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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Come Fly with me Delhi-Bombay-Goa

watch this video
Sky experience - Flight take off, landing etc (watch it in full screen/HD)

video link

It was a last minute decision to visit Delhi at Ramlila Maidan.

Upon checking the latest info on the net at 10pm (just incase, Anna break his fast), immediately decided to leave early morning to catch the first available flight to Delhi from Goa.

Actually, ticket to Delhi were showing up around Rs.6,500 on Go-Air, Rs. 7000 on
Air India ans Rs.8,500 on Kingfisher Airlines when last checked at 9.30pm

Yet, we did not buy ticket online just in case it was heavy raining in the morning etc.
We thought of buying it at the Airport Counter.

We arrived there at 5.30am. Straight went to Go-Air counter but ticket are for Rs.9000.
Then we headed to International dep. Terminal – Kingfisher says Rs.18,000 where as Air India says Rs.23,000.
No prize for guessing which flight or Airline we took to Delhi. I am sure, you guys learn from this too and that’s the  reason I am sharing my experience with you on this air travel episode. So, you know now that  the tickets always cost higher at Airport.

Note: Ticket to Goa-Delhi can cost as low as Rs.5,000 if bought say one month ahead
There were some showing up at Rs.3,834 travelling mid November 2011 on Indigo and spicejet. Checked at the time of wrriting this, AM of 1st Sept. 2011
It says Base fare Rs.100 only but fees and surcharges Rs.3,784

Well, I haven’t eaten whole day & night nor any breakfast on the day of the journey.
I could eat something at the Airport Departure lounge though e.g. Sandwich Rs.100, Coffee Rs.40, Single Samosa Rs.40 etc but then again I thought wait for another 30 minutes and I might get it free onboard flight to Bombay.

Well, 45 minutes later, I regretted not having anything at the lounge for there was  nothing coming free onboard, not even water.

Next, as we had about an hour to spare in the transit, we went to a cafe (Airport Lounge).  There I saw some big fat samosas each priced at Rs.60.
I said ‘Can I have a single samosa and cup of coffee please!’
‘Sorry, two pieces per plate, we do not give single piece (samosa)’ said he.
I said forget about the samosa ‘just give me coffee’.
I had coffee and the bill was Rs.90.

Then, it was time to board Delhi flight which would take about 2 hours to complete the journey.

Onboard, I am starving. Nothing served complimentary. One has to pay even for water. Rs.20 per smaller bottle.

Seeing that some crew members carrying some meals trays in their hands, I asked one
‘How much for the meal tray?’ She said ‘Rs.220’. Can I have one please!
There came a tray (a typical meal tray that any airlines serve, see pic).
It had hot but dry omelette, 2/3 pieces of chicken tika, some potato stuff, a square bowl of cut fruit pieces, a croissant, a muffin, Jam and butter- see pic. No where I could see a Ketchup sachet to go with the hot-dry omelette. Nor I could see any packed cup of water or juice. I had to buy a water bottle for Rs.20 500ml.

If I had to serve my guests the same meal and at the same time saving money on it, I would take off Jam and butter and replace with water - Water must always go with the meals.
So, next time you order a meal, make sure to see there is water if not buy one.
Don't wait until something get chocked / stuck to your throat and then press 'flight attendant' button for water etc..

In Delhi, like a hungry horse, I ate one full Tandoori (my favourite) and one full Biryani & one full sour or 'sur' or toddy flavoured kingfisher beer (never taste the same as Goa KF).

On return journey, the tickets again cost us Rs.9000 each on Jet, booked online via an agent. That was the cheapest to travel on the same day.

And we really did not expect the same treatment on board Jet as Go did.
9W 2205 / G8 180.
There was nothing complimentary on offer on Jet too.

I asked, can I have a bottle of water please?

She came back with a glass of water, then I asked ‘how much do I pay?’

'That’s complimentary' said she.

We also bought a can of juice (imported Del monte from Philipines)
Rs.50 and a cashew nut packet Rs.40 a good value for money- see pic)

I wonder if there is any domestic airline which continue offering complimentary stuff to it’s pax.

