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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Of Portuguese Citizenship, Passport etc

Of  Indian / Portuguese Citizenship, Passport etc

Some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Merely registering my birth in Portugal makes  me a Portuguese citizen?
Ans: I believe so. (As confirmed in recent Caitu's case, see below)
You yourself or through your attorney (agents etc) have registered your birth there
with a sole intention of acquiring nationality.
Authority there will take the details from the documents supplied by you such as ‘Birth certificate issued by Registrar of births and deaths’ in Goa.

When you fill up the form,  e.g. Model 1 (see pic), it clearly says ‘Declaração para atribuição da Nacionalidade =  ‘Statement for attribution of Nationality’ (Machine Translation MT)

Illustration: I
read bigger here

 Once registered, you can say you have acquired citizenship by ‘registration’.
This is the first important step without which one cannot acquire National ID card or Passport.

Registration document or  certificate looks like this
Birth Certificate from Portugal Central Registry

Illustration: II
conservatoria dos registos centrais lisboa
assento do Nascimento

Assent lavrado com base em certidao de registo, emitida pelo Registo de Nascimentos e obitos de Goa, aos 10 de Outubro de 2012
Assent drawn up on the basis of certificate of incorporation issued by the Registrar of births and deaths of Goa, October 10, 2012 (MT)

Source: Indian Nationality Laws (Wikipedia)
Section 9(1) of the Indian Citizenship Act 1955 says that any citizen of India who by Naturalisation or Registration acquires the citizenship of another country shall cease to be a citizen of India

On 16 February 1962, a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court of India held in the case of Izhar Ahmad Khan Vs. Union of India that "If it is shown that the person has acquired foreign citizenship either by naturalisation or registration, there can be no doubt that he ceases to be a citizen of India in consequence of such naturalisation or registration."

2.  Roz-Marie, I know I have registered my birth in Portugal. How can I become a Portuguese National without even having Portuguese ID or Passport?
A. For that matter, in Goa, there will be atleast 5,00,000 people (out of 14,00.000) who never had Indian Passports, that does not mean they are not Indians. Passport is optional or it is a travel document. One will only opt for it if he/she intends to travel abroad for holidays, studies, work, immigration etc
Otherwise you do not need a passport.

 3. Our Chief Minister said ‘All born in Portuguese India, including himself  before Dec.1961 are Portuguese by birth’ – Please comment
A. Well, that’s true but all of them become Indian Nationals by default (naturalisation or by Descent ) just after liberation around March 1962. They could leave with them (Portuguese) if they wanted to but they opted to stay behind in Republic of India, hence they are Indians. Portugal kept  the option open if they still wish to acquire Portuguese Nationality, for which ‘birth registration’ in Portugal is  required.

Q 4. I am An-Rita (50) work in North Goa Collectorate and my husband Anton-Marie (57) works in Secretariat. Our son gone to Swindon (UK) after acquiring Portuguese passport.
He  wanted to purchase this cheap deal, an agricultural land but we understand that he, as foreign national, cannot  buy agricultural land, so he decided to purchase it in our names.
Will that be a problem now?
A. Well, going by your ages, I can assume that your son is 30 or less which also means he was born in 80’s. *He cannot start the process of registering his birth in Portugal unless his parents (or any one parent ) birth and marriage is registered there first. Which means you both are registered in Portugal too and by Q1 above, you both are holding dual citizenship and there is no such thing as 'dual citizenship' in Indian constitution as yet. Which means one can only be a Citizen of this country or or that country but not both.  Now, don’t tell this to anyone or else your jobs could be at risk too (No Foreigners can take Govt. jobs)
* Those born after 19.12.1961, can apply only after their parents birth and marriage are registered in "Conservatória dos Registos Centrais de Lisboa."

Q 5.  I am Jack-Santan. In my village, both husband-wife are in Panchayat,  one is Sarpanch and the other is a Panch.  Their only son recently gone to UK on Portuguese Passport.
By your Ans. to Q4 above, do they both invite  disqualification?
A. Most probably yes, if someone complains about them.
 (more skeleton will tumble out from the cupboard once the ruling of the two MLAs if gone against them).

Q 6.  Rock-Xavier, I read in Herald Editorial Jan 9, 2013,  that unconfirmed report says 20,000 left Goa in last 4 years after acquiring Portuguese Passport...You think this figure is right?
A. Well. People started leaving as early as 1970s, it was easier and quicker then. But from  mid 90s onwards it was at alarming rate and in 2000s till now it has reached to  its highest peak.

If 20,000 left in last 4 years which could also mean 50,000 left is last 10-12 years.
By Q4 above, it could also mean upto 1,00,000 in Goa with dual Nationality and many of them may be working in Govt. depts. too.  Persons holding Dual citizenship  cannot be employed in Govt jobs.
Then we will also have to take into account the period beyond last 12 years

Q  7. How will Indian authority know we have acquired Portuguese passport?
A. They will not know unless you tell them.  E.g. Once you get your Foreign Passport you will surrender your Indian Passport (Rs.5000), you will then register yourself with the FRO (Foreigner Registration Office) at Police HQ, near Azad Maidan (fees to pay) 
They gather info from here and passed on to various dept including ECI, who in turn, will also delete your name from the voters list, such entries are denoted by Q (disqualified) on voters list or electoral roll

e.g.  Electoral Roll

St. Andre
from 14.6.10 to 29.9.11  There were about 450 deletion on account of Q
Where as upto Dec. 2012, there are about 465 deletions
Siridao about 54, Goa Velha about 110, Agxi 185, Neura/Mandur about 50
There were about 50 non-Christians such as Naik, Sawant, Narvekar, Murgaokar, Cuncolekar, Veluskar etc don’t know if they are disqualified for any other reasons. But I do come across some non-Christian Goans on internet settled in UK

8. Who can apply or who is eligible for Portuguese Passport?

Those born in Goa (and Daman, Diu..), who declare their wish to maintain the Portuguese nationality.
- The remaining descendants up to the 3rd. generation of the Portuguese, referred to above, and who have not declared their wish not to be Portuguese.
A) - Those born, in the erstwhile territories of "Estado da Índia", i.e. Goa, Daman & Diu, prior to 19.12.1961, and their births registered in the Civil Registration Offices of these territories before the above mentioned dates.
B) - Those born after 19.12.1961, can apply only after their parents  (or either of the parents) birth and marriage are registered in "Conservatória dos Registos Centrais de Lisboa."

9. What are the Documents  required?

See section I, II & III below


1. - Applicant’s ID Document (Indian Passport with matching details with that of birth Certificate).

2. - Police Clearance Certificate, with your photo on it and attested by the issuing authority, stating that no cases, criminal / judicial, are pending against the applicant, and its validity not earlier than six months;

3. Birth, and in case married, marriage certificates (teor), of the applicant (obtained from the Civil Registration Offices);

4. - In case of married applicant, birth "teor" of the spouse;

5. - Residential certificate, with your photo on it and attested by the issuing authority, stating the complete residential address of the same (obtained from the Mamlatdar/Panchayat);

6. - Additional proof of residence of the applicant, specifically for the period from 01.01.1974 to 31.12.1975 (School/College/Employment/Church certificate);

7. - For those born after 19.12.1961, and whose parents are registered in Conservatória dos Registos Centrais de Lisboa, to submit "Assento de Nascimento e de Casamento" of the parent(s), within the validity period.

8. - Death certificate(s) of the deceased parent(s).


The applicant must submit one of the foll. documents issued by the erstwhile Portuguese authority in Portuguese India:

1- "Bilhete de Identidade" issued by the "Arquivo de Identificação do Estado da India";
2- Cédula Pessoal;
3- Portuguese Passport.
4- Documento de Viagem


All original documents (except the attested Xerox copy of the passport), issued in English or  Marathi etc, must be accompanied by a translation of the same, in Portuguese language;
- All documents and respective translations , except the xerox copy of the passport must be attested by Notary,  Collector & Under-Secretary (Home Dept)

10. How much does it cost in all and how long does it take?

A. Roughly, all it costs  5,000 +  18,000 + 28,000 + 25,000.
Above last 25,000 includes 5000 for new  PP and 5000 for surrendering old passport.
Whole thing can take 18 to 30 months.

And finally, another about 30,000 for o/w ticket and off you go!

Bon voyage

Visit back here for updates..

some Consulate pics

Some Stats:

Around 312 obtained passport  in 2008
432 in 2009
433 upto Aug. 2010

Aug. 2011
As per the records available with the state office of the Election Commission of India, as many as 1855 Goans have become Portuguese nationals in the last three years and more are catching up.

Av 10 new applications for PP received every day (2012)

July, 2012
The number of Goans who have applied for surrender of Indian passport to the regional passport office, Goa, for the period 2006 to June 2012 is nearing 9600. It is revealed that on an average 20 Goans per day submit their applications for surrender certificate to RPO, Goa

312 people chose to be Portuguese nationals in year 2008
432 in 2009 and
807 in 2010.  
304 Upto March (3 months)  2011 (Estimate 1300 for whole year)

"The Portuguese passport holders cannot apply for government jobs here and also can't buy agricultural properties. Besides, their right to vote also ceases to exist."   Goa's Joint Chief Electoral Officer Narayan Navti said the figures of people who have changed their nationality are on the rise and still counting. – PTI

June 2010
On an average eight Goans have been surrendering their Indian passports every day on having acquired Portuguese nationality and passports.

 Indian Passport surrendering fees was Rs 300 but now Rs 5,000.
In case the passport was retained for more than three years after acquiring foreign nationality there is a penalty of Rs 10,000 or more

Goa Passport office had received as many as 14,609 applications for issue of fresh Indian passports, reissue of passport, etc
January 1, 2010 till May 31, 2010  had issued 14,386 passports
That’s about 1200 passports per month

Regional passport officer Agnelo A J Fernandes told The Navhind Times dtd 5.6.14, that in the last one year (2013), since he took over, around 9,000 Goans have surrendered their Indian passports on obtaining Portuguese citizenship, and the Indian passports issued to them have been cancelled by his office.

Other Misc reading / References
Declaração para atribuição da Nacionalidade - Modelo 1C
Declaração para a situação de atribuição:
Aos filhos de mãe portuguesa ou de pai português, nascidos no estrangeiro que inscrevam o seu nascimento no registo civil português ou declarem que querem ser portugueses

 Statement for attribution of nationality-1 c
Model declaration for the assignment situation: to the children of Portuguese
Portuguese father or mother born abroad to register his birth in the civil register or declare that they want to be Portuguese.

read it bigger here


Conservatoria dos registos centrais lisboa
 assento do Nascimento
'Assent drawn up on the basis of certificate of incorporation issued by the Registrar of births and deaths of Goa, October 10, 2012'

Illustration: III

Cartao de Cidadao
Illustration: IV

the Passport
Ticket to England or EU

Specimen copy
Old passport
Indian Passport Office, Patto Panaji - Goa

Filling Indian Passport form: A feedback
When I first filled up my application form for Indian Passport, I remember filling this part

Have  you ever had any other nationality?
NO – Go to next question

If Yes
What was your Nationality

How and
when you acquired Indian Citizenship
I answered No and jumped to next step. I was told I was wrong for I was born in 40s.

So, I now answered ‘YES’ thus

Ref. CM's Speech Video watch below at 21.00:
CM says all (including him) who are born before 1961 are Portuguese by birth. Yes, Mr. CM but all of them become Indians by default (naturalisation) as of Dec.19, 1961 or 62. Like you, it is assumed Ticlo's also born in 'Portuguese Goa' who also become Indian by 'naturalisation' basis on which he acquired Indian Passport. looks like he has recently acquired Portuguese Citizenship by 'Registration' in Portugal. Citizenship by birth, naturalisation and registration may not mean the same.
Registration in Portugal, one need not  travel to Portugal, he can appoint an agent give power of attorney to act on his behalf. There are plenty such agents who would do the job for a fee. Just open Herald, Navhind Times, Times of India on any day and one will find a total of at least 15 ads .

Both MLAs cases they claim to have a documents issued by Central Registrar from Portugal (see a specimen). Basis on which 2-3 complaints filed with the Governor / ECI / Union Home Dept / High Court. I tell you there are many cases like this in Goa, some even have Portuguese  National IDs  (Now called Citizen Card, see a specimen) and yet travel on Indian passports. One is required to surrender Indian passport only when Portuguese Passport is acquired. Yet, some fly to Portugal on Indian Passport and there they acquire Portuguese passport within 10 days  on the basis if the Portuguese ID- In this case, they keep both passports.
Also, surrendering Indian Passport in Goa cost you Rs.5000 (fees by Goa Passport office) , Plus FRO registration fees, Home office / Dept fees, Police Clearance fees and bribes etc  

Parrikar on Housewife allowance, Portuguese Citizenship etc

On  Indian / Portuguese Citizenship
CM’s statement dtd 8/9.4.13 in the house on ‘Citizenship for children of Goans born abroad’ is fine.

But his remark on the MLA/s (Ticlo etc) was controversial or misleading?
CM said ‘ this will give some relief to MLA (ticlo)’ and others against whom disqualification petition is pending in the High Court (it was also filed with Goa Governor and ECI).

Don’t really understand what it has to do with the said case.

The petitioners claim they have proof or document saying they acquired Portuguese Citzenship some years ago and not decades ago. Which could mean they got themselves (birth) registered either through person or though agents or attorneys.

 One will only register his birth into another country with the sole intention of acquiring Citizenship or Passport of that Country.

 I was born in 40’s which mean, I was Portuguese then or say until 1962,
I became Indian by default or acquired Indian Citizenship by ‘Naturalisation’

 But those who become citizens of a country by registering their birth etc there (as in MLAs case, as alleged) they are deemed to have acquired their citizenship by ‘Registration’

Earlier (Jan 2013) too, Parrikar raked similar controversy saying all those (including him) who born before 1961 are Portuguese nationals (listen to it live here)

Yes, Mr. CM but all of them become Indians by default (naturalisation) as of Dec.19, 1961 or 62. Like you, it is assumed Ticlo's also born in 'Portuguese Goa' who also become Indian by 'naturalisation' basis on which he acquired Indian Passport. looks like he has recently acquired Portuguese Citizenship by 'Registration' in Portugal. Citizenship by birth, naturalisation and registration may not mean the same. If Ticlo is out then Caitu be out too (for the same reasons) –

Registration in Portugal, one need not  travel to Portugal, he can appoint an agent give power of attorney to act on your behalf. There are plenty such agents who would do the job for a fee. Just open Herald, Navhind Times, Times of India on any day and one will find a total of at least 15 ads . Weeklies too carry ads.

Note: This  is the way I look at it, Govt or the court may see it differently
I am not a lawyer nor a Constitutional expert and hence I could be wrong too.

update 30.4.13
Only after acquiring Portuguese passport Indian losses his Citizenship?

‘Multi-registrations of birth does not amount to losing Indian citizenship unless he/she also obtains foreign passport’ – Says not the Court but Parrikar the Goa CM in the Assembly House today.

According to Parrikar, it seems, a person loses his Indian Citizenship not by acquiring foreign citizenship but only after acquiring foreign passport?

In other words, Passport is the only document to prove one’s nationality
and the Birth Certificate of a person is not ?

As good as saying..
Indian Registering his birth into another country may mean he is a citizen of that country but he does not lose his Indian Citizenship merely registering his birth in that country.

