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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Goa Carnival 2017

Carnival or carnival Goa starts 25- 28 February 2017.

Panaji Floats on 25.2.17
Margao on 26.2.17
Vasco on 27.2.17 also at Sanvordem /Curchorem, Shiroda
Mapusa 28.2.17 also at Ponda

Organised by Govt. of Goa, Goa Tourism GTDC

Panaji Floats

Sorry, I am late for videos
There will be 3 videos

Video 1
A selection - Part 1  about 21min,

Video 2: A selection - Part 2

Long video 3: includes all.  Duration: 1h.15mins

Carnaval Khell video see below

King Momo
Roque Tome Fernandes

FC Goa

Armed Police on guard


Kunbi dance

Save girl child

Parade street with crowd

Pig, dukor
Rosario Boys group, Khobrawado, Calangute

Silver man - Living Statues
junk Cars, jokers etc


Pirates of Benaulim

Extra pirates

Dragon 2

Buyao, gurgureth, kopro etc
Cops etc


Bullocks, ploughing, zot


Flowers from Curtorim

Caju, feni urak

Dragon 3


Boat, canoe

Salt wastage

Fish Mackerel Bangdo

Ape, king kong

king queen kingdom

Save nature, wildlife

Fr. Bismarque justice
Arabs spotted at Panaji Carnival

Zuvemche Goundde (Masons)

Dhirio / Bullfights
Bakar Raposo, Landlord

Electric car 100%
Viewers gallery, below old secretariat
With Judges
Blind justice? lady
Living statue, silver
Unite for a better Goa

Sexy tart

Street dancing
Tom and Jerry

Fancy dress

Fishermen, net
Dragon dinosaur
Cartoons Characters
Donald duck, Bunny
Car rider


African tribe
Lion king, wildlife, monkey
Senhor Antonio Costa
Egyptian mummy
Kunbi dance, gumttam
Pez, pollgo, Maittul, doulo, farmer

More pics, video coming soon here

Traditional Carnaval Khell
Pics and video

Khell Video

Video: Panaji Carnival eve - Parade street, Preparations etc

KTC Circle, Panaji

Parade street

Miramar Circle

VIP lounge /Gallery

Divya Circle, Panaji

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