There was a time where even alcoholic drinks were served onboard domestic flights even on shortest routes like Goa-Bombay etc.

Some more pics
Traffic chaos at Airport when flights arrive

A view through the window

Houses and building view when landing

with flight wing


Re-fueling while pax still onboard – Aircraft’s doors were not even open


an aircarft


Airport expansion

Another photo show - Video

Airport prepaid taxi tariff

Monday, 29 August 2011

Is GOA NIWAS in Delhi privatised?

GOA NIWAS in Delhi is privatised?

Or it is for non-Goans rather than Goans?

It appeared more like a private hotel then Goa Govt. run Goa Niwas.

At the reception counter, there were two ladies (not Goan but Nepalis?) as if it was a pvt. Hotel.

Few Indian (non-Goan) guests were booking the rooms,
once they finished, one of us very politely explained in Konkani ‘Ami Goem son aileat..’

No, they won’t understand a word.

Then we tried to explain the same in English that we have come from Goa..Our visit was planned overnight (to join Anna Hazare) and took the first available flight to Delhi and hence could not pre-book from Goa Secretariat, Porvorim.

(In the past, without pre-booking, we did manage to get accommodation both at Goa Sadan and
Goa Bhavan (Bombay) as we were mostly accommodated in dormitory)

‘Sorry, we can’t help you’ was their answer. They even talked about privatisation
which we did not understand much.

Then we asked if we can see the Manager (if any). They pointed out a cabin opp. Front office.
We explained the same thing to the man and even showed our Ids such as election Photo Cards but no help as if we were at the wrong place . He then suggested that we should go to old GOA Sadan (18 Amrita Shergil Marg) to see if they can help us there. There too we were treated like aliens by the two non-Goans.
We then headed to Pahar Ganj, where we booked decent a/c room for Rs.1,200 each and it was closer to Ramlila Maidan too.

Much talked about Rs. 18.7 crore GOA NIWAS with 20 rooms, 4 suits, 4 dormitories, plus conference room, Swimming pool, Library, Gymkana etc was inaugurated in June 2010 by almost all the cabinet ministers including CM, speakers, MLAs, MP, CS, PWD engineers, UPA Chair person etc etc

Almost all cabinet minister and Congress MLAs and their aids & chamchas etc had gone to New Delhi (offcourse, by air and at our cost)

CM Digambar Kamat, PWD Minister Churchill Alemao, Speaker Rane, Home Minister Ravi, Tranport Ramkrishna Dhavilkar, Power Aleixo Siquera, Health Visvajit Rane, Dy.speaker Mauvin Godinho, MP Francis Sradinha, MP Shantaram Naik, Revenue Jose Filipe, Rajive Shukla, MLA Pandurang Madkaikar, Law commission Ramaknat Kalap. Cong President Subash Shirodkar, Congress Observer Luizinho Faleiro,
Besides CS Sanjay Srivatava, CM Sec. Rajiv Yaduvanshi, Principal Engieer PWD Wacha Sunder, Chief Enginer PWD Rego, DI Menino Peres etc etc

Is this GOA NIWAS not for us? I mean, not for Goans?

Not a single bed out of 100 beds available for Goans?

There is something going on there, perhaps, it is outsourced or privatised?

Can someone pass this on to Diggu please?
I am copying to CS, Parrikar, GT, Herald

Here is a one minute video clip on Goa Niwas Building (external)

Some pics:
with other detail info/map etc

Reading from the archive

Saturday, 27 August 2011

A day with Anna Hazare at Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi

 Noon to noon, 25-26 Aug, 2011

Anna Hazare continuing his indefinite fast against corruption at Ramlila Maidan after he first started in Tihar Jail when he was arrested on 16th August 2011.