Section 9(1) of the Indian Citizenship Act 1955 says that any citizen of India who by Naturalisation or Registration acquires the citizenship of another country shall cease to be a citizen of India

However, Court or constitutional expert may see it differently. Verdict awaited

CM Parrikar speaking in the Assembly House 30.4.13
some  part of Parrikar talking in the house

update 30.05.2013
The Delhi high court has directed the Union ministry of home affairs to dispose of the petition filed for cancellation of citizenship of Benaulim MLA Caetano Silva under the Indian Citizenship Act within eight weeks.

The order was passed by Justice Rajiv Shakdher on May 30 on a petition filed by John Fernandes. The court has directed the prescribed authority constituted by the ministry of home affairs (Foreigner Affairs), government of India to dispose of the petitioner's application not later than eight weeks from May 30.

The petitioner stated that Silva obtained citizenship of Portugal on July 7, 2010, and this fact is evidently confirmed by the union ministry of external affairs on April, 2, 2012. The petitioner pointed out that he had filed an application under Section 9 (2) of the Indian Citizenship Act, 1955, for cancellation of Silva's citizenship before the authority. The petitioner alleged that Silva, without disclosing this fact, was elected to the legislative assembly of the state last year. While the application was pending before the authority, the petition was filed to seek direction for a decision on the application. Note: 8 weeks ending on 24th July 2013  See update 19.7.13 below

Update: 5.7.13
In April 2012, defeated Benaulim candidate Valanka Alemao has filed a disqualification plea in the high court against Benaulim MLA Caetano Silva, claiming  he is a Portuguese National..
On the other hand, Caitu had also  prayed for the dismissal of the same disqualification petition...

The Goa Bench of the Bombay High Court on 5.7.13 dismissed the application filed by MLA Caetano alias Caitu Silva

Supreme Court set aside the Delhi High court order of May 30, 2013 and remitted back for fresh consideration after according the parties with hearing and pleadings.

Note: Disqualification petitions pending against two Goa's MLAs viz.
Caitano Silva GVP (Benaulim) pro BJP 
Glen Ticlo  BJP (Aldona)

Update: 25.7.13 Video
Video: Portuguese Consulate etc

Update: 5/11/13
Portuguese Embassy in Goa suggests its Govt to stop issuing Portuguese Nationality to Goans
Watch video news / Prudent

Update:  16/11/13
Glenn Ticlo got his Portuguese Citizenship cancelled as from 14th Jan. 2013 as confirmed by Portuguese Govt. to Indian Govt.  However, this could mean that he was a Portuguese Citizen (since 2009) and got himself elected on BJP ticket in March 2012

Update: 22/11/13
Govt. of India (Ministry of Home Affairs MHA) in its order says
'Caitu D'Silva, is not a Indian Citizen as from 21.7.2010..' 

read it bigger here

See update below where MHA reverses the ORDER saying Caitu is Indian Citizen
More FAQs, post Caitu's case verdict

11. What exactly happened in the recent Case where Indian Govt confirms Caitu is not Indian?
Pedru Francis an Indian,  register his birth in Portugal. After due process, Portugal confirms that Pedru is now also Portuguese. But Indian cannot become Citizen of two countries at the same time. By law, the moment your become Citizen of other country, you automatically lose Indian Citizenship and that's what exactly happened here.

12. What are the Implications?
By the same law or rule, it is needless to say that:

A: All those who acquired Portuguese Passport are not Indian

B. All the surviving parents of such people are also Portuguese Citizens (Parents of those upto the age of say 52 or parents of those born after Dec 19.1961) This can include those parents in Govt, jobs, Panch Members of Village Panchayat, Councillors, Zilla Members etc. Many of whom may not even aware of the fact their birth is registered in Portugal. (See Q4 above)

C: All those who registered their birth in Portugal whether they intend to acquire passport or not are also Portuguese Citizens

13. Why only Caitu and why not others?
Well, the authority will only act upon a complaint which could also mean ‘no complain no action’.

14. What’s going to happen to Caitu or anyone is such case now?
Well, he may not be an Indian now but he is definitely a PIO (Person of Indian Origin), also, his spouse is Indian so question of deportation, stateless person etc does not arise

15. Cancelation of Portuguese Citizenship make him or anyone Indian automatically?
I am afraid no. He will have to apply for Indian Citizenship at Home Office /Collector by submitting prescribed application forms /sets, this is not a quick process but with BJP intervention it may be possible  within 3 months – the process includes collector reports, State Govt, CID, FRO and Central Govt and it can ordinarily take not less than 6 months

However, should there be a by-election due to resignation etc, he may not be able to re-contest in the by-election as he is not likely to be a new Indian Citizen at the time of filling the nomination due to the lengthy process as mention above.

It would be advisable to resign rather than wait for disqualification as disqualification could also mean 10 year ban in contesting election.

Along with the forms, photographs, fees etc you also make an oath

Oath of Allegiance

I, …… solemnly affirm and swear in the name of God that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established and that I will faithfully observe the laws of India and fulfill my duties as a citizen of India.


Affirmed/Sworn and subscribed this………27th……………………day of..November ..2013………………………..before me.



All about applying Indian Citizenship

16. Can’t  he or anyone get a relief if knocked at the doors of higher court?
I don’t see Court can do much here. Court only goes by the rules or laws (Constitutional laws in this case). Court cannot amend Laws. It can recommend amendments though!

17. What according to you is the best solution for this imbroglio,  (in the larger interest of  thousands of affected Goans).
I can think of one thing, may not sound good

Bring a constitutional amendment bill  in the parliament to effect changes in the relevant section (Section 9(1) of the Indian Citizenship Act  1955) which may read something like this

..that any citizen of India who by Registration acquires the citizenship of another country shall cease to be a citizen of India except in the case of Goa, Daman, Diu, Pondichery (Etc) where Citizens register their birth in Portugal/France..will continue to be or deemed to be as Indian Citizens unless they acquire Passport of that country or renounce Indian Citizenship..
Grant Dual Citizenship to all  holding foreign Nationality.

Update: 28/11/2013

Union of India v/s State of Goa ?
Congress v/s BJP?

 This has reference to the recent MHA (Minister of Home Affairs, Govt of India) order on MLA Caitu’s Citizenship declaring him non-Indian

Today’s front page English dailies..

Parrikar call MHA order a fraud - GT

Order on Caitu Citizenship an MHA fraud - TOI

Caitu is Indian Citizen, Certifies CM Parrikar – NT

( MHA) Order on Caitu Bogus, says CM Parrikar – Herald

Parrikar says:

1. Caitu never personally visited Portugal to register his birth or obtain Nationality.
    Caitu never been to Lisbon nor he renounced his Indian Citizenship

2. Caitu’s birth could have been registered by a third party.

3. obtain Citizenship of any Country, one has to renounce his present citizenship first
And affirm on oath that he would abide by the rules of the new country..

4. Anyone who registers his birth in Portugal Registry does not automatically lose Indian Citizenship

Well, it seems the issue getting complicated or confused day by day. I guess, only the Supreme Court can throw some lights on it.

 In the mean time let us argue on what Parrikar says (as above).

1.  You don’t have to be in Portugal or Lisbon perosnally to register your birth, it can be done by the duly authorised person (authorised by you). Power of attorney, which is in Portuguese may have been given  (and signed by the applicant not knowing or understanding what it says in Portuguese language).

There are hundreds of people who obtained Portuguese citizenship or for that matter ID or Portuguese passport without visiting Portugal. Moreover, even after acquiring Passport there are many who flew straight to other Countries like UK, France etc  and settled there for years and yet never visited Portugal.

2. About 99% of Goans birth registered in Lisbon / Portugal by third party. Open Herald, Navhind Times, Times of India or Weeklies, one will find scores of advertisements offering such help for a fee. Before the start of the process, they may present before you some forms and documents to be signed by you, one of which would be your authority letter or PoA to act on your behalf.

 3. If any country that supports dual citizenship, it may not be necessary to renounce one’s present Citizenship before applying for that new Country's Citizenship.

For applying for Indian Citizenship, one need not renounce his present Citizenship, he may do so only after he hears from the Indian Govt that his application is accepted or approved.

4. It appears that mere registration of birth in Portugal makes you Portuguese ( reportedly, Union Govt relied on this info from Portugal).  If he is Portuguese then he is ceased to be an Indian (by Law or under the relevant section of Citizenship act).

Let the ball now be in the Supreme Court for clear picture or understanding.

18. What really involves in birth registration process?

Well, it is not something that anyone can take your birth Certificate from Goa with or without your knowledge and get it registered in Lisbon as per the details there in.
It is required to be obtained in teor (photo copy of the  original book duly attested by the competent authority, Registrar of births and deaths).
It will also require a translation if original in English or any language other than Portuguese.
You may then need to get it attested by the Collector/Home Dept
Your letter or PoA (Power of Attorney) authorising someone (Third Party) to act on your behalf duly attested.  PCC (police clearance Certificate) may also be asked for.
Finally,  attestation by Portuguese consulate in Goa.
This info is just for general idea, it may ask for more or less.
Also, if born after 1961, you are required to submit your parents documents including marriage etc

Update: 5/12/13
News about filing FIR against Churchill family members for holding dual citizenship..

Q 19. Ref. Allegation that Churchill’s wife, son and 3 daughters have also registered their birth in Portugal..  By Q4 above - Won’t their parents be automatically become Portuguese National since they (Son/Daughters) were born after 1961
The law / rule says parents or any one parent of the those born after 1961 should first register their birth/marriage (Something that I was not aware of before)
Well, it looks like they seems to know what they were doing and hence it appeared that the wife only (not husband) registered her birth and marriage in Portugal to facilitate  registration of their son/daughters.
Close look at the alleged Marriage Registration document (TV) from Portugal it appears that marriage took place in 1974, registered in Portugal Feb 2009.

Q 20: Registration of Marriage only (not Birth) in Portugal does not make him Portuguese?
Well, I did say I am not very expert on this matters. He did not register his birth so he may not be a Portuguese but definitely a husband of Portuguese National.   (ref. Q19)

Update: 5/12/13
Debate on Prudent TV
With NRI Commissioner Wilfred Mesquita BJP, Advocate Cleofato Almeida Coutinho and Adv. Radharao Gracias
Part 2

Update: 10/12/ 13

Q 21: BJP Minister (virtually at No.2 ) Sudin repeatedly saying Persons holding dual Citizenship -
1. ‘They should be deported’, 
2. ‘Their property or assets should be confiscated and given to Sainik Board’,
3. ‘They did so because  they have no love for Goa / India’

Whether Sudin said or f*din said, whoever saying so does not know what he/she is talking about.
CM Parrikar should stop such persons making such hurting and disturbing remarks.
Govt should not be talking like this specially when the matter  is in the court. It should be protecting it’s people by working out some sort of  a solution to this whole  imbroglio.
 Its sounds like biased or even racist remarks.
Infact, he should be made to apologize to the people of Goa for hurting their sentiments by his cheap pub or bolcao talk.
1. Deport where?, Do they have another abode in another country?
They are born here (and worked) spent major time of their life here – Does that mean anything?
For that matter, does PIO (Person of Indian Origin) mean anything?
Those who are abroad send money back home etc – does that contribute anything to Indian Economy?
Goa Govt. in the recent past even felicitated or honoured  foreign Nationals of Goan Origin for their outstanding contribution abroad – Where this hatred suddenly come from now?

2. Then there is an OCI (Overseas Indian Citizenship) given to all NRIs holding another Nationality or passport
Which gives them same rights of any other Indian Citizens except no Govt jobs, no contesting elections or voting rights and no buying of agricultural land.  They can buy and own and sell property and do investment, live in India or Goa for years or for life without requiring a visa or need to register with FRO (Foreigners Registrations Office).

3. It’s not true or right  to say people acquiring another Nationality or just registering their birth into another country because they don’t love Goa.
They only do so for economic reasons or better prospects for their children in future.
People do not leave Goa for good, infact, many come back home more than once a year.

They love Goa, they are born here and no one can take away their ‘sense of belonging here’


Q 22: Any further news or recommendations..?

It appears that the ball is now in the Indian Court.  All eyes on court verdict.
It can be anything.  Recently,  Supreme court gave its judgement based on the Indian constitutional laws under  Section 377 which were framed more than 150 years ago by the British Rule.  However, the court has passed the ball into the Indian Parliament  (court)  to amend or repeal the section if needed be. Section 377 relates to 'having sex against the order of the nature' by whoever including legally married husband and wife and whether consensual sex or not.

 Those already abroad or holding Foreign passports, it is recommended  that they obtain OCI card (if not obtained yet).  It can be done online visit the respective Indian Foreign Mission abroad website in the country you reside.

It takes about a month and fees are around  $275 or 175BP. If residing in India on a long term visa etc it can be applied in India including Goa.


Q 23 How about OCI for those who are or may become Portuguese by registering their birth only? (The one who never had foreign passport nor been to Portugal etc)

Well, good question.  There is no separate procedure for obtaining OCI in this cases yet, nor it can be done by following the above (Q 22 ) procedure i.e.  you cannot leave spaces blank (or write anything)  when asked for Passport No., Date of Issue and Place of Issue.  When applying within India, it  will ask for a proof of  present Citizenship (which can be the certificate..ref. Illustration II), it will also ask for Valid Visa details or residential  permit , which you don’t have.
It may also ask residential or domicile certificate issued by  Magistrate FC
This may be possible in this case.
Fees for OCI is Rs.15,000 paid by DD

Web searches also gave me the following address in Goa for ICI
Near Hotel International Escola, Building, Tonca, Caranzalem, Goa.
Tele. No.0832-2462202

 OCI booklet  looks like this
page 2 and 5
Lifelong visa
 all pages

Update: 17/12/13

Former Union Minister for External Affairs and NRI Commissioner Eduardo Faleiro says

Registering birth in Portugal bestows citizenship

PANAJI: Former Union minister Eduardo Faleiro on Tuesday said that the citizenship laws of India and Portugal state that once Goans, or any other Indian, register their birth in the central registry in Lisbon, they cease to be citizens of India.

Faleiro neither named Benaulim MLA Caetano 'Caitu' Silva nor Aldona BJP MLA Glen Ticlo, but his statement indicated that both were Portuguese nationals and were therefore liable for disqualification.

"As per the Portuguese nationality law, only Portuguese citizens can have their birth registered at the central registry of births in Lisbon. Registration of births at the central registry in Lisbon is conclusive evidence that the person is a Portuguese citizen," Faleiro stated in a press release.

While stating that "in 1975, Portugal reestablished diplomatic relations with India and recognized Indian sovereignty over Goa with retrospective effect from December 19, 1961", the former Union minister of for external affairs pointed out that "under Section 9 (2) of the Indian citizenship Act 1955, once a Goan or any other Indian registers his birth in the central registry in Lisbon, he ceases to be a citizen of India".

Faleiro disclosed that in 1993, the Portuguese government requested the Indian government under Prime Minister Narasimha Rao to be allowed to set up a consulate in Goa. The reason given by the Portuguese government was that many Goans sought Portuguese passports and in the absence of a Portuguese consulate in Goa, they had to travel to the Portuguese embassy in Delhi. Rao advised Faleiro to allow the consulate in Goa.

Faleiro also said that two prime ministers-Narasimha Rao of the Congress and A B Vajpayee of the BJP- intended to allow dual citizenship to Indians abroad.
Source: TOI
Update: 19/3/2014

Form fillers (Fees 1200 2015)
Opp Police HQ, near Azad Maidan.

