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Friday, 30 September 2011

AADHAAR your permanent proof of Identity

AADHAAR your permanent proof of Identity
with your biometric data

Registration or enrolment started from Sept. 2011

New registration still on..
Aadhaar Card enrolment centres (advert dtd 20.10.2016)

click here for bigger views

Enrolment of ADHAAR extended till 30th Nov. 2012

Futher extendted till 31st Dec. 2012

Further extented until 28th Feb 2013

Registration still on in April 2013 - see latest pic in the end below

update 2016
Aadhaar Card registration is on...  There are some special registration drives carried out by Goa Govt in various Talukas e.g. Quepem 10-12 May 2016

Adhaar Card registration is on and not closed - see above list of centres

Our AADHAAR card was applied in June 2012
Card received by post End November 2012 (6 months)

Aadhaar Card specimen

see it (aadhaar Card) larger here

Update: 14th July 2012 (new pic)
at Registration centre, Panjim

Update: 14.06.2012
AAdhaar registration Centre at Fishery Dept (Captain of Ports Jetty) accept registrations from 9.30-5.30pm with one hour break 1-2pm.  There is no big crowd or long Qs, just walk in with you form duly filled in with supporting documents and get yourself registered with 10-15 minutes. your card will be sent to your home within 60-90day (usually, it takes longer)

this is the receipt you get once registration formalities are done.

see it bigger here

update: April 11, 2012
Please enroll by end of Sept 2012

Update Oct.2012
Enrolment of ADHAAR extended till 30th Nov. 2012 now till Dec end

Have you applied yet?

Docs required at the time of enrolment:

1. Application form - see pic
2. Original and a copy of proof of ID (original to verify only) – see list (AA)
3. Original and a copy of proof of address ( -do- )                 See List (BB)

AADHAAR is a proof of Identity and not of Citizenship
Anyone living in India can apply for it including NRI/OCI holders and even foreigners living in India

You then need to register your face (they take photo of you), your fingers prints (they take all 10 fingers prints on an electronic device) and both your eyes (they give you a sort of binoculars to look through which your eyes or iris are registered).- see pic
Then you are given a receipt with enrolment number.
Whole process will take about 10-12 minutes per person, however, where Qing system in place, it can take up to 4 hours
e.g. At Panaji enrolment centre only about 120 persons allowed per day on first come first serve basis. For this one has to be in the Q before 10am and again before 2pm as only 60 token issued per session.

There are 4 enrolment desks or counters which means max 4 persons are enrolled in 10 minutes. It can delay due to breakdown or system down, power failure etc
Panjim MLA office is also an additional centre (update Oct/2012)
Near ICICI bBank, Atmaram Borcar Road, Panjim

Your Card will be ready in about 3 months time (to be verified)
 applied 4.5 months ago, I still did not get mine

One can check his card STATUS online

Congratulations! Your aadhaar card has been generated and the AADHAAR card letter will be delivered shortly ( 'Shortly' could mean more than 5 months, ours it took  nearly 6 month)

Panjim GPO /Post Office is also an enrolment centre. There is one desk /counter at the entrance, tokens also required here.

Some tips to fill up your AADHAAR Card application form (refer pic)
It can save time etc, we lost ours.

Your full name
Full address with pin code
Date of birth . eg. 10.10.1947
Sex – Male, female or transgender

PART B  - Relations details  (or next of kin)
Write wife or husband’s name or Father / mother’s name
If no wife/husband, or if both father/mother died, write your late father’s name
AADHAAR enrolment No. (if known or if they applied before you)

PART C  - Additional information
Mobile no.  Email ID  (both optional)

PART D –Financial information
Bank details etc (optional) i.e. you can leave it blank

PART E  - Introducer
Introducer Name,  his UID Card. No.   His Signature
Leave blank  (no one got UID card in Goa, I suppose)

Fill in whatever you know or based on whatever docs you have
e.g. Ration Card No..., Election Card No... what you don’t have - leave it blank
e.g. I don’t have Ration card, I will leave it blank
Name your Municipality or Village panchayat etc.

PART G ( for Staff use only - verification)
There are no enrolment centres in Mormugao (Vasco, Cortalim, Cansaulim etc), Sanguem and Dharbandora (Dharbandora may have included in Ponda).
update: There now 3 Centres at Momugao and one at Sanguem see ad insert above

You may have 3  more months  to enrol yourself (to be verrified) -
update: Enrol yourself by Sept. end  2012
Update: Now extended til 30th Nov. 2012 , now till Dec. end
Proof of Photo ID  - list of docs  containing name and Photo (AA) –
Any one of the following

Passport, PAN card, Ration Card, Election Card, Driving License, Photo Bank ATM or Credit  Card,  Recognised School ID card,  Goverment Photo ID card etc etc

Proof of ID containing Name and Address  (BB)– Any one from this list:

Passport, Ration Card, Driving Licence, Election Card, Bank Statement/Pass book, Water or Electricity or Landline Phone bill not older than 3 months,  credit card statement, Goverment Photo ID card etc etc


Some pics –  Press Ad

 AADHAAR Application Form

 At Enrolment Centre, Panaji, Goa

Aadhaar Card Centre at Panjim MLA (Goa Chief Minister) City Office

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Two brothers deaths in the house, same day

Two brothers deaths in the house, same day

When younger brother 18, returned back, he saw his brother 28, already dead.
He too died the same way, same day.

A well to do family with land property, car, rooms on rental etc

Now, there is no one left in the house.

No brother, no sister, no father, no mother

Don’t understand why they did it, particularly the younger one.

Lord, take them into your arms.

at home close-up

a short clip/ funeral