Thousands of people visited Ramlila Maidan in support of Anna Hazare's Cause.
Upto a KM long street leading to the Maidan is full of supporter walking to and from
the venue. Streets are full of vendors selling Caps, badges, hair-bands, National flags, T-shirts etc with Pinted Anna Hazare or most saying 'I am Anna' or 'Mein Anna hoon'

Groups of people including school/college students. Ladies groups, seen walking to the Maidan with shouting slogans like 'Anna, hum tumhare saat haim' etc


Video link

Some pics


Streets full of supporters

Sorry, could not take better pics of the centre stage as the view is blocked by the Media people who are permanently stationed there with large umbrellas etc which blocked people's views. Organisers should have provide them with a raised platform. Many are not happy with it as they could not see Anna clearly for whom they come here from far and wide.

Anna-ji 74, was not seen all the times as he was taking rest in an enclosed section within the centre stage or platform.

Variety of food or meals in decent but disposable thalies was served to all which includes snacks, sweets, teas, breakfast, packed water etc.
Copies of Newspapers too were available at free of cost.

Here is
Remo Fernandes song 'India Against Corruption', Backup Anna Hazare etc

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

In support of Anna Hazare, Goa speaks (16.8.11)

At Azad Maidan today – In support of Anna Hazare..

Video - I

It may be reminded that Anna Hazare along with Kiran Bedi etc have been arrested
(long before they could even start their fast this morning 16.8.11)

At Panaji, about 100 people court arrested and released later on includes Satish sonak, Tiatrist Anil Kumar etc

Goa against corruption
India against corruption


some pics

Video - Part II  (Goa's Money in Swiss Banks..)
Also includes speakers/singer like Laxmikant Shetgaonkar, Varun Carvalho
Priyanka Bidye, Anil Kumar, Savio Rodrigues etc

Video links


More Pics

for more pics and who's who

Video - Part III (Rally, speakers, Music/songs etc)
Anil Kumar, Damodar Mauzo, Matanhy Saldanha, Christopher Fonseca,
Adv. Satish Sonak, Prashant Naik, Adv. Yatish Naik, Savio Rodrigues,
Swapnil Salkar, Varun Carvalho, Purnanand chari,  Akhil Parrikar,
Malisa Simoes, Tushar Kamat, Laxmikant Shetgaokar, Priyanka Bidye,
DJ Ajit , AITUC etc

 Please visit back for updates (and video Part III)

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Mahanand - The serial killer

Mahanand Naik

Above pic is a stage scene

Mahanamd - The Serial Killer of Goa
Mahanand -  The Dupata Killer
Mahanand -  The Lady Killer
Mahanand -  The girlfriends killer
Mahanand -  Who killed his girlfriends for their 'Gold'

We only have one life but some people get more than one life terms..

 Mohanand Naik of Ponda, Goa, was first arrested on 21st April 2009 in connection with a Rape Case. During interrogations he confessed killings, The accused 40, Rickshaw Driver, allegedly commited FIRST murder when he was about 24 (1994). Main Motive: Greed for Gold Ornaments and money. Mode of killings: Strangulation using the victim's dupata. Mohanand is married with 18 months old child. He seems very quite and many find hard to believe in his alleged crimes. All the murdered victims are young females

Mahanand, the serial killer must have killed many more young ladies than what he has alledgely confessed to the Police. There must be series of murders year after year since 1994. 
Once started, there could be no end to the series of crimes and hence 'Serial Killer'.
1994 - 2 (Two murders)
1995 - 1
1996 - 2002 (7 years) - Nil (but very doubtful, he is a serial killer, remember?)
2003 - 1
2004 - Nil (again, doubtful)
2005 - 3
2006 - 1
2007 - 5
2008 - 2
2009 - 1

or  there could be even more muders than the actual number / confession in each year above.

In 1995, Mohanand was first arrested in kidnapping case but the Police let him off without proper investigation. Now, he admits not only kidnapping but killing the girl too.