Heavy rush. about 18 applicants  spotted in one hour (two  forms fillers)
filling forms for Registration at Foreigner Registration Officer (FRO) once New Portuguese Passport is acquired, Form filling Charges Rs.600 Rs.500 paid advance. (GONE UP TO 1200 2015)
Forms includes Ration card copy/surrender, Election Card Copy / cancelation, Indian Passport copy / Surrender, New Portuguese colour Passport copy etc
After Registration and payment of fees at FRO, applicants come back to the form fillers for more forms filling (to be submitted to Home Office /Dept, Porvorim?)

Portuguese Passport related forms fillers

Update: 5.6.2014

Everyday, at least 60 Goans surrender Indian passports

PANAJI: The regional passport office in the state attends to around 50-60 persons of Goan origin seeking cancellation ....
PANAJI: The regional passport office in the state attends to around 50-60 persons of Goan origin seeking cancellation of the Indian passports per day on having acquired Portuguese citizenship and passport, and the number of such people seeking to renounce their Indian citizenship has been increasing every year.
Regional passport officer Agnelo A J Fernandes told The Navhind Times that in the last one year, since he took over, around 9,000 Goans have surrendered their Indian passports on obtaining Portuguese citizenship, and the Indian passports issued to them have been cancelled by his office.
Another official of the passport office informed that the number of Goans seeking Indian passports has also increased and that many of them use the passport for producing the same in the Portuguese consulate to obtain Portuguese citizenship and passport. He said the number of applicants seeking Indian passports as well those renouncing Indian passport and citizenship has been increasing over the past few years.
Besides, the number of people applying or submitting their applications for obtaining Portuguese citizenship or passport has also been increasing with huge queues seen at the Portuguese consulate at Altinho everyday. Around 150-250 people, hailing from Goa, Daman and Diu, queue up at the Portuguese consulate on almost all working days.
Upadate: July 2014
FRRO ( Foreigners) Takes  Registrations / Visa services online from 10th July
HQ Pic

 Don’t know if this also affects those Goans who acquire Portuguese Passports as they too require to register with FRRO

FRRO (Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office) at Police HQ, near Azad Maidan has started online services for foreign Nationals such as Foreigners Registration, Visa Services etc.

‘No foreigners will be entertained directly at FRRO office  without the online appointments after 10th July 2014”

 One has to visit

Fill up the required form/s, get it printed and submit it to the FRRO on the appointment date which was taken/given online at the time of filling up the above forms.

Source: Partly taken from today’s TOI

 Did you know??
It has been decided to do away with the filling of Departure (Embarkation) Card by Foreigners and Arrival (Disembarkation) Card by Indians w.e.f. March 1, 2014.

  • Indian nationals are not required to fill in Disembarkation (Arrival) Card w.e.f. March 1, 2014. Foreign nationals (Including PIO/OCI card holders) will continue to fill in the Disembarkation Card at arrival.
  • Foreign nationals (including PIO/OCI card holders) are not required to fill in Embarkation (Departure) Card w.e.f. March 1, 2014.
update 18/8/2014
Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar in the Assembly
on Dual Citizenzhip cases etc

Total of 15 complaints filed including against MLAs, Police, Panchayat members
Its a sensitive / Serious issue for thousands of Goans, there may be at least 30,000 to 40,000 whose birth registered in Portugal knowingly or unknowingly
Of which, at least 5,000 must be Govt servants say MLA Mauvin Godinho
Some advocates who are fighting for or against these cases have themselves found registered in Portugal.
After 12th of Sept Parrikar will be visiting Delhi to meet the bureaucrats
Delhi bureaucrats do not understand this problem properly..
Parrikar will seek relief or seek protection to those whose birth registered in Portugal (and those who already obtained ID Cards or billets)
Those acquired Portuguese Passport  automatically forfeit their Indian Citizenship and no protection to such cases.
 Also, Parrikar says once a birth registered  in Portugal he/she becomes Portuguese Citizen as per Portuguese Act.
(But Indian Citizenship Act also interprets similarly  i.e.

 Section 9(1) of the Indian Citizenship Act says that any citizen of India who by Naturalisation or Registration acquires the citizenship of another country shall cease to be a citizen of India)
 Again, Parrikar says no lower courts have jurisdiction  over this issue or cases and that the only authority is Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) but when MHA gave its verdict in the case of MLA Caitu D’Silva, Parrikar termed the order as ‘fraud’ (see update above 22/11/13)
 Chief Minister says anyone can register anybody without his or her knowledge.
Don’t know how it is possible without one’s express written authority or power of Attorney?
Parrikar says special consideration or protection also  be sought to those who after registration in Portugal  also obtained Billet or National ID Card as long as they have not  surrendered their Indian Passport.
This statement also sounds absurd as if ID card can also be obtained by the third party without the one's knowledge or written authority.
 When suggested granting of ‘Dual Citizenship’ Parrikar says it’s a Central Govt subject and that he has no problem as long as they don’t vote in India and that they can’t vote in two countries (?)

I think ‘Dual Citizenship’ means citizen of two countries enjoying all rights including voting rights in both countries

 Mauvin Godinho, Pratapsingh Rane, Vishnu Surya Wagh and Mikky Pacheco also speaking

Wagh says at Swindon, it is like Agassaim/Siridao
Rane says Goans seen at Heathrow doing all type of jobs

Video: Parrikar on Dual Citizenship etc

Update: 11/9/14

No interim relief on dual citizenship

PANJIM: The High Court Thursday refused to grant interim relief to the government on the dual citizenship issue, in which the Judicial magistrate first class, Panjim had ordered the Crime Branch to register an FIR against two MLAs and two police officers, over the dual nationality issue and the subsequent issuance of show cause notices against three officers.
The government had filed a revision petition before the session court which was rejected. They had approached the courts for a stay thrice, but each time it was rejected. 
Finally the government approached the High Court which Thursday refused to grant it interim relief.
In October 23, 2013 the JMFC, Panjim had directed Crime Branch to register an FIR against BJP MLA Glen Ticlo, Goa Vikas Party MLA Caetano ‘Caitu’ Silva, superintendent of police Jose Allen de Sa and police inspector Edwin Colaco over the dual citizenship issue. 
The court has asked Crime Branch to submit a report within 30 days. The order has been passed following a complaint filed by activist Kashinath Shetye on March 22, 2013, before the Crime Branch, Dona Paula, against the two MLAs and the two police officials under sections of the Representation of People’s Act, 1951, the Registration of Foreigners Act, 1939 and the Passport Act, 1967.
On January 18, 2014, the JMFC had directed that show cause notices be issued to three CID/Crime Branch police officers for failing to comply with its directions to file FIRs in the case. The order had asked the three police officials to submit their replies with 15 days as to why action should not be taken against them for failing to discharge their duty under laws and “for protecting those against whom action has been initiated”. The three CID police officials were PI Suresh Gaonkar, DySP Nilu Raut Desai and SP Omprakash Kurtarkar.

After  acquiring Portuguese Passport, you need to register your self as Foreigner with FRO Panaji (Foreigners Registration Office), Police Head Quarters, near Azad Maidan.
You need to submit the following document along with sworn in affidavit before Notary


About 45 Goans spotted at FRO at one time

Update:  OCI Life Long?
Lifelong Visa?
Life long Validity of OCI?   Check this..
Lifetime Validity? Not really!
You may need to apply once again for  fresh OCI  each time you change your passport or when you renew your passport
e.g. If  your  children had OCI at the age of say 5, they will have to apply for fresh OCI every time they renew their passports until they are 20 years of age
If your child passport validity is say 5 years, they will have to apply for fresh OCI for upto 2 more times
Again, if you have OCI already  and at the time of renewing  your passport if your age is 50+ you will have to apply for fresh OCI .

This changes are incorporated in view of biological changes in face of the applicants.  E.g.after 50, persons body including face changes such as wrinkled face J

Those in their 20s, 30 & 40 need not worry

Again, those who had their first OCI at the age of  50+ also may not worry.

All these services available  online under OCI miscellaneous Services.

The procedure is same as applying fresh OCI but you pay $25  or Rs.1400.

Processing time about 4 weeks from the date of receiving hard copy (Printed/signed application along with documents viz  copy of  your OCI, U- Visa, new passport  etc)

 Life long U -Visa Sticker (Pic)

Once granted, you need to surrender you old OCI and U –Visa Sticker  at the time of collecting

your new OCI.  New OCI/Visa to be given only after cancelling your old.

You will also take your new passport for new  lifelong U-Visa pasting on it.
Finally, your OCI may be valid as long as your passport is valid
e.g. If you are on a long stay in Goa or not likely to go back and your Portuguese passport is expiring, you may renew it at Goa Portuguese Consulate. (If decided not to return, it is advisable to apply for Indian Nationality)
Your OCI or Lifelong Visa may not keep you lifelong in Goa unless you also have a live Passport (not expired).

Update: 4/10/14
View / Read it bigger

bigger here

New Portuguese Passport looks like this..
União Europeia
European Union
e-passport with embedded electronic chip

Inside / Visa stamping pages
with country's iconic images

Update 25.10.14

Special meet on dual citizenship on Oct 29
Parrikar to meet Union Minister for Home Rajnath Singh and Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in New Delhi.
The Union Home Ministry has called for a special meeting with Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on the dual citizenship on October 29.

Parrikar would be meeting Union Minister for Home Rajnath Singh and Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in New Delhi. The meeting is expected to come out with a solution on the dual citizenship issue that is haunting over one lakh people, whose births are registered in Portugal.  Herald 25.10.14


Update: 29.10.14
‘Registering birth in Portugal can’t get you citizenship’
Consul General of Portugal says none from Goa born before Liberation become Portuguese citizens, unless they apply for it
(this is in reply to the queries raised by Press / Media)
PANJIM: In a major relief to over lakhs of Goans reeling under the possible consequences of dual citizenship, the Consul General of Portugal in Goa Dr Rui Carvalho Baceira on Wednesday said that by merely registering one’s birth in Portugal or having a Portuguese passport does not make an individual a Portuguese citizen.
The Consul General said that the current issue of dual citizenship faced by Indians, particularly Goans has nothing to do with Portugal. 
“You become a Portuguese citizen when you have an identity card. Passport is just a document that allows you to travel to Portugal. None from Goa who were born before Liberation in 1961 become Portuguese citizens, unless they apply for it,” Baceira said speaking to media persons Wednesday evening.
“I am not aware about any communication from Goa or India to my embassy on the dual 
citizenship issue,” the consul general said.
Baceiro added that everyone born before 1961 in Goa is entitled to apply for citizenship but they have to follow several procedures. “People can apply to be Portuguese citizens. Those who were born in Goa before 1961 are not Portuguese at all. There are just few persons who are applying for the Portuguese citizenship,” he said.
At the same time, the Consul said that if people of Goa are interested in acquiring Portuguese citizenship, we are ready to provide it. “If people want to acquire Portuguese citizenship we are entitled to give them, if they qualify. We don’t make people our citizen en mass through any order,” he clarified.
Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar Wednesday morning held a meeting with Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, who have assured an amicable solution to the issue.

Update: 1.11.2014
Dual Nationality issue to be solved in 2 months
CM Parrikar was speaking to press/media after his return from Delhi on 1st Nov. 2014

read it bigger here

Update: 2.11.14
Re-acquiring Indian Citizenship, OCI for NRI Minors of Indian parents and Merger of PIO / OCI into OIC
Changes proposed in Indian Citizenship Act 1955  (amendment) Bill 2014
1. Applicant has to be resident of India for continuous period of 365 days immediately before applying for Citizenship..

 2. Minors (Born abroad etc)  whose  both parents  or one parent is Indian National can now apply  for OCI (or new OIC).

 3. Merger of PIO card and OCI card into OIC or IOC card
(Person of Indian Origin + Overseas Citizen of India =  Indian Overseas Cardholder or Overseas Indian Cardholder.

Send suggestions/Comments (if any) by 11/11/2014 Anand Joshi, Under Secretary (OCI) Email:

Update; December 12, 2014

FIR against Churchill Alemao’s daughter in dual citizenship case

MARGAO: Acting on the directions of the judicial magistrate first class (JMFC), Margao, the Colva police on Friday registered an FIR against Wanda Alemao, daughter of former PWD minister Churchill Alemao, based on a complaint filed by activist Kashinath Shetye and two others, in the dual citizenship case.

The complainants alleged that she has registered her birth in Portugal and acquired dual citizenship.

The case has been booked under Sections 119, 177, 217, 218, 420, 467, 468, 471, 120(b) of the Indian Penal Code, Section 14 of the Foreigners Act, Sections 4 and 5 of Registration of Foreigners Act, 1939 and Section 17 of the Citizenship Act, police sources said.
On December 1, Margao judicial magistrate first class, had passed his order on a plea filed by Shetye. The court directed the Colva police to act on his complaint and report compliance within two weeks.

 Shetye had moved the JMFC after the Colva police failed in registering an FIR on the complaint lodged by him on March 24, and made the Colva PI and South Goa SP as respondents in the case.

In its order, the JMFC said that the law is well settled that "where information of commission of offence is received or is given to an officer in charge of a police station, it his bounden duty to register the FIR of that offence, unless, in exceptional cases, some preliminary inquiry is required."

Update: March 8, 2015

3-member central panel in Goa to resolve Portuguese citizenship issue

PANAJI: Head of the three-member high-level committee B K Prasad, additional secretary, Union home ministry, on Sunday said that the Union government is serious about resolving the issue of those Goans who have registered their births in Portugal and they will submit a report to the Union home minister on these issues. Speaking to TOI, Prasad said, "We have to resolve the issue and we have to clear the confusion in the minds of Goans." The three-member committee, which arrived in Goa on Saturday, held a series of meetings with lawyers who are well-versed with Portuguese law, defence minister Manohar Parrikar, NRI commissioner Wilfred Mesquita and south Goa MP Narendra Savoikar on Saturday and Sunday. Sources, who were present at the meeting, said that it was suggested that the Union government should amend the Indian citizenship act so that those who have registered their births in Lisbon, Portugal, should not lose their Indian citizenship. Sources said, one of the suggestions made, was that, Goans who have registered their births in Portugal should be allowed to give a declaration stating that they have registered their births in Portugal for the better future of their children and they are Indian citizens. Many Goans, born in Goa, before December 19, 1961, register their births in Portugal and obtain Portuguese citizenship. Their children, who are born after 1961, are also eligible to register their births in Portugal and obtain citizenship or get a 'bilhete de identidade', which is said to be as good as getting a Portuguese citizenship. Many Goans use the 'bilhete de identidade' to travel across Europe as it makes the Schengen visa redundant. Many have sought employment in Europe on the basis of the bilhete. Government statistics say there are around 40,000 Goans who have registered their births in Portugal, but, do not have a Portuguese passport or bilhete de identidade.

Update: May 3, 2015

Merely registering your (Goan) birth in Lisbon, Portugal may make you Portuguese National but in the eyes Indian laws (proposed amendment) you continue to be an Indian Citizen until and unless you acquire Portuguese Passport.
In other words, it also implies that  Portuguese Passport is the only document  that identifies you as a Portuguese National.

