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Friday, 30 December 2011

Heroic Anish tried to save his father but he is drowned too

Heroic Anish tried to save his father but he is drowned too

The Father - Son gone to Rachol, Zuari River on their bike from their Residence Borda, Margao (a distance of about 14kms) to perform some religious rites 'ashes' of their late father /grand father who died a year ago.

 At the dock (jetty), while father (48)  performing rites stanging on the steps below knee deep water, he suddenly fell into the river (slipped), seeing  his father is struggling for life, the son raise alarm but no one out there to help, he then jumped hoping to save his father but he was drowned too.

Heroic Son Aneesh (17).  RIP


He could not save his father, so what?
At least he was brave enough to try to save him.
Not all such risky attempts end up in success
Bravery award to the son highly recommended (posthumously)

The incident took place on Thursday the 22nd Dec. 2011 at 2.30pm.
Police, Coastal Police, Navy divers with under water cameras tried to look for them the whole day and the next day but no luck.  Bodies found floating on the third day Saturday the 24th Dec, one at the site / dock and the other little further towards Raia-Shiroda Ferry.

Final rites took place on Sunday the X’Mas day.

Father was working at Account Dept. KTC, Margao and the son was a student of Class XII.

One can well imagine what the wife / mother is going through, I have personally watched the situation at her residence Borda (1st floor flat) today 29th Dec. 2011. Little daughter/Sister Durga also seen.

 God, give them strength to bear all this.

The heroic son

father-son obit 

A short clip – Zuari River, steps, Barges, Iron ore etc


at the site

 The killer steps

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sunburn Festival Goa 2011

Sunburn Goa 2011
27-29 Dec.
Largest Music and Dance  Festival in all of Asia.
Held in Goa for the Fifth year in a row.

Area covered for this year is massive, twice as much

"This year Sunburn is going to be spread across 20 acres!
Nearly thrice the size of last year"

Last year, the festival attracted about 50,000 people (tickets sold)
this year, over 1 lakh expected (over 10 lacs as per news reports)

Ground A and Ground B


Tickets sale:
Day 1: Rs.3000 +Tax (3,450)
Day 2: Rs.4000 + Tax (4,600)
Da3: Rs.6000 + Tax (6,900)
3 days ticket Rs.7000 + Tax (8050)
+ VIP sale

Some pics  27.12.11

Stage MUAH

Ground B, DJ line up


Video 27.12.11

HD large screen

Last year
Video 28.12.10


Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sonia Gandhi in Goa 17.12.11

Sonia Gandhi in Goa – Part II  (Report with video II)

The meeting was to start at 4.30pm at Campal grounds but Sonia Gandhi along with the dignitaries arrive at 5.30pm.  There were people sitting on the chairs as early as 3.30 pm  (hot sun).
At 3.45pm, I started taking some pics of the empty or deserted DB road but I was stopped by the police who were in goups on both side of the road.

I asked ‘konn Deu or Laxmi eupachi asa re he vatten?” (any god coming this side) they had no answer. I went little further and started taking pics and no one said anything this time.

Saw people walking from St. Inez Fire Service area which  was the dropping point (by bus as announced) from there, the distance to the venue is about 1 KM. When approached the Junction opp Bal Bhavan, people had to walk further about 350 meters as the only public entry gate was towards Panjim Gymkana.  At around 5 pm, saw people coming in  large numbers, that is when they changed their ‘dropping point’ plan.  People now dropped off right at the Entrance gate (D B ROAD). The Road which was empty all this time, suddenly is full of busses including luxury buses and many ST (Maharastra )buses. More and more people coming in around 5.30pm as if they knew Sonia will arrive by an hour late.

Sonia Gandhi arrived at 5.30pm at the venue but people continue pouring in. There were upto 10 gates with metal detectors but it seems they could not cope up with the rush.

Subash Shirodkar GPCC chief, started his welcome speech  at around 5.40pm but more and more people seen coming in (as if they were held up somewhere..).  Chief Minister Digambar Kamat  Started his speech at around 5.46pm followed by Sonia Gandhi at 5.54pm but people still coming in from the main gate DB Road Side. About 5000-7000 people had to stay out of the barricaded area either beacuse there was no room inside or the security could not cope up with the rush. Sonia finished her speech at 6.07pm which was followed by Mauvin Godinho vote of thanks.  The whole Sonia Gandhi event lasted for about 40 minutes only as everything got over at 6.10pm

May were hoping High Command Sonia Gandhi would come with some goodies for Goa  at least we thought she would announce something on ‘Goa’s special Status’ which is the long pending demand of the Goans.  But going by the event proceedings, it appears that Sonia was not aware of it at all as she did say something which was in response to Chief Minister request in his speech. She said, she would put the issue before  her government in Delhi. Also, CM requested 3 bridges including Zuari bridge as if this is the only time he met Sonia Gandhi.  And for her mention of Goa elections ‘in couple of months’ some  press/media taken it as a hint or Goa declaration, as if we did not know about it earlier.  Couple of months could mean anything between 2-5 months. 5 months from now i.e. May 2012 when the current tenure of the Goa Assembly comes to an end.

After releasing the tricolour balloons in the air, there start Kunbi dace lead by Amelia (see video2)
The stage which was situated to the right of the boxed dais (enclosed all 3 sides), I don’t think anyone from the box could see the stage or the dance. Check video2.

School kids were sitting in the open hot sun forming no. ‘50’ facing the dais or which was meant for the dignitaries only.

Media people in the middle also seen out in the sun waiting Sonia Gandhi impatiently from as early as 4pm or even earlier.

Free goodies like caps with Sonia-Raul pics on it (see pic), Free Audio CDs with CM pic on it see pic (cd by Sidharnath Buyao of 8 songs. singers also include Nephi Rod, Swapnil Bandodkar), free Congress logo long scarves etc were give to all, plus free water bottles.

We did not get any water nor meals, we had cold lassie at the nearby kiosk on DB Road, opp entrance gate. Rs.12 each.

However, there are unconfirmed reports including on twitter that free money and meals also given per person,  not at the venue though or else we would have joined the Q too.

If that is true, then I guess it is perfectly normal now a days with all parties. I call it ‘tricks of the trade’ for I know for facts, it happened in the past with other parties including NCP.

Konkani songs by Peter-Roshan, Sonia Shirsat etc were also sung before 5.30pm.
Added in video2
There was also a folk dance ‘Veer Bhadra’.

We had a laugh when CM said ‘ temporary (Beach) shacks’ we thought we heard it as ‘temporary sex’ watch video2

 As the whole thing got ever at 6.10pm, firework display which started soon after, did not really look like firework as it was a day time. See video2

Finally, with Congress caps, flags in their hands, scarves around their necks, the speeches etc etc it did look like an election rally, Madam Sonia too in the end solicited support from the people to bring Congress back to power.

 Again, I would say these are all ‘tricks of the trade’

Some pics

is Goa in safe hand?

At the gate, there were about 10 in all

People pouring in

Tricolour balloon in the sky


Massive crowd

Madam Sonia
With Digambar Kamat, Subash Shirodkar, Luizinho Faleiro, Francis Sardinha etc

More crowd

Empty Road – DB Road -  due to Security reasons

Video 1 (Sonia Gandhi speaking..)

More pics added here

 Free Audio CDs to all
CD by Sidharnath Buyao, 8 songs also sung by Swapnil Bandodkar and Nephie Rod
Mother-son free caps for all

 It’s Congress only celebrations?

 Lights were on whole day long

Madkaikar’s boys

School Kids forming No. ‘50’

Video 2 - uncut