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Monday, 20 February 2012

Carona-Calvim (Aldona) Bus Tragedy, funeral etc

Common funeral held today 20th Feb at Calvim St. Sebastian Church for 4  (Three School Kids  Diana Dias 5, Elvina Dias 9 & Nagle Gracias 9) and  Joffin Dias (58)

Whereas, Priyal Salgaokar 9 and Dayanand Hoble's 54, final rites took place yesterday the 19th Feb.

Today's pic (20/2/12 around 5pm)

 I have just noted that over 24,940 viewed this clip. Thanks to all of you.

Completing  two years today 18.2.14 but no justice yet.. ?

see new bridge status pics and video below

Carona jetty, the spot

 The sloppy road leading to the Ferry/Jetty

The same, other direction


The Funeral Pics:

The Parish priest said ‘You all are into the God’s arms, pray for us’

2 sisters together for the last time

 the 4 together (3 children and one elderly)

the 4 infront of the altar/Priests –


The main celebrants – Bishop Raul Gonsalves (Retired), Parish Priest Fr Anand da Gama Pais etc
The concelebrants, from left to right (abv pic)
1. Fr. Milagres Dias, Asst Parish Priest (PP) at Grace Church, Margao, cousin of the two sisters, 2.  Fr. Albino Mendonca, past PP of Calvim,  3. Fr. Anand Pais, present PP of Calvim,  4. Archbishop-Emeritus Raul Gonsalves,  5. Fr. Amandio Valadares, PP of Aldona and Episcopal Vicar, North Goa and 6.  Fr Joaquim Loiola Pereira, secretary to the Archbishop

Close family


Schoolmates - St. Thomas Girls High school, Aldona

two sisters’ coffin cover etc’

School / Convent Teachers/ Nuns

close-up with a nun

People come from far and wide – (including non-Christians)

the cemetery



4 graves together, never seen like this before

Video - Funeral Service for 4 at Calvim 20/2/12 4pm

Video - accident site report - What really gone into Driver's head?

Shool bus that went straight into the river at Ferry wharf Carona - Calvim jetty  killing atleast 6 (including 4 school kids)
on 18th February 2012 at around 12.30pm

the jetty seen in the background  in this pic (file pic)

another video clip showing the jetty and a bus (from archive)


Samarth Shirodkar

The only survivor passenger of the ill-fated bus that plunged into the River at Carona-Calvin on 18th Feb. 2012. He is 17.
He swam to safety so he says.
He then went home and told to no one, it was only revealed 4 days after the tragedy. But police knew about him on the same say. Infact, they even interviewed him on the same night

Request: 27/2/12
Thre is no truth comimg out from the police nor the  so called magisterial enquiry  will do any good. Villagers and the well-wishers therefore come together to demand judicial enquiry into the incidence.
Please join us and sign the petition here

Update: Status 18.2.13
Aldona - Calvim bridge

Aldona side

river bank

Calvin side Nearest to river bank

a view from Calvim jetty

First death anniversary today Pic taken from Cemetery gate (it was locked)

Approach road / foundation stone – opp Calvim Cemetery

Video - Bridge status 18.2.13

New bridge status as on 29th March 2013

Video - Bidge status as on 29.3.13

Bridge update 14.5.13

Aldona - Calvim bridge inauguration on 30th May seems impossible -  

Foundation stone laid on 27.10.2012
Expected Bridge completion date  July 2013
Parrikar plans to Inaugurate on 30th May 2013 very unlikely

Video clip 14.5.13

New bridge update : 10/06/2013

other angle

Road to the ferry and the bridge

approach road

 Licenses, NOCs etc

Video: 10.6.13

New bridge update 5.7.2013
Some pics
Foundation stone laid 27.10.12. Expected date of Completion July 2013.
But Parrikar planned to inaugurate on 30th May 2013, then on 30th June, then again around 15th July, next it date could be 15th August 2013

Had a small mishap here – Went nearly knee-deep inside..

Video 5.7.2013

New bridge update 26.7.13


Up, approach road

New construction coming, next to the bidge – Premium villas etc

Video 26.7.13

Bridge update: 15th Aug. 2013

Video 15.8.13

New bridge update 12.10.13
Preparations for inauguration in full swing - painting, hot mixing etc

Why wait till tomorrow??
This is today at 6.30pm, inauguration same time tomorrow






on the bridge





  1. Hi Joe

    Thanks for the funeral coverage and the photos.As usual your covreage is very much appreciated.I am from Carona living in London and the Calvim village is close to my heart.


  2. Thank you for sharing these pics, heart-wrenching scenes... thank you.

  3. Thanks for the post

  4. hi, thank u so much for the funeral coverage.thank u for this wonderful work.

    God bless u

  5. Dear JoeUK,

    This is one of your best works ever. Thanks for the great coverage and service you provide to all of us. More power to your pen and camera!

    Cecil Pinto

  6. Thanks Joe. My heart goes out to the bereaved families.

    They should fence river bank and put a gate at the ramp. The ferry operator has to open and shut the gate.
    If we cannot do such simple a thing such mishaps will happen again in future and we have to blame ourselves then.

  7. Hi Joe
    Thanks alot for the beautiful coverage of the funeral.It was really heartbreaking.


  8. Thank you Joe,

    Keep up the gr8 work.......

  9. thanx , good work, god bless

  10. thanx , good work, god bless

  11. Dear Joe,

    Our prayers are with the families. I cannot begin to understand their loss. God bless them and give them courage and strength to face the future.

    Christine Dias

  12. Hi Joe,

    I hope the residents of Calvim-Carona will ensure that the bridge is built by the govt. to avoid such tragedies.May their souls rest in peace.

    March 3 2012 6 pm.

  13. New bridge coming up in 8 months
    hopefully, by June/July 2013.
    Foundation stone laid on 27/10/12
    see details / pics above updated