FAQ - 24: What if I also have Bilhete de Identidade  or Cartão de Cidadão ( Portuguese National  I D Card)? I have not acquired Portuguese passport yet.
Ans: Well, it appears that  the proposed change or amendment  only talks about  Birth Registration in Lisbon  and Portuguese Passport, it does not say anything on BI or ID.  So, I guess you too continue to retain your Indian Citizenship until you acquire Portuguese Passport.  Very Strange though!
NB: Hope they have not gone through this blog :-), ditto solution was suggested  ref. FAQ 17 above

3 member high level Committee:

To resolve the long pending  issue and to clear the confusion in the minds of Goans who registered their births in Lisbon, Portugal, a 3 member high level committee headed by additional secretary (home) B K Prasad  was appointed  and  arrived in Goa on 7th March 2015.

It was reported that  they held a series of meetings with lawyers who are well-versed with Portuguese law, defence minister Manohar Parrikar, NRI commissioner Wilfred Mesquita and south Goa MP Narendra Savoikar (TOI)
Accordingly, recommendations are made to the ministry of home affairs (MHA)
If accepted,  the relevant citizenship act will have to be amended and only then it can become a law and this could take atleast another 3 months or a year or more  if it required to be debated in parliament.

TOI reference

A query...   (7.11.15)
To give up or not to give up Portuguese passport
I got this query from a couple who after working 7 years in UK are now back to Goa for good.
Both intended to claim back their Indian Nationality and after going through all the process and hassle for last two years (it also cost them Rs.35K in fees and charges including renewal of their foreign passports and Billets) they finally get a letter from MHA Delhi to say their application for citizenship  is accepted.
They now have less than 2 months (of the total 6 months) to surrender their foreign nationality/passport  and to get a surrender certificate which is needed to be submitted to Home Office /MHA along with 10K challan (5K each) for final processing  and the certificate of Indian Citizenship. If not, they will have to apply for Indian Citizenship all over again.
So, why they delay?
Blame it on to Parrikar, the former Chief Minister of Goa and present Defence Minister of India.
They were hoping Parrikar will soon resolve this dual Citizenship issue as assured by him repeatedly. Somehow they have this misconception that Parrikar will help giving Dual Citizenship where one can keep or have both the passports (i.e. Portuguese & Indian Passports in this case).
Who will not like to keep his Portuguese Passport?
Good luck!

My view
 To give up or not to give up your Portuguese Passport/Nationality is own choice.
Some may come back home for good on medical grounds..
All leave one's own Country for another mainly for money including better life
When they feel they made sufficient money, they may decide to return back home for good.
Yet, others may do so for the love of their Country of birth where they always belong to.
For them it will be like  'Ghar Wapsi' in patriotic terms

By keeping your passport or staying as foreigner in Goa/ India
You can always change your mind later stage should you wish to go back say to UK etc
You can visit your family or friends or travel abroad with easy visa facilitation / formalities
You don’t have or can’t have any Indian acceptable ID documents such as Ration card,
Voting Card etc
You cannot contest election even at Panchayat level, nor can vote.

Bear in mind that your OCI is valid so long as your passport is valid
Therefore, you will need about Rs.10,000 or more  every five years or so for your 
Passport/ID renewal.  If renewing your passport after attaining 50 years of age, you will need to
re-apply (fresh) for OCI

You may not avail of Govt free mediclaim, no free Dialysis treatment etc
You cannot purchase agricultural land
When buying other properties Land/Flat etc, on sale deed etc you may declare or say that you
are a Indian National (or as this is suggested by lawyers) but this may later on complicates things
for lying on stamp-papers.
You may have even sworn in affidavits knowingly or unknowingly as Indian National

Update January 2016
Revised Charter flight Policy/Guidelines (Dec.2015)

AIC SL. No. 5/2015, 22-12-2015

This supersedes AIC 12/2008 dated 6-10-2008.
Some observations:
Indian Passport holders abroad can now also travel by Charter flights by availing inclusive tour package (ITP) which includes round trip, tours, accommodation etc
No ‘flight only’ ticket/travel by any tourists (Foreign/Indian).  However, we saw in the past some Charter airlines offering this FO where they also show basic accommodation like dormitory house etc

No ‘One Way’ ticket.  However, the charter airline are allowed  O/W  passengers on its first flight inbound and last flight outbound where  the airline has at least 4 flights (to Goa) during the holiday  season  or at least 8 flights (to Metro Cities in India) at least
Also, check this clause: 4.1 (x)
Tourists availing ITP charter flights would not be permitted to fly on inward or outward
journeys using a scheduled airline. However, in case of any emergency, DGCA may
permit tourists arriving on a charter flight to depart from India on scheduled flights.
Request for such permission would be submitted by the concerned Indian tour

For more info and confirmation visit here

Update 29.1.2016
Ribandar based activist and Advocate Aires Rodrigues also Portugal National?

TOI - 29.1.2016
Complaint states Aires is Portuguese
Panaji: A complaint has been filed against social activist Aires Rodrigues for allegedly acquiring Portuguese nationality in 1987. Colva panch, Calvert Gonsalves filed a complaint with the crime branch, the courts and other government departments against Rodrigues, on Thursday.

The complainant wants the police to register the case under the Citizenship Act 1955, Representation of People Act 1950, and various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The counsel for the complainant, Rajeev Gomes said that the birth of Aires Antonio Miranda Rodrigues was registered in the central registry of births, marriage and deaths of Lisbon, Portugal as 'Assento de Nascimento No. 1260-A' on November 2, 1987.

"Rodrigues, after the registrating his birth in Lisbon, Portugal, has obtained various Portuguese citizen cards, such as Bilhete de Identidade (identity card) and Cartao de Cidadao (citizen card) which bears the number 11183778, which was issued to him on November 2010 and was due to expire on November 9, 2015," Gomes added.

Speaking to reporters outside the crime branch, Gomes said that they have documentary proof to show that Rodrigues is a voter in Portugal and also a voter in Goa. "Even though he had a Bilhete, Rodrigues contested the corporation of the city of Panaji elections in 2011." Gomes said that Rodrigues had filed various petitions in the high court and other courts claiming that he is an Indian national.
"Though he is a Portuguese national, Rodrigues is posing as an Indian national and creating chaos and confusion in the minds of people. We cannot allow a Portuguese national to come and dictate terms to Goans," Gomes said.

Gomes said that since Aires had made an allegation about pop star Remo Fernandes being a Portuguese national and a threat to national security, this had prompted them to find out the nationality of Rodrigues. "What moral right does Rodrigues has to claim that Remo is a Portuguese national when he himself has acquired the same? He should have first relinquished his Portuguese nationality before making such statement," Gomes said.

Rodrigues has rubbished the allegation saying this was done by Gonsalves under the guidance of Gomes in collusion with Remo to target him after having tried every other possible stunt, and that it was a malafide and an absolutely false complaint .

Rubbishing the allegations made by Gonsalves under the guidance of Gomes and in collusion with Remo, Rodrigues has stated that being frustrated after trying every possible stunt to target him, his detractors are now dreaming that he has acquired another nationality. Rodrigues stated that it was a malafide and an absolutely false complaint filed against him.
Update 1/2/16
Now, Aires Rodrigues says Adv. Rajeev Gomes, Counsel for above complainant is also Portuguese National, his birth registration certificate in Portugal also posted as proof and making news waves all over the social media facebook..
Update March 1,  2016
To be or not to be in the European Union (EU)
Should BRitain EXIT or BREXIT from EU?

Well, UK is going for Opinion Poll (Referendum)  on 23rd June 2016 to decide whether to remain a member of EU or leave the EU
How that will affect Goans holding Portuguese passports?

If UK  decides to come out of EU then it can affect not only  Goans  but other EU member States too particularly those  into UK recently  and  those who intend joining UK on Portuguese  or  other EU Passport (same applies to British people who intend to work or are working in other EU States)
Those who are  in the UK for last 4 years and more may not be affected as they can apply PR (Permanent Residency) or Indefinite stay. Those EU nationals, including Portuguese having Resident  Permit or Card for last 4 years can apply for PR or even apply for British Citizenship (The rule may have been changed now).  It  may be a five year rule now. Or they can start applying for British Citizenship/Passport now. I know, more than half of those Goans who are into UK for more than 5 years now have already obtained British Citizenship / Passport.

My UK Residence Card looks like this

Card design may have changed now over period of 10 years
PR page Stamp

Those into UK say for less than 4 years that does not mean they will be deported very next day the UK say No to EU .  It will take about 1-2 years to work out modalities, rules and guidelines (or  if triggered Article 50, it will take 2 years or more). However, some employers out of panic or in absence of any guidelines from Home Office etc may cause problems to the EU workers.
Mind you, British citizens working elsewhere in the EU will also face same problem.
If UK comes out of EU that could mean all other EU passport Holders would require a Visa to enter into UK, presently, it is visa free travel for EU Citizens.
Many Goans after acquiring Portuguese Passport, straight went to UK, now that will change should UK decides to exit from EU for they will need a visa and a work permit which may be difficult to get one.
Those intends to apply for Portuguese Passport, I would say they should hold on until 24th June when it will be known the outcome of the referendum.
(I know, few days ago I met some one who told me he has taken loan for Portuguese Passport purpose.
The going rate upto ticket to London is about 3.5 lakhs)
Unless they are willing to visit and settle in other 27 EU member states, see list below.

28 EU member countries are:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK
    UK voted to leave EU  see details below update 24.6.16
    Update: 27.5.16
Soon an authority on dual citizenship issue, says Rijiju  (TOI)
Panaji: There is good news for Goans who are in the dark on their dual citizenship status. The Union home ministry has decided to constitute an 'authority' in the state to look into the matter in which connection a notification is likely to be issued soon.
Union minister of state for home affairs Kiren Rijiju said that one of the issues that has repeatedly cropped up in the state during the last couple of years is the dual citizenship issue and added that he has taken personal interest in the matter. He also said that it was unfortunate that many people in Goa were victim to the legal provision of our country as well as Portugal .
"We had set up a committee (to look into the issue) and the report is ready. Very soon we are going to create something like an authority. We don't want to decide the matter in Delhi. It should be decided in Goa, on a daily basis and as per the requirement and need of the local people here, which the authority will do. People should not have to run to Delhi," Rijiju said at Panaji.
When asked to elaborate on the subject, Rijiju said that the government wanted to ensure that due to differences in Indian and Portuguese laws the people of India should not suffer. "Over so many years nothing has been done (about the dual citizenship issue) in India," he said adding that the issue was complicated and was related to conflict of provisions in the constitutions of both countries.
"Since we have done all home work the report is ready and very soon we will come out with the notification wherein whatever needs to be done will be done and we will ensure that no genuine Indian citizen suffers for no fault of his," the minister said.
The dual citizenship issue has seen several FIRs filed against a number of persons, including politicians, police personnel and others.
Children of those born before Goa's liberation and whose's parents'birth is registered in Portugal are also eligible to register their births in Portugal and to obtain citizenship or a 'bilhete de identidade' considered as good as citizenship.
Many Goans use the bilhete to travel across Europe as it makes the Schengen visa redundant. Many have also sought employment in Europe on the basis of the bilhete.
Government statistics show around 40,000 Goans have registered their births in Portugal, but do not have either a Portuguese passport or a 'bilhete de identidade'.
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Update: 1.6.16
News headlines
Goans registered in Portugal’s Registry may lose Indian citizenship - H, GT, TOI  
Dual Citizenship issue takes a new TurnNT
'Parrikar had asked the Centre to look into the matter as around four lakh Goans had registered their names in Portugal's Central Registry of Births, Marriages and Death that gave them the Bill of Identity'.

Goans, who obtained Portuguese nationality by registering their names in that country’s Central Registry, may lose Indian citizenship with a high-level central panel recommending action against them as per Indian law.
The inter-ministerial committee, headed by additional secretary in the Union home ministry B K Prasad, has recommended that the issue of citizenship of such persons should be decided as per the Citizenship Act 1955 and Citizenship Rules 2009.
The panel was set up by the central government following a letter of the then Goa governor B V Wanchoo, and the then Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar (currently Defence Minister), who had informed that around four lakh Goans have registered their names in Portugal’s Central Registry of Births, Marriages and Death.
As per Portuguese law, those who register their names in the Central Registry automatically become a Portuguese national and a citizen of European nations.
However, such a person ceases to be an Indian citizen as per the Citizenship Act 1955.
There have been allegations that several public servants, including MLAs and MPs, have registered their names in the Central Registry, which they claim has not been done by them or done without their knowledge.
After going through various deliberations, evidence and records available, the inter-ministerial committee felt that if any question arises as to whether, when and how any citizen of India has acquired the citizenship of another country, it should be determined by provisions of Citizenship Act 1955 and Citizenship Rules 2009.
The panel recommended that the issue of citizenship of such persons will be decided by an authority designated by the central government after receiving representations, enquire upon, in just, fair, reasonable and transparent manner and submit the report along with recommendations to central government for necessary action. Portugal recognises dual/ multi-nationality while India does not. This situation has given rise to serious problems relating to nationality and citizenship such as non-surrender of Indian passports on acquisition of Portugal nationality, illegal stay in India, violation of Foreigners Act or registration by a third party without consent or knowledge of the person concerned.
Those Goans who registered their names in Portugal’s Central Registry automatically become Portuguese citizens, allowing them to travel and buy property there and also in EU countries.
The inter-ministerial committee suggested that whosoever has acquired Portuguese passport automatically became citizen of Portugal and cease to be an Indian citizen.
To determine nationality status of all such persons who were born before December 20, 1961, when Goa became independent from Portuguese rule, in the territories comprising the Union territory of Goa, Daman and Diu, an order called the Goa Daman and Diu (Citizenship) order 1962 was issued through a notification dated March 28, 1962.
According to the aforesaid notification, every person, who or either of whose parents or any of whose grandparents was born before December 20, 1961 in the territories now comprised in the Union territory of Goa, Daman and Diu became a citizen of India on that day, if the person did not opt to retain the citizenship or nationality which he had immediately before December 20, 1961.
Subsequently, many Goans who became citizenship of India as per Goa, Daman and Diu (Citizenship) order 1961 registered their birth in the Central Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths in Lisbon, Portugal.

Govt panel proposes authority to resolve Goa citizenship issue TOI

New Delhi: An inter-ministerial panel set up by the Modi government to resolve the citizenship issue of Goans who technically became Portuguese nationals by virtue of enrolment in the Central Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths maintained in Lisbon, Portugal, has recommended setting up of a designated authority to decide the status of their Indian citizenship based on whether or not they had acquired Portuguese citizenship voluntarily.

The authority, after checking whether the person has migrated to Portugal with the intention of making it his/her permanent home, shall determine if such a person voluntarily acquired the Portuguese billet de identite, a proof of citizenship, or if it was secured only for tourism purpose, without realising the consequence of losing Indian citizenship.

As per Section 9(1) of the Citizenship Act, 1955, any Indian national who voluntarily acquires citizenship of another country, ceases to be a citizen of India.

Sources said tens of thousands of Goans who have their names entered in the Central Registry may be given a chance by the designated authority to declare themselves as Indian citizens by surrendering their Portuguese nationality. As for those wanting to retain their Portuguese citizenship, they may be told to apply for a visa for further stay in Goa.

"The issue of citizenship shall be settled by the authority as per Section 9(2) of the Citizenship Act, 1955, and Rule 40 and Schedule III of the Citizenship Rules, 2009," the inter-ministerial panel chaired by additional secretary in the home ministry B K Prasad, recommended in its report submitted on May 4.

