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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Matanhy Saldanha Statue unveiled at Cansaulim Market junction

Matanhy Saldanha statue unveiled at Cansaulim Today by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Matanhy’s 66th Birth Anniversary 24th Oct. 2014


The unveiling ceremony was to start at 4 pm sharp but Parrikar arrived around 4.25.

After a brief welcoming speech, Parrikar unveiled the statue at 4.35pm followed by a welcome song/dance.

At 4.44pm They invited VIP guests on stage starting with CM Parrikar, followed by South Goa MP Sawaikar, Avertano Furtado and Alina saldanha at this time 4.46 it started raining heavily and all chairs were empty as people ran for shelter.  It was raining on the stage too as the organiser did not provide waterproof roof top such as tarpaulin (in Cansaulim/Velsao only it did rain around 12.30pm on the day). By 5pm everything was abandoned what they spoke nobody undertood or heard by the people as it was raining and also all sound system was covered to protect from rain.  Truck came for filling up chairs and they did their job in the rain while people still waiting for rain to stop to go home. Rain stopped only after 5.30pm.

Fr. Braz Faleiro, Pascoal Dias (Former GRE President) and Agnelo Rodrigues were felicitated


The whole event including the cost of statue was supposed to at GRE or Ramponkars’s cost.

Chief Minister and other ministers, MPs presence made  people think as if it was a state’s  expenditure.  .

Politicians present on the dais were CM Manohar Parrikar, South Goa MP Narendra Sawaikar, (North Goa MP and Minister Shripad Naik did not turn up), Fisheries Minister Avertano Furtado, Forest Minister Alina Saldanha,  BJP state President Vinay Tendulkar. Others who could not make it on stage (due to rains) were Vasco MLA Carlos Almeida,  Sanguem MLA Subash Phaldesai etc 

The pedestal appears to be larger/wider than the statue.

 People gathered there were served with snack boxes  worth Rs.40-50
consisting cake, Frooti and Pattice

Watch the video and enjoy the rains too






Statue covered with Parrikar


Statue unveiled

Welcome song / Dance






Rains/Umbrellas on stage / dais



Manohar Parrikar, MP Sawaikar, Avertano



Rain clouds above



Rain, umbrella, people, empty chairs,  shelter


Snacks box

Cake frooti and Pattice


Sir Matanhy Saldanha's last journey / Funeral - Pics and videos

Monday, 20 October 2014


Multi-talented machine that does not just  harvesting but cutting, threshing, processing, winnowing, splitting, discharging waste (straw), storing processed paddy grains into storage tank, offloading or bagging etc

First seen in Goa around 2009 (watch video clip 2010, see link below)
Now, there are about 20 such combined harvesters in Goa.
The machine can harvest one acre (4,000 sq m) per hour.
The harvesting of eight acres can be done in a day.
It can save on manual cost (Labour -Men/women, Manai / Kameri) by upto one third.
e.g. If traditional manual harvesting was costing say Rs.6,000, the harvester can reduced it to up to Rs.2000 only  as the machine does the job of cutting, threshing, winnowing, sorting and even bagging.
It’s holding tank capacity is about 12 full sacks or 5 Hundi,  or 1,500 L capacity

This machine technology  necessarily means – less or No ‘Manai’,  No ‘Kamerio’, (labourers)
No ‘Bhoum’ No Bullocks (boil / Bulls) for threshing or ‘boum’ etc etc
Traditional harvesting is a process of 3-4 days which ends with 'bhoum'
‘Bhoum’ is the traditional  final process of paddy threshing which
usually done few days after the main harvesting/Threshing. 
Bhoum involves use of bullocks, drying of hay (tonn) and hay-stacking (Kullem / kuttor ?) etc

Note: Mechanised harvesting may mean no or minimum straw / Hay-stack or tonn or kullem which is used as cattle fodder - Cows/Bulls - see last pic

In Goa, Farmers pays for Harvester Rs.2,200 per hour as rent out of which Rs.1000 paid by the Govt. as subsidy.

Combined harvester costing Rs. 20 - 25 lacs  having  about 17 motors / belts inside and its one main replacement belt itself cost Rs.1.30 lacs.

Mostly seen machines in Goa  are CLAAS Crop Tiger 30, 20 etc



Pics of 2010
Check this 4in1 pic

Video 2010

Traditional Harvesting/ threshing / Winnowing / Bhoum etc