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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Justice for Fr. Bismarque Dias

Fr. Bismarque Dias
Died 6/11/15, body found floating..
Post Mortem Report 1 - Negative 7/11/15

Post Mortem Report 2 - Negative 9/11

Viscera Report - Negative 11/12

Diatom Report - Negative 26/12

DNA blood on banyan Report - Negative 31/12/15 “The red marks were not blood stains on the vest” said SP Kashyap
Gujarat FSL says No to Lie Detector Test on the boy who is ‘Mentally unsound’. 13/2/16
Crime Branch (CB) concludes Fr. Bismarque's death was 'Accidental'  - 03/03/16 (H)
SP Kartik Kashyap (CB) completed the inquiry under u/s 174 CrPC and sent the report to SDM to finalise it

What else is waiting for now?  Pvt. Investigation finding?

No funeral yet - The priest body still lying in GMC morgue

Bismarque death case stands closed
Sub-divisional Magistrate (SDM) Panaji, Gaurish Shankhwalkar
classified Bismarque death as 'accidental death' based on
the Crime Branch Investigation and post mortem reports. An order in this regards was also issued by SDM recently (on 21.4.16).
With this decision, the case is now stands closed says a Police Officer.  (NT 5.5.16)

Candlelit vigil was organised on Panjim Church steps 6pm 5.5.16

Candlelit protest rally was organised on the Mandovi bridge on 5.4.16
Some pics and Video



Famous Political singer Francis de Tuem released his tiatr QUESTION MART today which is based on Fr. Bismarque mystery death episode etc

More details here  or


Press Conference on 5.3.2016
With Samir Kelekar, Judith Almeida, Zico Rodrigues and Benjamine Pinto

Lohia Maidan, Margao
Citizens of Goa

Who killed Fr. Bismarque and why?
Kennedy Afonso explains
Video - 2

On the dais
Wlison Mazarello, Dr. Francis Colaco, Kennedy Afonso,  Swati Kerkar,
Ajit Sing Rane, Prajal Sakhardande, Mahesh Naik, Prakash Bandodkar, Gajanan Naik of Tuem,
Sameer Mirajkar of Parra, Jacinto Souza of Vasco, Madhu Gaonkar, Iftiyaz Sayed, Kennedy Dias etc

Brother of Fr. Bismark (Kennedy Dias), sister in law (Maria) and nephew

Bismark's family members speaking Video 1

Singing Kennedy, Sudip Dalvi etc


Ram Manohar Lohia

Judith, Prajal etc

Video 3

Prof. Prajal Sakhardande, Swati Kerkar, Prakash Bandodkar, Mahesh Naik,
Avinash Tavares, Judith Almeida, Ajitsingh Rane, Madhu Gaonka

At Police HQ, Panaji
 Prajal Sakhardande, Jatin Naik, Hema Sardesai, Reginaldo Lourenco, Armando Gonsalves etc
SP Umesh Goankar talking about 21st Nov incidence too

Some pics here
There are more pics there
Black flag protest meet at Panjim Ferry

this short video clip I made today
He is also seen in the end..


Candle lit vigil, a silent and peaceful procession
Margao, 14.11.2015  5pm

More pics here

Fr. Bismarque Dias solidarity meet
St. Estevam Church 
Started at 4.45 - pm
We left at 5.35 pm, meet was on
Sabina Martins (GBA), Zarinha da Cunha (VGG),  Sidharth Karapurkar (GXE),
Fr. Eremito Renello (GFDO), Fr. Eusico Pereira (Parish), Swati Kerkar,  Prakash Bandodkar (PCF),
Judith Almeida (CCF Colva), Mathu Gaonkar,  Ramesh Gauns, Adv Aires Rodrigues,
Prajal Sakhardande etc
 Passing of resolutions
Show of hands
 The Church


Fr. Bismarque Dias solidarity meet
St. Estevam Church 
Started at 4.45 - pm
We left at 5.35 pm, meet was on
Dias Bismarque dies a mysterious death..
A Protector of Goa (Social activist, Environmentalist etc)

 The death of the warrior must be thoroughly probed.

Top row pics were taken in 2010 at the door of the Vanxim Church (Ile de Capao, near Divar). Second and the third row pics are from Azad Maidan in March/Dec 2011 during GRA and RP21 meet

Fr. Bismarque speaking  at Azad Maidan -
Short video clips

Bismarque Dias who died mysteriously  on 6.11.15