Many public servants, including MLAs and MPs, in Goa have their names entered in the Portuguese Central Registry. A famous case is that of Goa Vikas Party MLA Caetano Silva, who is facing disqualification for fighting polls despite becoming a Portuguese citizen upon enrolment in the Central Registry in 2010
These public servants maintain that they were enrolled in the registry by 'agents' or others without their knowledge. "Their defence, if valid, entitles them a chance to opt for Indian citizenship by voluntarily surrendering their Portuguese billet de identite," said a senior home ministry official.
The designated authority will "receive representations; enquire upon in a just, fair, reasonable and transparent manner and submit their report along with recommendations to the Centre for further action," the panel comprising officers of the home ministry, ministry of external affairs, legislative department and legal affairs department, recommended.

The purpose behind such an exercise is to protect Goans "lured" by 'agents' into enrolling themselves in the Portuguese registry with the claims that it would entitle them to visa-free travel across 28 member states of the European Union. 
 According to a government official, many Goans holding Portuguese billet de identite would travel abroad on an Indian passport, with a Schengen visa obtained from the Portuguese consulate in Panjim, and then transit to other EU states by showing their billet de identite. Incidentally, the Portuguese billet de identite also entitles them to benefits like ownership of property in any of the EU member states.  TOI 1/6/16
Goans to give up 'Bill of Identity' granted by Portugal -India Today
The panel was set up by the central government following a letter of the then Goa governor B V Wanchoo, and the then Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar (currently Defence Minister), who had informed that around four lakh Goans have registered their names in Portugal’s Central Registry of Births
4 lakhs?
Which could also mean over 1 lakh already left Goa after acquiring Portuguese passport?
if 4 lakhs lost citizenship, It would also mean more than 50% of Goan population are migrants
The inter-ministerial committee suggested that whosoever has acquired Portuguese passport automatically became citizen of Portugal and cease to be an Indian citizen
Do we need such high level committee to suggest that?
Today's TOI had different version or interpretation under caption 'now, new panel for Goa 'Citizenship' issue' It says those who registered in Portugal are given option to give up Portuguese Nationality and acquire Indian etc

The 3 member high level committee was appointed in Feb 2015?
Visited Goa March 7, 2015
Submitted report on 4th May 2016 (after 15 months)
In news on 27.5.16 and 1st June 2016 in headlines
Looks like the whole issue is deliberately made complicated with some ulterior motives behind it

What is the ‘Bill of Identity’ issued by Portugal?
Some national news and some our local cable news keep on saying ‘Bill of Identity
Could it be ‘Bilhete de Identidade’ (I D Card or Citizen card of Portugal)?

Also, when it was said around four lakh Goans have registered their names in Portugal’s Central Registry of Births.....
I am sure somebody has erroneously or deliberately added one more zero to Parrikar’s 40,000 estimate of Aug. 2014

Who headed the so called ‘inter-ministerial committee’?
Could it be Parrikar himself?

Parrikar while talking on this issue as Chief Minister once said 'Delhi bureaucrats do not understand this problem properly..'
Now that he is in Delhi, could all this new development be the outcome of his expert guidance?
(keeping coming elections in mind?)

All this time he was  sympathetic towards  those who registered their birth in Portugal and even those who already obtained National ID or BI (including his own MLA and one supporting MLA)
Whole thing now seems taking a new turn.
Another U turn?

Print & TV news
 Benefits as Portuguese national only after  getting citizen card, passport: Consul General
Rui Carvalho Baceira, Consul General of Portugal in Goa
Benefits as Portuguese national only after getting citizen card, passport: Consul General
Consul General of Portugal in Goa Dr Rui Carvalho Baceira has stated that anyone whose name is registered in the Central Registry of Lisbon is a Portuguese according to the country’s laws. However, to seek benefits as a national of Portugal, the person has to obtain the Cartão de Cidadão, the citizen card.
Speaking to this daily, Baceira informed that by registering a birth in the Central Registry in Lisbon, the individual is theoretically a Portuguese. “But without registration one cannot precede for the later documents, that is the Cartão de Cidadão and the passport,” he added.
Responding to the question of dual citizenship, he stated that while Portugal laws permit an individual to have more than one country’s nationality, an Indian citizen would have to abide by the Indian Constitution.
He said, “It is up to the individual to decide whether he wants to be an Indian citizen or become a Portuguese national.”
“Registration of the Central Registry of Lisbon means that the person is Portuguese by virtue of registration but that person cannot use that document even to open a bank account as it is not an identification document,” he stated.
He also pointed out that the national laws on nationality in Portugal also need to be updated regarding nationality to those who were under the territorial control of Portugal and later were granted citizenship.
The Portuguese Consul General further said that there are many people who have their births registered in the Central Registry of Lisbon and have not obtained the other documents. The reason he said could be, they just wanted their names registered and they would decide in the future regarding the documents.
“It is up to them to analyse the pros and cons and decide,” he added.

Conflicting statements?

The Consul General of Portugal in Goa Dr Rui Carvalho Baceira on Wednesday said that by merely registering one’s birth in Portugal does not make an individual a Portuguese citizen. see above, update 29.10.14

Consul General of Portugal in Goa Dr Rui Carvalho Baceira has stated that anyone whose name is registered in the Central Registry of Lisbon is a Portuguese according to the country’s laws. see above 4.6.12

8.6.16  news
Navhind Times

Close down Portuguese Consulate: freedom fighters

Demanding that the government should carry out a survey as regards all those Goans, who have registered their birth with the Portuguese Central Registry in Lisbon, and penalise such individuals, the Goa Daman and Diu Freedom Fighters Association on Tuesday stated that the government of India should close down Portuguese Consulate in Goa as well as local offices of Portuguese organisations such as Fundação Oriente.
The freedom fighters association said that these offices should be closed down, as they have been promoting dual citizenship in the state in contravention of the treaty signed between Portugal and India in 1975, wherein Portugal had acknowledged the full sovereignty of India on the territories of Goa, Daman, Diu, and Dadra and Nagar Haveli, effective from the date these territories became part of India under the Constitution of India.
Senior freedom fighter Naguesh Karmali addressing a press conference in the presence of president of the association Shyamsunder Nagvekar and secretary Chandrakant Pednekar said that the government of Portugal later amended its ‘Organic Law’ thus allowing Goans to opt for dual citizenship, and this should make government of India severe all political ties with Portugal. “In fact, Portugal, unlike Britain and France who once ruled parts of India, is unnecessarily interfering with the internal matters of Goa by continuously organising cultural events here,” he added.
Speaking further, Karmali said that the politicians are taking a serious issue such as dual citizenship lightly, while those Goans, who have registered their birth in Portugal, are well aware of what they have done. “Such anti-national people, who overnight change their citizenship like a shirt and who are much more than their estimated number of around 40,000, pose threat to the national security since they can compromise on the sovereignty of India anytime,” he observed, maintaining that the freedom fighters are not interested in the religion of such people, but want to tackle the issue by considering them as people from Goa.
The senior freedom fighter predicted that setting up of an authority as recently promised by Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju for handling the dual citizenship issue in Goa will at the most carry out investigation in the matter, but not take any related tangible action. “In fact, Article 9 of the Indian Constitution has no provision for dual citizenship and takes away all powers of a person who acquires citizenship of another country, including his or her rights to vote,” he added.
Karmali also warned that the Goa Daman and Diu Freedom Fighters Association will oppose the ongoing efforts to revive the Fontainhas Festival, and if this festival is restarted then, it would be forcibly stopped. “People already celebrate Maruti Jatra in Mala-Fontainhas area, and do not need another cultural event, especially from a country, which had destroyed the Goan culture during its 450-year colonial rule here,” he maintained.
Nagvekar, speaking on the occasion condemned successive governments in the state for fooling the freedom fighters through assurances about government jobs to their children. “What these governments have done is repeatedly relaxed the age limit of our children, for government employment and given some of them class III and class IV jobs,” he noted.

Herald  8.6.16

Close Portuguese consulate, demand freedom fighters

Call dual citizenship anti-India activity; want those who have obtained Portuguese citizenship to be punished

PANJIM: The Goa Freedom Fighters Association has demanded closure of the Consulate General of Portugal at Altinho and has called the process of dual citizenship an ‘anti-India activity’. It has also demanded that Goans, who have obtained Portuguese citizenship, be punished for illegally staying in Goa.
“India should snap all (kinds of) ties with Portugal. When there is an Embassy of Portugal in Delhi, why should the consulate in Goa function? It (Portugal Consulate in Goa) should be shut down,” freedom fighter Naguesh Karmali told the media on Tuesday.
He demanded to know how Portugal could unilaterally decide to grant dual citizenship by amending the organic law in 2006 when India does not allow it under the Indian Constitution. “The government should ask Portugal to withdraw the amendment. If they don’t agree, snap ties with them and shut down the consulate in Goa,” he reiterated. 
According to him, around 40,000 Goans have sought Portuguese passports while almost four lakh Goans have registered their birth in the Central Registry of Lisbon.
“After registering their birth in Portugal, they get Bill of Identity which has clearly written on it that the holder is a Portuguese citizen. How can such ‘foreign nationals’ live in India illegally? Identify and punish them as per the law of the land,” he demanded alleging that ‘Portuguese Goans’ are a security risk to India.
The association also expressed reservations about low profile government jobs being given to their kin despite being qualified. “Out of 429 vacancies created for this category, 115 have been recruited to Class III and IV grade jobs. Many are graduates but still not considered for good postings,” a freedom fighter said adding that the government should meet its assurance to fill all vacancies by the year-end.

Update 24.6.16
UK decided to quit EU in historic referendum or BREXIT Poll
After 43 years, Britain finally decided to come out of EC or EU (European Union)
17,410,742 British National said NO to EU and 16,141,241 voted to Remain in the EU.  
Its about 52% LEAVE and 48% REMAIN in the EU vote.
What next?
If they decide to trigger Article 50 (Formal notification to European Council of its intention to leave the membership) it will take at least 2 years from now to formally come out of the EU (European Union).  Until such time all existing EU treaty rules etc shall apply to UK  except it will have no say in the decision making of EU policies etc.
Under Article 50, several modalities involved including negotiation process with the other 27 EU Member States etc and as such the two year period may not be enough to meet the deadline, UK can ask for more time which could mean it will take lot more time..
Two year mandatory period starts from the day UK invoke Article 50 and not the day on which referendum / Brexit  results were declared.  UK outgoing Prime Minister Cameron saying he is leaving it to his successor (new PM) which could mean up to 4 months from now.

Article 50 triggered on 29.3.2017
Britain leaving EU in 2 years from now
Countdown begins

Can Britain come out of EU bypassing Article 50 of EU Treaty?
Well,  exploring other alternate quick exit routes (if any)  by some pro-BREXIT groups etc cannot be ruled out.
I read somewhere (see source link) that it may be possible by invoking  relevant Clause of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of the United Nations. It was said there is a provision for alternative exit route from a Treaty if there is a ‘fundamental change of circumstances’  and that UK referendum 'vote for Leave' can be deemed to constitute 'a  fundamental change of circumstances’.  Notice period for withdrawal in this case is 3 months  or even less.

July 3,4, 2016
UK may exit EU by Spring (May) next year, PM Contender (NT dtd 4/7)
LONDON: British leadership contender Andrea Leadsom said the UK could pull out of the European Union as early as next year following last week’s referendum vote to leave the bloc.

Other news quotes
Andrea Leadsom has launched her campaign to become Conservative leader and prime minister by promising to guarantee the rights of EU citizens currently living and working in the UK.

  Leadsom said there could be new arrangements for people arriving in Britain after 23 June

Andrea Leadsom: Brexit negotiations will be as short as possible
Launching her bid for Tory leadership, Leadsom says ‘not everything needs to be negotiated before article 50 is triggered’

We now know for sure that the next Prime Minister would be a woman (Either Andrea Leadsom or Thereza May)
Theresa May to be the next Prime Minister  on 13.7.16 as Andrea pulled out from the race

Article 50 triggered on 29.3.2017
Britain leaving EU in 2 years from now
Countdown begins
UK to leave EU  March 29, 2019  at 11 pm

Update 15.02.2017
Caitu Silva is Indian Citizen
Ministry of Home Affair (MHA) in its ORDER dated 31.1.2017 says Caetano Silva alias Caitu is Indian Citizen and not Portuguese National
MHA under Cong in Nov 2013 said Caitu is Portuguese National
MHA under BJP in Jan 2017 said Caitu is Indian Citizen
Is this final?
Why it took such a long time to decide on the case? 
Cases like this should have dealt with utmost urgency as it involve Nationality and Security issues.
It appears that even Courts did not look at it  that way (seriously).
However,  Cinema houses in the country are forced to play NA in the name of Nationalism

John Fernandes, the complainant,  likely to challenge the order in High Court

Navhind Times Editorial 18.2.17
The new Order Establishes that Mere registration of birth records does not constitute a surrender of Nationality (?)

Click here to read/view bigger

Old BI looks like this
Bilhete de Identidade
(National Citizen Identity Card), commonly abbreviated as BI, is the national identity card of Portugal.
Is now (since around 2010) replaced with new Cartão de Cidadão (Citizen Card) see pic above

A debate..

Does Registration of Birth of Goans in Portugal invite Loss of Indian Citizenship??
Organised by South Goa Advocates Association at Ravindra Bhavan Margao on 27.8.16
Speaker were
Adv. Radhara Gracias
Adv. Cleofato Coutinho
Adv. Aires Rodrigues
Adv. Rajeev Gomes
Justice (Rtd) Nelson Britto

Video: 1
Radharao Gracias

Radharao Gracias by Joegoauk
Video: 2
Adv Cleofato Coutinho speaking

Cleofato Coutinho by Joegoauk

Justice (Rtd) Nelson Britto

Justice Nelson Britto by Joegoauk

Video 4
Adv. Aires Rodrigues

Video 5
Adv. Rajiv Gomes

Update 20.10.16
Caitu gets High Court's relief.
MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) in its order dated 20.11.2013 said Caitu is no longer a Citizen of India as from July 7, 2010.
But Caitu challenged the MHA order in High Court.
About 3 years later, High Court set aside the MHA order sending the case back to Competent Authority i.e. MHA for rehearing  and to decide on the matter within next 3 months.

Note: It was then Cong Govt in 2013 but now BJP Govt since 2014 and Caitu is BJP Govt supporter in Goa.

Update 14.7.2018 (Brexit)
Portuguese consulate reaches out to Goans in London,  TOI goa
 Brexit effect



  1. Thanks for the update. Very informative. Since there are many cheats around, any recommendations of agents?

    1. In that case my advice would be 'Apply directly through Portuguese Consulate in Goa'

  2. Mr. Anonymous, best way is to get it done through the Goa Consulate, they also do it, I understand. However, you should gather all the relevant documents, translations (if any) duly attested and take appointment to submit your docs and then just wait and relax for next step.


  3. JoeGoaUk,

    Your view is absolutely right!

    Here are some relevant points.

    Point 1: Even if you 'only' register your birth in the central registry in Portugal, if accepted, you automatically acquire portuguese nationality. It does not matter then if you dont apply for portuguese passport, you are still considered by the portuguese govt. to be a portuguese citizen.
    This means according to the citizenship act 1955 india, that you have willingly acquired another nationality and hence automatically lose indian nationality.

    point 2: In 1961, by annexing or liberating Goa (whichever you choose to believe) India declared or granted all inhabitants Indian nationality. Some years later the world too recognised this.
    Portugal initially protested this but eventually agreed to recognise India's claim to Goa. however, they kept a law within their nationality act that allowed goans the opportunity to re register with them and re-acquire this nationality if anyone wanted. the reason for this maybe becuase of the annexation/liberation goans were never really given a choice/opinion poll about what they wanted to do.

