravana, 24

8. Id-Ul-Fitr August, 20 Sravana, 29

9. Ganesh Chaturthi 1st Day September, 19 Bhadra, 28 Wednesday

10. Ganesh Chaturthi 2nd Day September, 20 Bhadra, 29 Thursday

11. Half Yearly Closing September, 30 Asvina, 08 Sunday

12. Gandhi Jayanti October, 02 Asvina, 10

13. Dussehra (Vijaya Dashmi) October, 24 Kartika, 02 Wednesday

14. Id-Ul -Zuha (Bakn-ID) October, 28 Kartika, 06 Sunday j

15.Diwali November, 13 Kartika, 22 Tuesday

16. Feast of St. Francis Xavier December, 03 Agrahayana, 12

17. Goa Liberation Day December, 19 Agrahayana, 28

18. Christmas Day December, 25

Monday, 23 January 2012

Meet Goan Survivors of the ill-fated Costa Concordia

Update 27.1.2012

About 53 Goan survivors / crew members of the ill-fated Costa Concordia
offered thanksgiving mass at Holy Cross, Bambolim today on 27th January 2012.


Earlier, there was a thanksgiving Ladainha  / Litany  at the Miraculous Cross or Fulamcho Khuris, same place (see a pic from archive)

During the offertory (Mass), a ship, a cake, Flowers etc offfered to the priest

The choir was also formed entirely of the survivors. see pic (above)
In the end, they sang ‘argam tuka Somia’ amidst clapping of hands.
Followed by ‘Goemcho Saib’ orasao ‘Sam Francis Xaviera’

Of the 53, there were many apear to be in their early 20’s

Some pics

Fr. Freddy D’ Souza
Goan Pallottine  priest based in US who served as 'Chaplain' onboard many Cruise ships abroad.

Church / Mass - left



The Main Altar

the 5 men choir (all survivors)

use the links below for larger view

all Survivors - also seen in the video at the end.

 Video - thanksgiving

Bambolim Church / Shrine
(from archive)

earlier.... on 22/1/2012

Meet Severino, one of the survivors of the ill-fated Ship Costa Concordia
It was like a home to him for he spent almost 4 years onboard the ship as this was
his 5th trip (first trip after getting married).
Happy to be home with family


 The luxury liner, Costa Concordia, capsized after hitting a rock in Italian waters on Friday the 13th January 2012 around 9.30pm.
Onboard were 4,229 people, including 1,023 crew.
Crew inludes 202 Indians
Of them, 201 were rescued and 31-year-old Rebello Russel Terence from Mumbai is missing
Update: Nov 3, 2014
The missing body  of Russel Rebello  finally found on deck 8 in a cabin of the wrecked Concordia after 1025 days i.e on 3/11/2014.
His brother on 11.11.14 (FB) says Russel's funeral will take place in Bombay after all the formalities are done
Update: February 2015
Finally, funeral taking place on 22nd Feb 2015 at Vasai, Mumbai

Most managed to survive the capsizing, 11 have been confirmed dead and some 21 missing.
The first group of 63 of  201 Indians rescued, returned home on 19.1.12
6 Goans
Remaining 130 returned back next day, 20.1.12
8 Goans

        REUTERS-MAX Rossie

Remaining 7 were to fly back next day 21.1.12
One staying back as he married to Italian

External affair ministry or Indian Embassy in Italy, gave 100 Euros to each survivor and air ticket to fly back home.

                                                       Andreas Solaro-AFP-Getty Images

Excerpts from Local Dailies:
Severino Colaco  (see pic) recalling the time of the accident said, "When the ship began to tilt, I was at the galley. A heavy heater came rolling towards me, however I dodged it. Then a second heater came towards me and hit me on my knee. I did not know the ship was in danger of sinking as the captain did not alert us."
Mr Colaco from Cansaulim, was employed as a second cook aboard the Costa Concordia. He said he was stationed at the kitchen which is on the lower deck (under water part of the ship) He said, "Friends came to help, and on realising the magnitude of the accident we ran helter-skelter to safety. I was taken to the doctor and saw other crew members helping passengers into the lifeboats."

These Goans who arrived back home on Friday expressed displeasure over the attitude of the Goa government. They said. "Our Chennai colleagues were welcomed at the
airport by the Chennai government with flowers, but in Goa the government did not even know about the incident." NT 22/1/12
22-year-old Daniel Bothelo from Santa Cruz said, "I was on side duty, providing the spot lights for a magic show that was being held for the passengers. Suddenly there was a bang, the power went off and we realised an accident had occurred."

 "The scene was like the Titanic, we were forced to jump in the water as the ship had tilted and people were falling off. When we fell into the cold waters, we had to swim fast because the ship was tilting towards us and there was the danger of it falling on us."