Murder confessions (as per the Goa Police) as follows:

2 as on 25/04/09
Miss Darshan Naik 22, Shiroda ( ACQUITTED 1/12/10) &
Miss Yogita Naik 30, Ponda (CONVICTED in 3rd case on 18/2/12)
Life sentence awarded on 4/4/12 but Mahanand appealed against it in the High Court.
High Court on 7th Aug. 2013, upheld the conviction

1 as on 03/05/09
Miss Vasanti Gaude19, Marcaim - CONVICTED on 30/6/11
(Sentenced to LIFE on 20/7/11 - this is the second life term for murder)
Mahanand appealed against the conviction but High Court upheld the life sentence on 30.7.13)

1 as on 06/05/09
Miss Kesar Naik 33, Ponchwadi AQUITTED on 13/11/10

1 as on 07/05/09
Miss Nayan Gaoncar 30, Panchwadi AQUITTED on 3/5/2017

2 as on 08/05/09
Miss Sunita Gaoncar 31, Bethora ACQUITTED (on 1/12/10) &
Miss Anjani Gaoncar 30, Ponda AQUITTED on 9/10/11

(3 as on 08/05/09 as per GT Miss Sunita, Mis Anjani & Miss Nirmala Ghadi, 28, Khandola)
ACQUITTED in Niramala Gadi of Betique Ponda  on 20.10.2017 as police could not find the body.

1 as on 11/05/09
 Miss Surat Gaonkar, 30, Panchwadi (ACQUITTED)

1 as on 19/05/09
Miss Sushila Fatarpekar, 30 from Curca CONVICTED May 31,2011 and
Sentenced for LIFE on 10th June 2011 but Mahanand appealed against the Conviction
High Court AQUITTED Mahanand on this case on 1st July 2013

2 as on 27/5/9
Miss Deepali Jotkar 22, Davorlim, Margao  ACQUITTED on 3/1/14
Miss Bhagi Satarkar30, Ponda

2 on 28/5/09
Miss Nirmala Amonkar, 32, Rivona (ACQUITTED), High Court Quashed the order upon appeal
(Feb.24, 2012, High Court admits Appeal against the acquittal by a Margao Court  )
It may be reminded that Judge Desmond was suspended for Acquitting Mahanand in abv case
29.10.13. Bombay High Court at Goa quashed the order passed by Margao Session Court and  remanded the case back to Session Court to enable the prosecution to testify additional evidence etc
30.6.15, Mahanand acquitted again in above case

Miss Baghu Upaskar of Satpal-Sacord (ACQUITTED)

1 on 29/5/09
he does not remember the victim's name but age 25-30 and from Bicholim, killed on 30/12/05 (ACQUITTED on 25/10/10) -  Shakuntala Kavthankar 35, of Mayem.

1 on 30/5/09
Miss Gulabi Gaokar, 30 of Dabal on july 29, 1994
(his first murder, 2nd being 2 months later same year)

Total: 16 as on 30/5/09

5 murders in 2007, 3 in 2005, 2 each in 1994, 2008 and 1 each in 1995, 2003, 2006 & 2009

However, Police were investigating for possible links to 18 (now 7?) missing girls during the period.

Mahanand and his wife Puja:

Where do they first met ? Ans: In a prison or police lock-up at Savordem Both as offenders.
Wife's offence not known yet.
see wife Puja, Mahanand Pics etc here

Watch the killer in this Clip (NDTV 1.5 mins)

The Killer's wife Puja seeking refuge saying the agitated villagers threatened to kill her and the baby and is now safe at an undisclosed destination. Protection given by a Goan NGO 'Bailancho Ekvott' or 'Women's Unity' 18/5/09
Puja says they have been married for last 11 years and that she never had a clue that her husband might involve in the alleged crimes.
He sometime used to bring in large amount of money and upon questions, he often said the money either come from borrowing from his parents or from the painting work he sometime says he did.

Puja works as a clerk in a central governmnet dept. at Ela, Goa. Just befoe the arrest of her husband, she was told  by Mahannad to leave the job and that he *husband' would look after them.

Leader of the BE (abv NGO), Auda Viegas says that if they find Puja's involvement in the crimes
then they will withdraw the protection given to her

update: 25/5/09
According to the Police..

- 3 of the 10 victims skeletons discovered.
One of it was found just about 150mts from the main road at Raia and co-incidently
the area is frequented by Migrants to asnwer nature call and yet it was not detected earlier.