    So as you can see MP's arguments holds no water and he will just drag this issue on until the end of his term.

    If these were congress MLA's u can bet your bottom dollar he would have pursued the case immediately.

    Point 3: Nobody is yet sure who the correct authority to complain t is. I'm betting it is the Ministry of Home Affairs as they are responsible for tracking foreigners in India.

    Point 4: Parents who just register for their children to get passports. Please note you have lost your Indian nationality too so be careful.

    Point 5: Parents who have registered for their children, if you are now receiving a pension, dont worry. it will continue. Nowhere does it say that foreigners cannot receive pension. They can only not hold posts reserved for Indian nationals. Of course what is also to be considered is when u acquired the portuguese nationality. So say, if u worked in govt service for 45 years. have now retired on a pension and then acquired portuguese nationality, i guess you should be fine. :)

    point 6: very soon India will realise that stopping dual nationality is a futile, outdated and unreasonable law. i believe India will soon do away with this silly law.


  4. hi
    is it possible to get citizenship even if born in another state? thamks

    1. yes, if your parents or grandparent were born in Goa before 1961

  5. Hello.
    Very informative blog you have here.Thanx for all the info.i do have one nagging question though that you might be able to answer.
    # Can i travel to Portugal/EU once i have my birth registered & assent do nacimento, or do i have have to get a visa or wait for my BI & portuguese Passport??

  6. You cannot travel with BI outside India. You can either apply for a visa to visit Portugal on your Indian passport OR you can apply for BI and portuguese passport, then OCI, and only then visit Europe.

  7. Hi JoeGoaUk,

    Great information. Is the form "Modelo 1 C" that you show the one to use for registering parents born before 1961?

    1. I think so. For more relevant info or forms you may contact the consulate

  8. Dear Sir

    Can BI and passport be collected in Portugal? and how long does it take?
    Thanks & Regards

    1. It takes 2 working days to get the cardao(BI) and passport from portugal provided you pay an extra €35 for urgent services.

  9. joe hi.... Would you have some updated numbers of the goans who have applied / got the portuguese passport

    1. I understand Goa Consulate refuse to give the info. Information as to number of those who got PP passport already may be possible Goa Passport dept, and with foreigners registration Dept (FRO), However, they may not have the data prior to 2000 or so

  10. Travel from India is possible on a BI or a Citizen card to any schengen country except UK. Many argue that you need a visa for emigration to clear you but it is not correct. Possession of a proof of residence or nationality is adequate for Indian emigration. My father has recently travelled to Europe on a BI from Goa.

    1. Yes Parixit Pai, give us some more details or info as to how your father travel from India on BI and that too any passport? I think, from India, one cannot even travel to Portugal with just BI.
      However, on BI, one can travel within Europe including UK. No Visa or passport required.
      Waiting for your reply. Thanks

  11. Hi was wondering if you could help.. my father just ust got his assento de nascimento from portugal.
    i am born in 1981. Can i apply for my birth registration in portugal or do i have to wait for him to get his passport?
    Do i have to register the marriage of my parents or can i go ahead without registering the marriage?

    1. Let your parents follow the complete procedure first. Once they get their Citizen Card ie. after their marriage registration etc your can start your process. Parents need not apply for PP if they don't wish to leave

  12. Parixit Pai Fondekar said...
    Travel from India is possible on a BI or a Citizen card to any schengen country...

    Parixit, please share elaborate on what is required. Do you say Indian immigration will allow you to exit the country solely with an Indian passport but without an EU visa as it is sufficient if you have the BI? Which airport in India allows this?

  13. Dear AlFi Fern,
    yes, you have first to register the marriage of your parents.
    After that you will be able to ask your own Portuguese citizenship.

  14. i got my birth registration last week. (i am single). what is the next step for the portuguese passport

    1. Next step would be to apply for BI or Nationality Card or Citizen card

  15. Hi my name is Albino Pereira, Portuguese national but previously Indian national. I am currently residing in Swindon Uk. My wife and son both are indian nationals. My son was born here in UK. I have a problem with regards to renewing my sons passort which is expiring in the later quarter of this year. The problem is that the High commision of India states that if either of the parents are foreign nationals then they have to get a letter from their foreign consulate stating that child has not been registered for foreign nationality. I have checked with the portuguese consul general in london and they are refusing to give any such letter, instead they say that if the High commision of India needs this information they have to contact the Portuguese consul general in london. And on the other side the High commision of India is saying that they need the letter during submission of application form for renewal of passport.
    So as you can see my predicament. Any advise as to what I can do in this matter or whom to contact.

    1. Dear Albino,
      Bit confusing..
      It appears that your wife and child living with you.
      Why you have not opted for British or Portuguese Passport for your son?
      They will most likely seek such info when the child is born and living with parents abroad.

  16. Hi, I would like to make a pp for moms brother holds a portuguese passport.would that make it easier for me to acquire for my mom to grt it quickly for me get one eventually savio

    1. If this is 'after 61 born' case, yes, it will make easier since her parents and their marriage is already registered in Lisbon/Portugal

    2. Hi Joe
      I was born in 1980.My mom was born in 1949. Her brother holds a pp. I went to the sub-registrar and could extract birth certificates and teors for my mum and her parents mariage certicate n teor. I didnt get my mums marriage cert and teor. He couldnt locate it at Margao sub-registrar. He has asked me to get church teor. What do you suggest. Do i go to Panjim Archives. My mum got her civil marriage done in Margao n in 77 in Margao n church marriage in Velsao. Velsao now comes under Vasco.Would i find the marriage certifcate at Vasco sub registrar(any idea). Let me know since my mums brother holds a portuguese passport her parents are registered in Portugal. How can i skip some documentation. . Ill be in goa for the rest of the documents on Tuesday for a week. Pls advice, Thanks.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. HI Joe,

    Thanks for the all the helpful info. Just one question I'd like to ask... I am 30 & my parents were govt employees. One is still working and other a pensioner. If I have to register myself and get BI, I am told my parents have to be registered before me. Does this mean they cant continue with their work or receiving pension? Please help...

    1. Since BJP now come to power, it is likely to resolve it soon.
      They assured they will resolve this issue if both candidate are elected from Goa and BJP at the centre.
      Infact Parrikar said "Once BJP comes to power in the centre we will resolve this issue immediately. We will have enough clout (in the Centre) to resolve Goa issues,"

      Lets keep our fingers crossed.

  18. Joaquim Barretto24 May 2014 at 21:56


    I am posting this on behalf of a friend who is looking for some advice.

    His mother is applying for Portuguese nationality via the "born before 1961" category and has been told that she needs to provide a proof of identity document, but all her proofs are no longer in her maiden name as she is married now. Does this matter? Can she go ahead and use these proofs even though it contains her married name?
    Also, are Indian passport, ration card and voter's card the only proofs that can be provided?

    Any guidance you can provide will be very much appreciated. I can provide more details from them if needed.

    1. Your friend's mother can get birth certificate which will be in Portuguese, 'Certidao teor', she need to provide her marriage certificate too for marriage registration purpose etc.
      Let's hope some one come with more specific advice on this..

    2. it should be mentioned on the marriage certificate that the name is changed from so n so to so n so.

  19. I am getting my portuguese passport in a fortnight. i wish to surrender my indian passport and apply for oci. where do i file for oci in mumbai?

    1. I think you get OCI only when you migrate to other country and start working. You can apply it online in the new country of your residence. You will then get a reference number. Print it (forms) out in triplicate and present it to the Indian Embassy after taking prior appointment with them (in UK it's online appointment). Pay fees about Rs.17,500 (175 pounds) and wait 6-8 weeks for your OCI. You can check the status online.

    2. Correction: I think Applying for OCI is possible even before you leave India .i.e. soon after acquiring Portuguese Passport etc Those new Portuguese Passport Holders who do not wish to leave India so soon, it is advisable to apply for OCI. You will not have to keep on renewing your visa every six months and you save on Visa fees too since you will be have lifelong Visa on your OCI. Contact FRRO

    3. i got my ppp. what are the steps to surrender indian pp and to apply for OCI card in UAE.

  20. I am 61 years old & am applying for a Portuguese Passport. I got my BI card. I would like to know if I go to U.K. will I start getting pension immediately. Please do let me know. Thank you

    1. No Sir, you will get no pension. To get state pension, you need to earn it by means of regular contribution or one time payment or top up contribution to reach to minimum set level or stage i.e. higher the level, higher will be pension rate per week. I worked there for 11 years and paid huge taxes and NI as my average daily worked hours during the period was 12+ which mean more wages, more taxes and NI deductions. I am 60+ now and I don't get pension for my contribution for 11 years did not reach to the set min level, I could top up by paying one time big money to reach the level but I did not do. In your case, all you could get is Senior Citizen card which will give you free or concessional public transport travel etc.
      If things are changed now, I don't know. Some one enlighten me. Thanks

    2. I think UK pension age is 65 or 67
      which means Pension starts at the age of 67 if born after 1953

  21. morvin barretto4 June 2014 at 21:24

    joe you are the best friend on my face book you are doing a good job

  22. Arlene Saldanha5 June 2014 at 13:04

    My father is 62 yesrs & has got his BI card & will be getting his passport shortly. I am unmarried & too have applied for my portuguese passport. Could you please tell me whether my father is eligible to get pension if he goes to London? He tells me if he does not get pension then he will not go to London. Please let me know reg. the same Thanx

    1. No Pension to new entrants or those never worked in UK or EU...
      See a reply to a similar comment above.
      Until say 1996, new unemployed entrants, could claim dole or weekly income support which is stopped since then

  23. Arlene Saldanha7 June 2014 at 18:55

    Thanks Joe for enlightening me on the pension subject

  24. Hi Joe
    Great blog. Answers most if not all the questions.
    I have my Assento Nascimento and would like to go to Lisbon directly to do my Passport. I understand I have to do my BI first and then only can I apply for the Passport.
    1. How long do you think this whole process would take - BI + Passport?
    2. Where exactly in Lisbon do I have to go to?
    3. I don't speak Portuguese. Will I need a lawyer? or a translator? If so, where can I get one?
    4. What documents will I have to carry with me ?

    1. After Registration, then BI followed by PPP, this should not take more the two weeks if done in Portugal, seek assistance there, they will charge you a fee, through them it will be faster.

      btw, why you want to go to Portugal? No plans to go the UK?
      You will need a visa to go to Portugal on Indian Passport, then you will have to surrender you IPP to nearest Indian Mission or Embassy once you get your PPP. If you do not do so within reasonable time, then you may be charged upto 3 times more. Also, when you apply OCI, they will ask you proof of your surrendering IPP. Surrendering fees abroad could be more. India you pay 5K the same in UK would be about Rs.12K

    2. Thanks for replying Joe
      I am currently living in Kuwait. UK could be a possibility. For now, I have some issues that I need to deal with and will probably be here for another year.

      I heard that you can get the BI & PP in 2-3 days if I pay the extra charges for quick service.
      Portugal does not have an embassy here and I will have to apply at the Spanish embassy for a Schengen Visa. Does this mean I will have to land in Spain first ? or just directly catch a flight to Lisbon?

      When I go to apply for my visa at the Spanish Embassy, should I present my Assento Nascimento ? or should I just apply for a visit visa ? Some ppl adviced not to present my assento as they might refuse me the visa. I could do this in Abu Dhabi, but I heard it just takes too long and too many trips up and down. Once to apply for the BI, which could take 2 months to come back from Lisbon. Then go back to apply for the passport which could take another month.


    3. After getting BI, PPP is possible within shortest time say 3 days. Do not submit copy of assent, it may confuse them resulting in delays in granting S Visas.. Make sure your Visa sticker has 'MULTI' on it so that you can travel any of the Schengen Countries. On visa application, you may be required to mention your main destination, date of first travel etc. Enquire there.. If you are likely to be in KW for another year, then why not you hire some services in Portugal which will do your work on your behalf? They will then courier the BI etc to you. Moneywise, it may either come to same or lot less. Saving on flt, hotel etc

    4. Hi Joe
      Thanks for your prompt reply. From what I understand, I have to be there personally to apply for those documents - Citizen Card, Bilhete & the Portuguese Passport.
      I am planning on a trip to Lisbon and think I will spend a week there and try and get everything done while I am there. Do you know exactly where I should be going and who I should be getting in touch with while I am there. I understand, most of Lisbon is well connected via the Metro. So I need to plan my stay there so I can make the most of it.
      Nonetheless, I sincerely appreciate all you help and advice. Will make arrangements to go and apply for the Spanish Visit Visa now and yes, will look out for the 'Multiple' clause. Does it need to show "Multiple" if I am going to fly to Spain, then a train to Lisbon, do my work and catch another train back, spend a day in Spain and then another flight back.

  25. Joe, u are so helpful and a storehouse of knowledge. i got my portuguese passport yesterday. now i just have to surrender my indian passport at the passport office at worli, mumbai, buy a ticket and fly to london? or is there some other formalities to be completed before i leave?

    1. Once Indian Passport surrendered, you will have to register yourself at FRO, you will need that document to show at Airport Immigration counter... You may need about Rs12,000 including passport surrender fees Rs.5000

  26. Dear Joe
    had a question... I have registered my birth and marriage in Portugal.. Can my wife apply for the Cartao de cidadao immediately or is there a timegap ?

    Thanks in anticipation

    1. You wife may have to give in writing that she wish to acquire PP Nationality based on your marriage registration. Seek adice

      Alternately, if you go abroad first on PPP, after starting working, you can take your wife on IPP (Indian Passport) as your dependent / Spouse. Visa or family permit in such cases are usually issued free of cost under EEC laws

  27. Dear Joe
    Please can you help or advise on how to get jobs in UK and what to do once you go there? What can be the easiest way to get a job, rent a house etc at 53 years of age ? Also are you happier in London or Goa? Your advise pls.

  28. Dear Joe,
    Please advise what my status. My father was born in Goa, moved to East Africa in the early 1930's
    with his parents (all born in Goa). He later registered for Portuguese Nationality and acquired the
    Cedula Pessol and Portuguese Passport. He passed away in 1986. My brothers and I were born
    in Kenya, East Africa. Can we register for Portuguese Nationality and how do we go about this?
    Can we do this in Lisbon? If so what documents are required? Please advise.

  29. Sean Albuquerque3 July 2014 at 19:05

    Hi Joe,
    This blog is a great source of news re Portuguese nationality. I have a question that maybe you or someone else here may be able to help with. I have registered my father and marriage in Portugal. My sister wants to register herself and her family. Since her married surname appears on her passport, but her maiden surname appears on her Mumbai Municipal birth certificate, she has to provide a "Declaracao Jurada" indicating that she was born with one surname but now uses her married surname. I was wondering if anybody knows the form in English that this document should take. I tried looking on the net, but can't find it. I suppose a lawyer would know, but I would like a Portugal-specific format. Any info at all would be appreciated. Cheers and thanks!

  30. Hi Joe,

    Please let me know the procedure how to obtain BI since I am in Kuwait.

    Thank you.