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Know your Currency Notes & Coins (India)

December 2018
In Goa circulation Dec 2018 - New Rs.100 notes

Update July 2018
The Reserve Bank of India will shortly issue ₹ 100 denomination banknotes in the Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series, bearing signature of Dr. Urjit R. Patel, Governor, Reserve Bank of India. The new denomination has Motif of “RANI KI VAV” on the reverse, depicting the country’s cultural heritage. The base colour of the note is Lavender. The note has other designs, geometric patterns aligning with the overall colour scheme, both at the obverse and reverse. Dimension of the banknote will be 66 mm × 142 mm.
All the banknotes in the denomination of ₹ 100/- issued by the Reserve Bank in the earlier series will continue to be legal tender.
As is normal, when a new design of banknote is introduced, printing and supply of these notes for distribution to public through the banking channel will gradually increase.

The image and salient features of ₹100 denomination banknotes in the Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series are as under:
i. Image, specimen copy

Update January 2018

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI)  issued new banknotes of Rs. 10 denomination, The new Rs. 10 notes  in the Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series, and  bear the signature of RBI Governor Dr Urjit R Patel. The new denomination notes  have motif of the Sun Temple and the Konark on the reverse side, depicting the country's cultural heritage. The base colour of the notes is chocolate brown and they will have other designs, geometric patterns aligning with the overall colour scheme, both at the obverse and reverse, the RBI said.

Update Oct. 2017
"The Reserve Bank of India  issued on August 25, Rs 200 denomination banknotes in the Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series, bearing signature of Dr. Urjit R. Patel, RBI Governor," 
New Rs.50 note introduced on August  18, 2017 (RBI)
Two new notes Rs.200 & 50 in the Goa market/Banks since Mid October 2017
I first laid my hands on 31st October, Canara Bank Counter
These two new notes not available in ATMs yet (Rs.200 may be from December)
Nor, all banks have these new notes yet.
New Rs.200 and New Rs. 50 notes

All new notes
Rs.2000, Rs.500, Rs.200, Rs.50

All new and existing
Rs.2000, Rs.500, Rs.200, Rs.100, Rs.50, Rs.20, Rs.10, Rs.5, Rs.2
Rs.2000, 500, 200, 100 & 50
Fake news about Rs.10 Coins ban- see below

Important Notice
All notes of Rs.1000 and Rs.500 will cease to be  legal tender or will not be valid effective 9.11.16

All such Bank notes stand withdrawn or abolished with immediate effect

Prime Minister made an announcement late evening of 8th Nov.2016 saying that as from midnight tonight all existing Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes will be just like a piece of paper (no value).

Never saw or heard of it with such a shortest notice

This is done to curb Black Money, fake currency, corruption etc

New note - Rs.2000

Withdraw Rs.2000 and you may get just one note

ATM - Dispenser with just one note (new)

My view
I know there were many fake 1000 Rs. notes in circulation, often come from bank counter itself. I was a victim myself, twice.
For a common man (including me) it was very difficult to detect..
In view of above and curbing black money etc I think, it is a right move by the Govt.
I know there will be some inconvenience at least for a month or so
Wherever possible, we should use our debit card (most of us have but used at ATMs only) for payments at outlets wherever cards accepted. Fyi, even Sahakari bhandar in the State accept cards besides other super markets and stores. Plus, we can use cheques, electronic money transfer NEFT, RTGS etc via net Banking, water bill, Light bill, phone bill etc can also be paid online etc.

Video: Bank opening day 1

Quote from RBI: 10.11.16
Withdrawal limit lifted in March 2017
Some limits revised  later on
Government of India vide their Notification no. 2652 dated November 8, 2016 have withdrawn the Legal Tender status of ₹ 500 and ₹ 1,000 denominations of banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi Series issued by the Reserve Bank of India till November 8, 2016.
This is necessitated to tackle counterfeiting Indian banknotes, to effectively nullify black money hoarded in cash and curb funding of terrorism with fake notes.
Starting from November 10, 2016, members of public/corporates, business firms, societies, trusts, etc., holding these notes can tender them at any office of the Reserve Bank or any bank branch and obtain value thereof by credit into their respective bank accounts.
For their immediate cash needs, these notes of value up to ₹ 4,000 per person can be exchanged for cash over the counter of these bank branches.
Public are advised to present a valid proof of identity for availing this exchange facility.
Value credited to their bank accounts can be freely used by issue of cheques or by remitting through various electronic modes of transfer like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, mobile banking, internet banking etc. Cash withdrawals from bank accounts, over the bank counters, will be restricted to a limited amount of ₹ 10,000 per day subject to an overall limit of ₹ 20,000 a week from November 9, 2016 till end of business on November 24, 2016. The limits will be reviewed after this.
All ATMs and other cash machines will remain shut on November 9, 2016 to facilitate recalibration. When ready, they will be reactivated and cash withdrawals from ATMs will be restricted to ₹ 2,000 per day per card up to November 18, 2016 and the limits shall be raised to ₹ 4000 per day per card from November 19, 2016.
Any person who is unable to exchange or deposit the specified banknotes in their bank accounts on or before December 30, 2016 shall be given an opportunity to do so at specified offices of the Reserve Bank or such other facility until a later date as may be specified by the Reserve Bank

