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Monday, 13 January 2014

Narendra Modi - Vijay Sankalp Rally, Goa 12.1.2014

12th January 2014
At Merces - Old Goa Bypass Road

Narendra Modi, Gujarat Chief Minister
also BJP's  Prime Ministerial Candidate

Rally was to start at 4pm
Narendra Modi arrived around 5.50pm
Shirpard Naik, CM Parrikar  & Rajnath Singh speeches, followed by
Modi speech 6.41pm
Ended  7.26pm

Modi speaking - Some clips
Mining, Special Status but no mention of Dual Citizenship as expected (Re. Parrikar)

Some pics

Lotus at night


The rally

modi in the audience


The Real Modi

Stage set-up

Swami Vivekananda

 Police on watch tower


a young Volunteer
A cross in the field

 Cut outs of Modi, Parrikar etc

Seated crowd


the Main Gate / Arch

Parking two wheelers
Rally success, at what cost?
Chaos on the road.
Passengers and Rally attendees had to walk for upto 2 KMs by abandoning their buses due to traffic jam. Pax on city routes waited for hours as most buses hired by the Rally organizers. Big Q at Shuutle buses counter and than held up in the traffic jam. Saw people walking from upto Bambolim slope to Panjim.
Goa Traffic Police cannot even manage 2000 odd people at Kala Acadamy Festivals etc how could they handle 2lakhs?

video coming soonr should know this than anbybody and should outsource the traffic cops from neighbouring states. btw, what was the neet for organising this rally? Publicity stunt? All they wanted to make this historic or record breaking rally so that it give wider publicity by national TV channels etc. Ok, they achieved their goal but at what cost?




Waiving Modi, Parrikar etc


Waiving Masked modi

Waiving crowd


 Video: Modi Speaking

Preparations for the mega rally (a day before)
1000 buses
300 buses from Karnataka/Maharastra
10,000 Vehicles
1,50,000 people expected
Free bottled drinking water provided


Video: 2  Preparations

Video 3: Uncut - Manohar Parrikar speech, Alina, Smirti Irani, Ragnath Sing..