    1. Apply in Person when in Goa or appointt a lawyer /representative to do the job for you

  31. Hi Joe,

    Any idea what the waiting period is like to get an appointment for application of Cartao de Cidadao in the Consulate General in Goa?


    1. it think it can take upto a month.

    2. update: Appointment not needed, just be there early morning Q

  32. Sir, My dad was in Portuguese Military. He was born in 1934 but registered his birth some time in 1959 to obtain birth certificate to submit in to the Military office. I'm planning to get a Portuguese passport but the problem is I couldn't get his birth certificate. I searched it in Quepem when actually he obtained from in 1959. At the same time he does have a school certificate which he was given by Military Battalion which he was assigned . his birth date is mentioned on that certificate.Can you please tell me besides Mamalatdar office, where I can search his birth certificate.Someone told me that at Antinho there is a place where all the old documents are kept. Can you please assist me

  33. Dear Joe, I am a Girl from Germany and my boyfriend is from goa. He is trying to get a portugese passport by the help of a portugese lawyer in lisbon. The birth certification of his father and the marriage of his parents are already registered in Portugal. The original of his birth certification is in Portugal and we are waiting for Registration which normally will be soon. My boyfriend has stayed 3 months from April to July in Germany with a schengen visa, but he had to go back to goa. Does he have to wait 3 months until he can apply for a new visa or is it possible to take another way . Is it possible to get the portugese passport in goa earlier ??

    1. since your boyfriend work is handled by a lawyer in Portugal, it should be quicker there. Once he get his ID, they or you can courier it to you BF in Goa. He can then apply for PP at Goa Consulate which should not take more than 15 days. Once he get his PP he can directly fly to Germany to join you.. In the mean time chase the lawyer in Portugal to expedite his case

    2. Hi Joe, thanks a lot for your fast reply. My boyfriend told me at first it is necessary to make an appointment in the portugese consulate otherwise it is not possible to get the citizen Card from Portugal. Do you know if that is right ?
      Kindly regards Julia

    3. I think appointments are not necessary now. First come first serve. People come there as early as 4am, they start taking in at 9am till 10.30am. then it can take upto another 2 hours to get your token and then again wait for your turn to call at the counter and this can go upto 6pm depending upon what time you joined the Q.

  34. Hi joe can you tell me how long it take it takes to register your birth as my parents are already registered their births and marriage in Portugal.

  35. hi joe can you tell me how long does it take a marriage to be registered in lisbon ?

  36. hi joe i have my parents birth and death certificate, birth teor and marriage teor... i was born in 1958 in mumbai (during portugese time) and after it was registered in daman (india)..... but i coul'dnt find my birth teor due to some pages are misprint in their record... i'm trying.for portuguese passport . if you help me ... i shall be highly oblige.

  37. Hi Joe,
    I have applied for my Bilhete de Identidade in Abu Dhabi,U.A.E on 05th May 2014, until now i have not recieved the same, Is there anyway to check online of the status, normally how long it takes,
    Kind Regards,

    1. I did the same ... Is there any way to find out if it is done and when I will receive it??

    2. Hi Jose,
      I wrote a mail to the consul also, He just replied not ready...Lets wait

    3. I sent a mail too... At first the lady while taking my application said it will take 2 to 3 months and now it is 3 and half months. Do you think it might have been rejected??. Atm I want to apply in Portugal but not sure if I can??? My family is in London and Im alone in Dubai waiting for things to happen....

  38. Its been 3 months since I have applied for the B.I at the Portuguese Consulate in Abu Dhabi. Can I apply in Portugal and forget about this??


    1. At Goa Consulate they call you to collect BI after 40 days (Charges Rs.1,611) but it can also be ready in 14 days if paid extra charges like in Tatkal

    2. Have patience; it takes 4-5 months, i had applied on June 26,2014.. i got mine two days back..

  39. Hi Joe,
    My mother in laws birth has been registered in Portugal. Also their marriage has been registered. She is a widow.Can you tell me how can I start my wife's BI process from Dubai?
    Also, how much time will it take to come??


    1. Personally, I would give up on Abu Dhabi. My cousin applied for his BI over there and it's been 3 months. When he called to ask whether he could apply in Lisbon directly, they just sarcastically said yes and they hung up the phone on him.

    2. Could you please let us know on this forum if your cousin is able to take it in Portugal. Its been the same for me and they dont even reply on email...

  40. Can I travel from UK to Lisbon with BI. I am landed In UK for whatsoever reason but legally and I have BI. can I pass the Uk border only with the BI or i need the Portuguese Passport..

    1. With BI you can travel all over EU including Portugal. I think about 20 European countries come under EU

  41. How can I check if my registration is been done or no in Lisbon.I am waiting for the past eight months.Please help.I had submitted my documents through an agent.Do I go through the embassy process to register.

  42. Hey,
    My mother had got her Portuguese BI in May. I had then applied for Portuguese Nationality from the Goa Consulate in June. I had communicated through email with the office in Portugal about my application status. The office has only communicated me my application Number. Now I would be travelling to the Gulf for about 3 months. What I would like to know is if there were any reply from the Portuguese embassy what would be the next procedure? I have already through an affidavit given my mother the power of attorney in case she has to handle any issue. I had heard that Collection of your nascimento is the next procedure after which one will have to collect the BI from the Goa Portuguese embassy for which my presence is required here. Can you also please tell me approx. how long will it take to apply for the Portuguese passport after I get my BI? Thanking you.


    1. In Goa, they give passport with 14-21 days

  43. My mother was born in 1950 in goa however she was in dubai from 1969. She got married in 1975 April in bombay. is she eligible to get Portuguese passport

  44. Hi Joe, I was born in India but not in Goa. I understand after adequate research and talking to Portugal Embassy officials directly, that Portugal has the easiest immigration laws in EU via the Corporate route, to residency and ultimately citizenship. There are fees involved (official fees and lawyer fees), but I am ready to foot the bill. I need a lawyer in Lisbon to handle this. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks for your help!

  45. Late birth Registration..
    my grandfather and grandmother birth/marriage registered in Lisbon.and my fathers birth registration done late after 20 years of birth ..(all supported documents are there )++except registration??++
    so can i get portuguese passport on this issue...
    i want to know the formalities if i can proceed on my passport ...
    yours faithfully

    email Id :

  46. Hi Joe,I have my BI Card, Now I need to proceed for my son 14 yrs, but I am single mother with all court divorce papers attested,what is the procedure to start and what documents should I require,I have NOC from his father(indian citizen) which is authorized or attested for keeping the child where ever i stay.kindly reply.

  47. Hi Joe I am Portuguese citizen from Colva Goa. Recently i got my visa from FRRO panjim. i wants to apply for Police Clearance Certificate. i wants to know the procedure should i apply 1st to my local police station Colva for PCC or should i apply directly to Margao CID branch ? any assistance would be highly appreciated thank you

    1. Resident of Agassaim obtained PCC from Porvorim District Superintendent of Police North. & Agasaim PS. There may be one in the South. Pl enquire at your local Police station as you may need PCC from them too.

  48. Hi,

    i recently got my portugal passport and have applied for a surrender certificate on Indian passport from Mumbai RPO, i am receiving my surrender certificate on the 7th of November, can i book my ticket to UK in the mean time. Where and how will i get an exit stamp? is it advisible to book ticket after getting the surrender ccertificate

    1. you may book ticket after registering with FRRO. They will give you a residence permit, once you book the ticket let them know a week in advance before departure, they will give you another Departure note or NOC to leave Country which you are required to show at immigration at departure. btw, when you applied for surrender certificate? Issuing the certificate in your case seem too long time. In Goa, I think they give same day of surrender..

  49. Derentino Rodrigues18 October 2014 at 09:37

    Hi Joe,
    Can u please help me...
    I am a resident of Goa holding indian passport. My mom has her birth registered to Portuguese consulate. i now like to apply for pp. What are the document which i need to submit if i want to apply for Portuguese passport directly to the portuguese consulate

    1. Parents birth and marriage also required to be registered in Portugal

    2. Parents birth as well as marriage is already registered. How to start my process? what document do i need to submit to the consulate to register my birth?

  50. Late birth Registration..
    my grandfather and grandmother birth/marriage registered in Lisbon.and my fathers birth registration done late after 20 years of birth ..(all supported documents are there )++except registration??++
    so can i get portuguese passport on this issue...
    i want to know the formalities if i can proceed on my passport ...
    yours faithfully

    email Id :

  51. Hi Joe, I have been told that I can stay upto 3 months from the date my portugues passport was issued here in India. I need to surrender my Indian Pasport, cancel my name from the ration card & cancel my Voter card. I need to fly out of India within 3 months. If i want to stay for more than 3 months I need to apply for a visa & that additionaly I need to cancel my Addhar card & PAN card. is this all true.

    1. They (FRO) normally give Residential Permit for 6 months. FRO registration is done only after surrendering Indian Passport. Ration card, Voter cards etc need to be cancel.
      Passport surrendering Charges Rs.5,000 plus there are late fee charges for Registration st FRO. One need to register within 15 days from the date of issue of foreign passport. You never get passport with 2-3 of the issue. When apply for Passport they say it will be ready in 14-21 days. when you go to collect you passport after 14 days, passport issue date may show as 11th thus 15 days already lapsed and you end up in paying late fees say Rs.4000

  52. Can i travel with my Indian passport whilst also holding the Portuguese passport ?? Travel time would be in the grace period of three months ...

    1. Travel where? To avoid complications it is best to surrender Indian Passport as soon as you acquire foreign passport. Sometimes, at FRO they ask questions and you may not have an answer.

  53. Hi Joe, I am currently working in Kuwait, and have my Portuguese passport as well as Indian Passport, can I want to travel to UK pay the fine in Indian embassy in UK and surrender the Indian passport there. Please advise

    1. Yes, you can surrender in the UK but hefty fines if you delay beyond reasonable time. Once you surrender, you can also apply for OCI.

  54. Thank you Joe. so is it better that i keep my Kuwait visa valid on Indian passport so that I can come back to Kuwait if things does not work out for me.
    can I exit on indian pass port from Kuwait and enter on UK by presenting my Portuguese passport Is there any rule which will prohibit me.
    I know of a person who had travelled from here in the same manner but don't know what happened later. as he did not come back to kuwait

  55. Re Dual Nationality, my 2 cents worth :
    The centre might(again I say just might) give special status to Portuguese pp holders of Goan origin and French pp holders of Pondicherry origin, if Parrikar comes through. What the centre will never do is give dual nationality to all foreigners of Indian origin, and there is a sound political reason for that. There are at present approx. 25-30 million people who left India, and have become foreign nationals. If dual nationality is granted, that means they will all be allowed to vote. That's a 25-30 million vote bank! You can swing a bloody election with that many votes. Think about it. So let's hope for special status for Goa and Pondicherry. Cheers! May the powers that be bless Goa!

  56. Hi Joe

    Quick question: I have surrender indian passport and acquired new Portuguese passport. also applied for OCI, but i dont think ill get it before end of this month, would i need a visa to go back to india for my vacation ??
    Also could you assists me if i would need any formalities to be completed after i land in india ??
    Do i need a surrender certificate before i land ??


    1. Don't know which country you are in now. Assuming you are in the Gulf or UK etc you need visa as OCI takes 6-8 weeks, in my case it took 3 months. If you have valid passport with valid visa you do not need to show surrender certificate. only people who may ask it is OCI dept

  57. hi joe can you clarify i have acquired portuguese citizenship in November 2014 and now i am applying for OCI and there is one form of oci application ask how you have acquired present citizenship as my both parents are indian national and born before 1961 i have just registered their records as our grand mother was having Portuguese nationality i just want to know how what to fill in the oci form nationality by descent or registration

  58. Hi Joe, Compliments of the season and a very Happy New Year 20015.My question is that presently I'm holding a Portuguese passport and if in the future I would like to acquire Indian passport is it possible and will I have to surrender and cancel Portuguese passport and Bilhete de Identidade?

    1. Yes, you are welcome to come back 'Ghar whapsi' (Home Coming). You need to apply for Indian Citizenship online, after filling up the details online, you can then print it out signed and attach relevant supporting documents and submit to Collector office in triplicate ( + 2 if asked for). Its a lengthy process and whole thing could take upto 2 years It involves attestation by notary, paying challan, signing oath before collector, visiting you at home from CID, Police, FRO etc After all these formalities your file will then forwarded to New Delhi MHA dept. There they will take their own time. You surrender you Other nationality only upon hearing from MHA that you have been granted Indian Citizenship. Once they see such (surrender) document from you they will issue you a Certificate of Citizenship. You are now Indian and can apply for Indian passport as usual and can even contest assembly or Lok Sabha elections or buy agricultural property for that matter.

  59. hi Joe,
    I have a friend who is visiting me from goa in uk on a visit visa ,He has his birth registered in portugal,Can he apply for a schengen visa from here(UK) to visit lisbon and collect his BI and PP?

    1. Visas usually issued to people at Embassy / Consulate of applicants place of residence. e.g. Visitor from Goa should apply for his visas from Mumbai or Goa Portuguese Consulate.
      Your friend should apply Schengen Visa in India in order to help him travel from UK to any other EU countries that support the Schengen Visa. Merely registration in Portugal will not help. If his BI is ready, authorise some one to collect courier it to you or him in the UK. He can then travel to Portugal on BI alone.

  60. Hi Joe, wish you a happy new ! I have just got my Portuguese passport on 05/01/15, from Goa consulate and am working in Kuwait, I have not surrendered my Indian passport in Goa as I had to travel back to Kuwait for employment. my question is how long can I hold my indian passport with me, as now I have both the passports ( indian as well as Portuguese) what is the fine / penalty for not surrendering. please advise. also can I travel to UK with out surrendering my Indian Passport?
    ... thank you in advance for your kind advise.

    1. If you had not decided when to travel to UK you should have not applied for Portuguese Passport. On the basis of Portuguese Nation ID. or Billet, one can apply for PP any time and it only takes 10-15 working days.. Once the PP is acquired, the rule says you should register with FRRO within 15 days not from the date you got your passport but from the date of issue as printed on PP. Hardly anyone escape Rs.4000 fine. Rs.5000 also required for surrendering Indian Passport at Passport office. The same, outside India may be around 11,000. If you travel on Indian Passport after acquiring foreign Passport each travel will cost you about 14,000 upto Max 50,000 for several travels. At time of applying for OCI, non-surrendering Indian passport issue will come up, at this time you will be asked to furnish details and pay fines. I think you can travel to UK with PP ask the travel/airline at the time of booking ticket. You can even surrender you passport in Kuwait and obtain surrender certificate which is needed for OCI etc

    2. Hi Joe, I really appreciate your valuable suggestion. thank you so much ! based on your above info can If I travel to for work in UK on my PP will I have problem.

  61. Hi joe My birthh 1971 and my name in BC and indian passport is different as I have done name change under Goa name change act.i cannot change name on Birth Cert. My fathers name also differs in my BC and fathers BC.
    Can I apply for Portuguese Passport.pls advise

  62. Hi Joe...I am from Margao. I have received my "assento de nascimento" and i`m planning to go to Lisbon next month to apply for the `cartao de cidadao` and `PPP` since both can be obtained in a weeks time. My concern is whether I can return back to Goa after collecting my Portuguese Passport from Lisbon. I`ve heard of some grace period of 3 months for travelling on Indian Passport. I wish to surrender my Indian Passport in Goa and apply for PIO in Goa before i leave for France to pursue further education.