- The goldSmitth to whom the alleged serial killer was selling the ill gotton gold is arrested
Police says the gold  worth at least 5 lakhs or at least 500g.
Police recovered Rs.10.5 lakhs worth melted stolen gold from the goldsmith. 26/5/09

Soon after the the Gold Smith Ulhas Rivonkar's arrest, a retired judge and an advocate approached the police station to bail him out

It also appears that besides the 3 skeletons found, the bodies of most remaining also found over the years which police termed as ‘unnatural deaths’

Tiatr on Mahanand releasing in August (2009)  Mahanand Monis ou Deuchar 
(later released by changing  'Deuchar' to 'Soitan')

Check it out here

A tage scene

a tiatr trailer

A konkani VCD film by Jack-E was also released in Aug. 2009
Mahanand - The killer

Goa Police charge-sheeted Mahanand in the last week of July 2009 as of early Dec. 2009, total of 9 charge sheets filed.

Court Verdicts:

On 2nd Jan 2010,
District and Sessions Judge Desmond D’Costa ACQUITTED Mahanand in the case saying the prosecution had failed to establish that the woman went to the spot with Mahanand.  “The prosecution also could not prove that she was killed and her body thrown in the bushes by the accused,” the judge said.

The order also expressed the doubt that the police may have been trying to fix a blame on accused to solve the unsolved mystery of the woman’s death. Court acquited Mahanand in Surat Gaukar case. Court could not establish his direct link to the crime

On 6th March 2010
Judge Mr P V Sawaiker, acquitted Mahanand Naik, who was arrested in connection with the case of murder of Bhagu Upasker from Sacordem that took place in 2007. This is the second case, after he was acquitted on January 2 this year, in the murder of Surat Gaunker from Panchwadi.

The court after examining a witness and the concerned investigating police officer in the Upasker case passed the said order.

 30th March 2010
Mahanand acquitted today in the third case
Additional district and sessions court judge Desmond D’Costa acquitted 40-year-old Mahanand of the charges of killing Nirmala Amonkar, a woman in her late 20s, found dead on a plateau in Verna village
Her highly decomposed body was found at Verna on February 24. 2008
The court acquitted Mahanand from the charges as the police were not able to establish the offence against him.

Mahanand latest pic (Sept end 2010)

Oct. 1 2010
Convicted for Rape
Sessions court Judge Nutan Sardessai has convicted Mahanand Naik  Sentenced for 7 years and fine Rs.25K. It may be reminded that the Rape case was the first to file with the Police. Based on it's investigation, the alleged 16 murders came to light later on.

Tony Dias, Tiatr Director in an advertisement in early Oct. 2010 had announced yet another tiatr title 'MAHANAND, DEV NIDONK NA' This was soon after Mahanand was convicted for rape.
Then again, after the first life sentence announced on 10/6/11

Another Mahanand look alike from another tiatr (Drama)

another stage artiste Rosario de Aldona as Mahanand

A stage scene from the Tiatr FALEAM KONNEM POILAM?
by Rosario de Aldona (Quitula, Aldona) on 22nd Sept 2010 at 36th Tiatr Competition by Kala Academy, Panjim Goa,

Mahanand Naik was acquitted by the court for the 4th time/case.
North Goa District & Sessions Judge Nutan Sardessai acquitted Mahanad as the prosecution failed to produce concrete evidence proving his guilt under Sections 364 (kidnapping), 392 (robbery), 302 (murder) and 201 (destroying evidence) of Indian Penal Code. The court could find any evidence to prove the alleged Killer stragulated Shakuntala Kavthankar 35, of Mayem case.

Nov. 13, 2010,
Mahanand lucky for the 5th time.
Principal Sessions Judge Nutan Sardesai in Panaji after hearing string of arguments by the prosecution ACQUITTED him in case of murder of 33 year Kesar Naik from Mapa-Panchwadi in 2007.
For want of sufficient evidence to show he killed Kesar. Also, Forsenic report said DNA could not be extracted from the bone.