Banks closed on 9th Nov
ATMs to remain closed for two days 9th & 10th Nov
 Most ATMs remained closed on third day too

Banks to remain open for public on Saturday, November 12 and Sunday, November 13, 2016
In order to meet the anticipated heavy demand from members of public to conduct their banking transactions, it has been decided that banks shall remain open for public transactions on Saturday, November 12 and Sunday, November 13, 2016. Banks are advised to keep all their branches open on November 12 and 13, 2016 as regular working days for transacting all business. Banks may give due publicity about availability of banking services on these days.
Ref. RBI

New Rs.500 note
First time I had it on 20.12.16
Available with ATMs too
Form to fill in and submit

Request form for Exchange of Old 500 & 1000 Rs. notes

Max Rs.4000 exchanged at a time or per day, limit will go up soon
Excess amount can go into your account

Some FAQs

22. I am a foreign tourist, I have these notes. What should I do?
You can purchase foreign exchange equivalent to ₹5000 using these Specified Bank Notes at airport exchange counters within 72 hours after the notification, provided you present proof of purchasing the Specified Bank Notes.

23. I have emergency needs of cash (hospitalisation, travel, life saving medicines) then what I should do?
You can use the Specified Bank Notes for paying for your hospitalisation charges at government hospitals, for purchasing bus tickets at government bus stands for travel by state government or state PSU buses, train tickets at railway stations, and air tickets at airports, within 72 hours after the notification.

Some new, existing and old notes, sizes etc New 200 coming soon

New Rs.2000 will look like this see large at the bottom / below

New design Rs.500 note
click for bigger view / reading, see large at the bottom / below

Victim once again!!
update: 11.3.2014

One of the two is fake  discontinued eff 9/11/16


Video 2 discontinued eff 9/11/16

Some pics discontinued eff 9/11/16

Video clip

Update June 2015
Older notes of all denominations (Rs 5, 10,  20,  50, 100, 500 and Rs 1,000) without 'year' mention on its reverse are withdrawn by RBI  Such  notes can be freely exchanged at any bank branch till June 30, 2015 (this date was earlier extended from Jan 2015)
Currency notes issued before 2005 do not have the 'year' of printing on the reverse side. see scanned image red Circle. In notes issued after 2005  the year of printing is visible at the bottom of the reverse side - see Scanned image Blue Circle  year '2015'

I just found 8 Rs.500 notes in my travel wallet
discontinued eff 9/11/16
More examples old and new

Looks like Fake currency notes in circulation all over Goa (thanks to Casino ?). I was a victim today at two banks -
I withdrew from one bank (a sealed bundle of 1000x100) only to deposit into another. There they detected a fake note... went back to Canara  Bank within 15 minutes of withdrawal and they exchanged the note 'just like that'.... if it was not in a bundle, I am sure they would have reported me to the Police (which is the normal practice). 
When asked what exactly was fake? They said 'watermark' Gandhi looked like a cartoon and the text on  'security thread' line was missing, plus paper was thicker etc 
It was really an embarrasing moment at both banks as many officers involved in double checking of the notes as well as the people who gathered there.. 
God knows how many more such notes are fed into the ATM machines.

It also appears that finding or detecting fake notes is an everyday phenomenon. 

In Goa, some police too are allegedly involved in Fake currency notes circulation as there were some headlines in the local newspapers recently

Know your notes here..

At present (Jan. 2012) notes in India are issued in the denomination of Rs.1000, Rs.500, Rs.100, Rs.50, Rs.20,  Rs.10 & Rs.5  
The printing of notes in the denominations of Re.1 and Rs.2 has been discontinued as these denominations have been coinised. However, such notes issued earlier are still in circulation see last pic Rs.2

use the links for larger view
Rs.1000 - discontinued eff 9/11/16
Rs.500 discontinued eff 9/11/16
Rs. 500 discontinued eff 9/11/16



Rs. 50

Rs. 20


Rs. 5


Know your 1000 rupees note - Security features - see below

Mr Prime Minister, when will you demonetise these confusing Coin Currency?

