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Monday, 8 April 2019

Jet Airways connecting flights cancellation, new booking, baggage allowance etc

Jet Airways connecting flights cancellation, new booking, baggage allowance etc
This information / message mainly to target Jet 9W international flight passengers such as
London - Bom – Goa sector etc
Many of you may be aware of the problems faced by the ailing airline Jet Airways due to which so many last minute flights cancellations etc (Similar problems faced by then Kingfisher Airlines and they never even bothered to inform their passengers)
After booking LONDON – MUMBAI – GOA return Jet Airways recently,  passengers got mail to intimate cancellation of their domestic connecting flights say BOM – GOA sector without even making alternate arrangement.
No answer when tried to contact over phone, call centre etc

The email

Flight BOM-GOA
PNR status - Cancelled

This means, you will have to make your own arrangement.  Flights booking for travel within a week don’t come cheap.  It can range from 4500 to 9000
Next important point you need to consider is the FREE baggage allowance by Domestic Airlines

Your International flight e.g. JET Airways may have allowed you upto 40KG free luggage allowance upto the airport of the final destination  i.e.  Goa / Dabolim  in this case.
Most domestic airlines (Except AI) allow you only 15kg free baggage allowance and excess baggage may be charged at Rs.400 per kg or say 350/kg if pre-booked

AIR India AI offers free 25kg on its domestic routes, excess baggage Rs.500 per kg or little less if pre-booked at the time of booking ticket
Some tips:
If you had to pay for 10KG excess baggage paying say 4000-5000, try to explore booking business Class ticket fare is around 10,500 but baggage allowance is 35kg
e.g. if Economy ticket costing you say Rs. 8000 with 15/25kg baggage allowance and if you had to pay or pre-book excess 10 kg thus paying 4000-5000 (ticket cost would be 12000-13000). Just use 3000 of it to buy Business Class which will give you 35kg baggage allowance and ticket cost in this case would be less than 11000.
Always buy a travel insurance, if you are likely to travel more than once in a year, buy annual  multi-trip travel insurance.
Check with your employers or trade / labour unions  if they provide concessional travel insurance including family insurance.
When booking online, after taxes and discount, offers if any,  it may say this is what you will pay e.g. 7000.  But be prepared to pay additional upto 385 towards ‘online processing fees’ at time of making final payment.
More tips / info /suggestions/ corrections welcome

News update: 11.4.2019
Cash-strapped Jet Airways cancels all international flights
Later in the evening, it cancelled the remaining overseas flights to Amsterdam, Paris and London. However, Jet Airways has issued a clarification saying that inward international flights to India are on schedule. 

Read more at:

Jet Airways grounded effective 17.4.2019
(No Domestic Flights, No International Flights)