Dec. 1. 2010
Mahanad acquitted in two more cases - 7 time lucky. Principal Session Judge Nutan Sardessai acquitted Mahanand today in the murder cases of Darshana Naik (21) of Talaulim and Sunita Gaonkar (31) of Betoda, giving him benefit of doubt. Darshana was killed in 1994 and Sunita in 2003.

Feb. 9, 2011 Judge Desmond D'Costa got suspended by High Court for disposing off one of the Mahnand cases in haste.
Protest meet by advocates/ clip

Judge Desmond D'Costa reinstated 1.5.12, after 15-month suspension

Feb 28/2011
Mahanand filed an appeal in the high court against the District Court oder / conviction on rape case  for which he was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment

March 15/2011
Cutorim Police filed a chargsheet case againt Mahanand in Deepali Jotkar Murder case.
This is the third Case in South Goa Court (prev. two ended in aquittals + 5 at North Goa = 7 acquittals in all)

May 19, 2011
Frame charges against Mahanand in Deepali’s murder, orders court
Accused Mahanand Naik on Thursday landed in the dock when the South Goa Sessions court ordered framing of charges of murder, abduction and robbery against him in the Deepali Jotkar murder case.
Judge Bimba Thaly ordered that charges under section 302 of the IPC for murder, 364 abduction, 394 robbery and 201 for destruction of evidence be framed against the accused.
The Judge further ordered framing of charges against the jeweller Ulhas Rivonkar under section 411 of the IPC for receiving stolen property. The police said both Deepali and Mahanand were last seen together near the Maruti Temple at the Rumdamol Housing board before her body was found murdered at Fatorda.

Charges framed against Mahanand in Deepali murder case
The South Goa Sessions Court on Friday framed charges of murder, abduction and robbery against accused Mahanand Naik in the Deepali Jotkar murder case. The trial in the sensational case would commence in the Sessions Court on June 7. After framing the charges, Judge Bimba Thaly posted the matter for evidence.

May 31, 2011

Mahanand gets first murder conviction
North Goa Principal Sessions Judge today held Goa’s infamous serial killer Mahanand Naik guilty for the murder of a 32-year-old woman at Bambolim in 2007.Principal Judge Nutan Sardessai ruled Mahanand guilty of murdering Susheela Fatarpekar of Curca and fleeing away with her gold ornaments.
It may be recalled that the victim’s sister had filed a complaint against Mahanand at the Agassaim police station on May 19, 2009. The complainant alleged that Susheela was abducted by the accused on October 24, 2007, under the pretext of marrying her.
“Mahanand took her to an isolated spot behind Goa University library and killed her by strangulating her with her own duppata (long stole) and robbed the gold ornaments. Her body was thrown in the bushes”, the chargesheet mentioned.
The accused was booked under section 364 (kidnapping or abduction in order to murder), 302 (murder), 392 (robbery) and 201 (destruction of evidence) of the Indian Penal Code.
The prosecution led by Sarojini Sardinha examined 21 witnesses including the goldsmith Mukund Rivankar who deposed that Mahanand sold off the gold ornaments at his jewelry store in Ponda, stating he was in need of money for his daughter’s medical treatment. During the course of investigation police recovered part of gold in the melted form weighing 20.340 grams.

Serial killer Mahanand Naik has finally been sentenced for life by the Panaji Sessions Court after he was convicted for the murder of Susheela Fatarpekar of Curca at Bambolim in 2007.

North Goa Principal Sessions Judge on Friday awarded life sentence to Goa’s infamous serial killer Mahanand Naik in the 2007 Susheela Fatarpekar death case.
Principal Judge Nutan Sardessai awarded him life sentence on four counts, along with total fine of Rs 1.30 lakh after the prosecution pleaded stringent punishment during arguments on the quantum of sentence.
He has been sentenced to life imprisonment on murder charges, five years imprisonment for robbery, three years imprisonment for kidnapping and finally five years imprisonment for destroying evidences.

30th June, 2011
Alleged serial killer Mahanand Naik was today convicted of a second murder. The district and sessions court found him guilty of killing Vasanti Gawade in 1995. Naik is accused of killing more than a dozen women and has been acquitted in seven murder cases. In this case, police alleged Mahanand had befriended Gawade on the pretext of marrying her.