The news about banned Rs.10 coins or Fake Rs.10 Coins is nothing but a rumour
sign or symbol was introduced around 2011 and Rs.10 coins
are in circulation since 2005.  Over the period there can be over 10 variations in Rs.10 coins. If two coins are not same or not identical that does not mean one is fake. 
Looks like this news / rumour  spread from as early as October / November 2016 probably in north eastern States of India. The rumour started spreading in Goa Feb/March 2017
From Local TV 25.3.17
Prudent TV

Navhind Times
TOI goa 31.3.17

Just because Bharat/India printed together on top does not mean it is fake. Just beacause 10 appear in the centre does not mean it is fake.
Just because the coin does not have the new Rupee ₹ symbol it does not make it fake.
Fyi, The new ₹ symbol was introduced only in 2011 but Rs.10 coins were in circulation since 2005

RBI Press release of 2009 on Rs.10 Coins series

Read it bigger here

Other coins of similar design but not fake (Rs.2 coins)
Re.1 coins

Some coins are not user-friendly. Often its confusing to know which one is 1 Rupee coin and
which one Rs.2 coin. Same look, same size, same shape, same weight etc
Even those who handle it on day to day basis like Bus Conductors etc find it confusing
Govt. should sort this inconvenience caused to common man by standardising of Coins denomination by size, shape and or weight.

Check this video 1 (old news)

From RBI Website

Are there any special features introduced in the notes of Mahatma Gandhi series?
The new Mahatma Gandhi series of notes contain several special features vis-à-vis the notes issued earlier. These are:

i) Security thread: Rs.10, Rs.20 and Rs.50 notes contain a readable but fully embedded security windowed security thread. Rs.100, Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes contain a readable windowed security thread. This thread is partially exposed and partially embedded. When held against light, this thread can be seen as one continuous line. Other than on Rs.1000 notes, this thread contains the words 'Bharat' in the devnagri script and 'RBI' appearing alternately. The security thread of the Rs.1000 note contains the inscription 'Bharat' in the devnagri script, '1000' and 'RBI'. Notes issued earlier have a plain, non-readable fully embedded security thread.

ii) Latent Image: A vertical band behind on the right side of the Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait, which contains a latent image, showing the denominational value 20, 50, 100, 500 or 1000 as the case may be. The value can be seen only when the note is held on the palm and light allowed to fall on it at 45° ; otherwise this feature appears only as a vertical band.

iii) Microletterings: This feature appears between the vertical band and Mahatma Gandhi portrait. It contains the word ‘RBI’ in Rs.10. Notes of Rs.20 and above also contain the denominational value of the notes. This feature can be seen better under a magnifying glass.

iv) Identification mark: A special intaglio feature has been introduced on the left of the watermark window on all notes except Rs.10/- note. This feature is in different shapes for various denominations (Rs.20-Vertical Rectangle, Rs.50-Square, Rs.100-Triangle, Rs.500-Circle, Rs.1000-Diamond) and helps the visually impaired to identify the denomination.

v) Intaglio Printing: The portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, Reserve Bank seal, guarantee and promise clause, Ashoka Pillar Emblem on the left, RBI Governor's signature are printed in intaglio i.e. in raised prints in Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes.

vi) Fluorescence: The number panels of the notes are printed in fluorescent ink. The notes also have optical fibres. Both can be seen when the notes are exposed to ultra-violet lamp.

vii) Optically Variable Ink: The numeral 500 & 1000 on the Rs.500 [revised colour scheme of mild yellow, mauve and brown] and Rs.1000 notes are printed in Optically Variable Ink viz., a colour-shifting ink. The colour of these numerals appear green when the notes are held flat but would change to blue when the notes are held at an angle.

Further reading (from the net,  Bombay incidence )

Yesterday (03/12/2011), I went to withdraw money from SOUTH INDIAN BANK's ATM, I found two fake notes of RS. 500. I asked the watchman to call the branch manager but since he didn't had the contact number of the manager, I dialed 100 and forced the cops to come and check..!! Sadly, even cops don't have the basic knowledge about real and fake notes..!! They took me to police station to take my statement..!! I had to spend 3 hrs in the station just because I didn't wanted others to withdraw fake notes from that ATM. The Sub Inspector was questioning me as if I did something wrong..!! He also said that I did the wrong thing by calling the emergency number..!! As per him, this wasn't a emergency..!! I was just shocked..!! They don't even know the seriousness of fake currency..!! My question to Mumbai Police commissioner is, "why don't you just re-train the cops..!! They also said that instead of contacting them, I should have contacted the bank..!! Even a illiterate can understand that the bank manager will try to close the matter there and there itself..!! Then how will you find out the criminals who plotted those fake notes in the ATM..??"
Cops took the ATM slip and the fake notes. When I asked the cops "by when I can expect the report of those notes..? He said "Can't say..!! It may take 4 months or even a year...!!" this statement is very carefree and shows their dedication towards resolving a major issue which has direct connection with our Indian economy..!!

New notes eff Nov 2016