July 20, 2011
The North Goa Sessions Court on Wednesday sentenced serial killer Mahanand Naik to life imprisonment for the murder of 19-year-old Vasanti Gawade from Vadalwada, Madkai in 1995. This is the second case Mahanand has been convicted for life, the first being for the 2007 murder of Susheela Fatarpekar of  Curca in Bambolim, sentenced on 10.6.11

Mahanand..Tiatr part II is back

See prev. pics and Trailer - links within
Part II released on 7th Aug. 2011. Name changed from Mahanand to Manand

August 9, 2011
North Goa District & Sessions Court, The Principal Sessions Judge Nutan Sardessa, acquitted alleged serial killer Mahanand Naik in the 2005 Anjani Gaonkar murder case on benefit of doubt and lack of evidence.

Feb.18, 2012
Court found Mahand guilty of killing Yogita alias Balika Khusahali Naik, 30, a resident of  Nagzar Curti, Ponda, in Jan 2009.
Court may decide on sentence on 1st March 2012
Awarded life sentence on 4/4/2012

Feb: 24. 2012
High Court admits Appeal against the acquittal by a Margao Court in  Nirmal Amonkar murder Case.  Suspended judge Desmond d'Costa aquitted Mahanad in this murder case on March 30, 2010 for lack of evidence.

April 4, 2012
Mahanand sentenced to life imprisonment in Yogita Naik Murder case
by north Goa District and session court, Judge Nutan Sardesai

Four murder charges (of the total 16) still to come up in the court,
 of the 12 murder cases  that came up in court so far..

11 ACQUITTED    May 2017 (Oct 2017)
  2 CONVICTED  (Sentenced for life) updated as on 1/7/13

Besides the above  2 murder convictions, Mahanand also convicted for Raping Shiroda woman.

December 2012
Mahanand sending threatening SMS to the Victim from the Jail?
The lone surviving rape victim, whose crucial deposition put him behind bars, has claimed that he has been calling her frequently from the jail and flooding her cell inbox with ‘love’ text messages.
“I am fed up of his constant calls and messages. He threatens I cannot marry anyone and that he will marry me after he’s out of jail. He is confident of getting acquittal from the High Court”
July 2013
Session court CONVICTED but High Court AQUITTED
Mahanand ACQUITTED in Sushila Fatarpekar case who was earlier 31.5.12 was Convicted and sentenced for life in the same case.  However, Mahanand appealed against the conviction and the Bombay High Court at Goa  on 1st July 2013 AQUITTED him as DNA test (bones) did not prove that the victim was Sushila Fatarpekar.

Mahanand also appealed against the remaining convictions and are pending with the High Court.

July 30, 2013
The High Court of Bombay at Goa has upheld the life sentence to serial killer Mahanand Naik
in the Vasanti Gawade murder case. Vasanti was killed by Mahanand in 1995.

This is the first sentence which has been upheld by the High Court involving Mahanand.
 “In our  considered view, it sufficiently proves that the accused had abducted the deceased and the said abduction was in order to rob her of her gold ornaments and to commit her murder. The evidence on record also sufficiently proves that the accused committed murder of the deceased Vasanti and robbed her gold ornaments... the accused has been rightly convicted and appropriately sentenced for the offence punishable under Section 364, 392 and 302 of IPC and there is absolutely no scope for interference with the same,” the High Court said.

August 7, 2013
High Court Upholds Mahanand's Conviction (life sentence) in Yogita Kushai Naik who was murdered in January 2009.  This is the second Life sentence upheld by High Court

May 3,  2017
Session Court Panaji ACQUITTED Mahanand in Nayan Omu Gaonkar case.

Accused Falsely implicated
October 20, 2017
Acquitted in  Nirmala Ghadi  of Bhequi Ponda case as the police could not find the body

A stage Murder scene  (Manand Dev Nidonk Nam) - Video  1minute
Girlfriend, gold, dupata, strangulation...