    Please help.

    Thanks and Regards.

    1. I think the 3 months grace period is not from the date of Passport Issue but from the date of acquisition of Foreign Nationality.
      Similarly, once passport is acquired, he/she needs to register with FRRO within 14/15 days not from the date of PP receipt but from the date of PP issue date as per PP page. Most end up in paying fine anyway. In your case you will have to pay fine 4000 and may be 11,000 more or part for using Indian Passport, plus 5000 for surrendering passort

    2. Thanks Joe for the information. But would i still have to pay the fine if i do all this within 3 months after acquisition of foreign nationality...?? I Will come back to Goa and surrender my indian passport within 5 days after receipt of Portuguese Passport.... would it be fine?


  63. boyfriends BI CARD will be ready in the next few days. What is the process next and what documents are then required to apply for portuguese passport and fees ..thank you..TDA

    1. Just BI is required. Saw some people applying Passport same day/Time of collecting BI

  64. Dear Joe

    In any case is it necessary to surrender the indian Passport after collecting the cartao & pp from Lisbon.? Cant one just be in the Gulf and later Move to EU? .....with indian PP .On a Visa first to EU country and then further your journey by train with your cartao? and use the PP hence forth?
    Please Advise....


    1. People usually surrender Indian passport after acquiring Foreign Passport. If used Indian passport after taking Portuguese pp, then there is a fine for each travel on Indian Passport as said earlier.

  65. Hi Joe,

    I am from Mumbai. I have received my "assento de nascimento" and i`m planning to apply for the citizen card. What if I do not want to apply for a portuguese passport now is it ok? I heard you need a good bank balance to travel to UK and hence Im working on the same. I plan to get married too by this year end or next year within India go for my honeymoon and then apply for my passport. Is it ok. Please advice if I have rights in India after getting my birth registered and after I get my citizen car/billeth. Also once I make the passport can I still stay in India or I have to move abroad immidiately

    Please advice.


    1. I don't think you need to have big bank balance, I know some people who had nothing.
      Over 20,000 people living in Goa with their birth registered in Portugal, some even have Bi and some even work for Govt. Once you get your PP you need to register with FRRO they give you resident permit for 6 months I think and it can be extended with further period. Go for Portuguese Passport only when you are sure of leaving..

  66. thanks a lot joe.. it clears a lot of my doubt. but once my birth is registered i have to soon get my citizen card and billeth right? is there any time period given to acquire the same? as per your advice then i, shall make the passport only whn i am ready to leave. but having a billeth i no longer stand as a indian na? means i have to apply for an oci??

  67. Thanks for all the info you have provided to us. I am in the process of getting my birth registration done. Once I surrender my IPP, I am supposed to register myself at the FRRO by providing the required docs and an affidavit. There is something which is now bothering me. I'm I supposed to clear all my loans inorder to get an exit permit, as per the format of the affidavit you have attached above? If that is true then, this becomes a major bottleneck before I could travel out of India. Kindly revert on the same.

  68. Dear Joe
    i have applied for a centre on september 19 2014 and until now i have no information about my assento process my mum is already a portuguese passport holder and her marriage is registered can you advise why is the delay happening is there any way to check the status of the process.
    I woukd appreciate if you can let me know is this is getting delayed thank you.

  69. After getting my birth registered in portugual I do not wish to apply for a portuguese passport now.
    Inspite of this do I have to still apply for a BI now or can i do it at the time of applying for passport?

    Also once I apply and get my BI do i have to immediately apply for passport or i can wait for however long i want?

    What are the rights that i have in India now after registeration of birth in portuguese without BI and passport and affter BI and passport

  70. Hi joe,
    Have a question?? I already have a BI and I will reach Lisbon next week,and I will apply for my passport from the consulate.
    but I don't have much time there in Lisbon as I work on a ship,
    my brother is in UK n he already have his passport,can he come n collect my passport on my behalf?????

    1. You may be able to collect through third person with your authorisation letter. But incase of BI you need to be there personally as they register your thumb/finger at the BI issuing counter - New procedure

  71. Hello Joe,
    My birth process has been blocked and I need to hire an attorney based in Portugal. Can you suggest who makes Power of Attorney in portuguese in Margao/Panaji? What is the process after making this Portuguese PoA. From which departments, does this need to be attested? The agents in Goa have become too expensive and are charging a bomb.

  72. Hi Joe,

    As per the Consulado Geral De Portugal it is required for person born prior to 19 Dec 1961 to provide old documents such as Bilhete de Identidade" issued by the "Arquivo de Identificação do Estado da India"; Cédula Pessoal; Portuguese Passport. Documento de Viagem " compulsorily to obtain PP.

    Since my mother has registo de nascimento and born before 1961 in Goa , can she apply for birth registration in Portugal through consulate in Goa. How much time will the registration process take?
    Will the application for birth registration be successful without above mentioned old documents?

    If it is successful what is the procedure for me getting PP?

    Your reply will mean a lot to me.

    Viva Goa Viva Portugal.

    1. There are many who got PP without providing the said document. May be the rule is relaxed now.

  73. Hi admin.. I m Bit confused.. So i need ur help..
    Well my father is holding pp and we all family live with him in England... Its been 5 years for us now... So i have applied pp for me.. and my parents married certificate has been registerd.. and all my documents been transleted... And also i have filed d form for assento.. N been submited... But the thing is dat.. I want to know dat.. Do my dad need cartao to Do all other formalities or bi is enough.. plz do hell me.. thanks...

  74. I have applied for registration of birth through the Consulate in Goa in the last week of September 2014. I phoned the Consulate in Goa. They told me to write to Portugal. I would like to know my status. Could you please enlighten me as to how to go about it. I am very tensed. Thanks

  75. Is it possible to register my birth (I was born in Goa in 1955 and I have my teor) without having the old document issued by the former Portuguese govt. in Goa that the consulate is now asking for?

  76. I'm from Goa. My parents have got their BI registered in Portugal. I am currently residing in USA, can I apply for Portuguese passport in USA?

    1. You need to apply for your birth registration first on the basis of your parents documents, then after BI followed by PP

  77. im from Goa. none of my parents is registered in Portugal , so i wan to register my fathers birth certificate and his marriage, accordingly i will register my self. both of parents are expired. i have my parents birth certificates, marriages certificates, residential certificate, also i have grandmother birth certificate and her Documento de Viagem issued in goa. i want to register without hiring a agent due to financial problem so please tell me how i can go forward. more important i want to know who have to sign a birth registration form and also i want to how whether i have to attest all documents and respective translations , must be attested by Notary, Collector & Under-Secretary (Home Dept) with all this persons ? please advice

  78. I suggest, you visit Goa Portuguese Consulate for enquiry or updated info.. You can submit your documents through The consulate and they will do the rest after prescribed fees paid (No need of hiring an agent this case). Be there early morning and take token for Enquiry

  79. Hy joe my modhers allredy registre marrege and after get bi we are aply ppp but problem is i have all document like birth and all same matching with modher name but in my indian pp my modher name littel difrence like..caser.rama..and in my paasport kesarben naranbhai .tandel so very difficult to modhername cheng in ipp so what can i do pls advise me

  80. My son age is three years (Maine). My wife is currently in england. We are sending conservatoria dos registos centrais lisboa sending for your son. Where required for document with conservatoria dos registos centrais lisboa. Apply for portuguese Nationality & Passport Office.

  81. Is there any way i can find out if my parents birth and marriage is registered in Portugal? I have no Portuguese documents but they were born and married before 1955. They have both passed away now and all the documents are either missing or destroyed.

  82. I have been married for 8 years now and have a 3 year old child. If my husband gets a Portuguese passport is there a possibility for my daughter and i to get our Portuguese passports?

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. My brother recently registered my parents and himself all by himself. All my docs are ready except for the birth certificate that I got recently registered and I guess the Portuguese do not accept that. I was the only one in the family who was born in another state in India and not in Goa and for some reason I couldn’t find my birth records in the poorly managed records in the Nagar Nigam (Municipality) of that city. With the help of my hospital records I was able to register my birth end of 2014 in the municipality. I have supporting documents like baptism certificate/bonafide school certificate for my first 2 schools. Please suggest alternative if a recently done birth certificate is not accepted by the Portuguese. Pls Help!!!!

  85. I am a senior citizen aged 65 years & I come to London on a Portuguese Passport. Am I eligible for any benefits. What about dole? I come under the New Ham Council.. I am staying with my unmarried daughter, She too does not have a job at the moment. We came to London last month. I am finding it difficult to pay the rent. If you could please tell me where to register I would be very grateful. Thanks & God Bless

  86. I have just come to London on a Portuguese Passport. Could you please let me know if I can claim benefits as I am a senior citizen. Also will I receive any dole? If so, where do I register & how do I go about it? Thank you.

  87. Hi Joe
    My parents marriage has been registered in Portugal last year. I have applied for registration of birth through the Consulate in Goa on the 1st of December 2014. and they had told me my birth would be registered within 4 months. Its been almost 7 months now its still not come.. I had gone to the consulate in Goa to inquire about the same but the ppl at the consulate said its not done yet because of some problem in Portugal. Is there any other way tat I would get to know my status. Could you please suggest me as to how to go about it. I am very tensed. Thanks .

  88. hi joe
    i love this site read. all the comments, i need help please guide me. my father is born in goa 1920. i am born in mumbai. my birth certificate has fathers name joao pedro menezes but in my passport i have mentioned it as john peter menezes since all my documents have it the same way how do i solve this please advise. thank you

    1. u have to make a declaration on rs. 100/- stamp paper, signed by two witnesses that your father's real name is joao pedro menezes. u can attach a copy of his birth certificate to the declaration and present it to the passport office to make the change in your passport.

  89. I am in india, my mom who was born before 1961 i swhose birth and marriage i plan to register in Lisbon. My father is expired, and my Mother though living cannot sign a POA not cognitive. Can I her son sign a POA on her behalf,, thanks

  90. Hi Joe .good job. Thumps up for the information u give .I have just resievd my Portugal what is the next step to go to fly n what r the document I must carry while flying .n how much still need to pay till I me sir .

    1. u must now cancel your indian passport. now that u are a euro citizen u can fly without a visa to any of the countries under the european union.

  91. Dear Joe
    is it true that CRC office has stopped issuing assento di nascimento to people from Gujarat or those holding birth certificate issued from Gujarat state?

  92. Dear joe,

    Can you advise as how long it takes to get your birth registration done if submitted in consulate in Portugal.....thanks

  93. Dear Joe

    My mothers family (her parents) had Portuguese passports when they were born. I'm not to sure about the details but my mum told me that they were told when very young those passports were useless so as kids they tore it up and kept their passport pictures. Now my mum wants to reapply (renew) her portuguese passport, how and can she do this?

  94. Dear Joe,

    My hubby born in Africa in 1960 and having birth registered in Goa the same year . Applied in March 2015 thru an agent in Portugal on the basis of his teor, his mother's birth teor, baptism certificate as well as Cassamento, Residency certificate, Boletim de Nascimento etc.

    now after eight and half months the agent quotes the Consevertoria in Portugal as needing my father-in-laws birth registration in Goa - that has been a challenge due to the very poor records maintained as well as, we do not know the registration number.

    we decided to abandon the exercise even though we have paid quite a huge amount. BUT

    The agent is not ready to return back our original apostiled documents as well as OLD DOCUMENT that we submitted.

    needed your advice - is the agent legally correct to infringe on our right to have possession of our original documents.

    your insights will be of immense help

  95. Hi Joe my bf has acquired Portuguese nationality and currently staying in UK. I stay in Mumbai. He is working and has surrendered his Indian passport and now applied for oci. We plan to get married in April in Mumbai. Please explain procedure of dependency for me. Also in Mumbai he has to show himself as a Indian citizen with his Indian address or Portuguese citizen. He has no address proof.

    1. He should marry you as foreigner (of Indian Origin), your marriage is probably is court marriage. Visit Civil Registrar and explain them... they will guide you. After marriage, you can join your husband on your Indian Passport, for which you need to apply for Family Permit (EEA family Permit) at British Embassy based on your husband documents, marriage, his home in UK, his income or bank balance or sort of sponsorship letter attested by a lawyer there. Family permit is issued free of cost. If you write to embassy, they will guide you on this.

  96. hi joe,
    i've acquired my Portuguese Passport and now i need to apply for marriage registration. my wife is gujarat born and also our marriage is registered in how can i register for casament and my childs naciment? also what are the docs required according to the latest circulars?

  97. Hi Joe,
    My birth and marriage is registered in Portugal. Now I want to register my children. May I know what is the registration fee for children below 18yrs?. I heard it is free. Can you confirm? Thanks

  98. Hi joe,
    I have acquired my Portuguese nationality and am living and working in the uk as a EU citizen for the past 3 months. Could you please be of help by guiding me with the correct uk visa and docs. to get my wife (who is Indian) and my 2 kids (who are registered and have their cartão but not their Portuguese passport) to the uk.

    1. You will have to send a letter and proof that you can accommodate and look after then once they join you in UK. Based on you docs/proof, they will have to apply for EEA Family Permit which is free of charge but this may change if UK decides to come out of EU on 23.6.16 referendum. That may even affect you staying/working in UK since you are only 3 months in the UK.

  99. Thanks Joe.. Hope the referendum on 23rd of June turns out good for us Goans.

  100. Hi Joe.
    I have processed my birth registration in March'15, marriage in May'15 from Lisbon and processed my Cartão in Oct'15 from Goa (The cartão does not show the 'date of issue' but the print out copy at the time of my cartão application from the consulate displays Oct'15). Request your expertise on the following:
    1)I will be travelling to Lisbon on my IP in April'16 and applying for my PP. Then I will be travelling to UK on my PP and surrendering my IP in London. So, could you please tell me whether I would be charged a penalty for surrender of IP from the date of registration of my birth or date of cartão and also if you could mention the penalty fee applicable?
    2)My minor daughter (7yrs old and whose birth has been registered in Portugal in Oct'15) and my husband will be joining me on their IP. As, my minor daughter's IP was expiring I had to renew it. So what would be the penalty charges for her, as I understand if you renew the IP after acquiring Portuguese nationality, there is a big penalty.
    3) To apply for an OCI in London do I need to get a copy of my Indian BC, educational Qualification, change of name (gazette & paper cutting)duly attested by the Matralaya-Home Dept.
    4) Do I need a PCC? If yes, what could I mention as the requirement for a PCC if asked by the Police dept?
    Joe, I have visited the Indian high commission site-London for the penalty charges but am still unsure, hence require your input on the same.

  101. hi joe!!
    to register parents marriage, my father's birth is not available as the books are destroyed at the agents tells me to re-register his it required???baptisn certificate is available..

    heard about 23rd june referendum,what if brexit takes place???... what are the other advantages of Portuguese passport..where else can we work???
    please guide..

  102. Dear Joe, I am travelling to Lisbon on a holiday and to collect my Portuguese passport and then return to India on my Indian passport.
    Can this be done ?. if Yes upon my return what is to be done by my me in terms of surrendering my Indian passport and getting OCI.

  103. I am currently on a UAE work visa and am planning to travel to Lisbon to apply for the Portuguese passport, would appreciate it if you could assist me with my queries below -
    1. I have a bilethe that was issued on 30/11/2015, can I travel to Lisbon using this card or do I need to apply for a visa to travel to Portugal?
    2. I am told it will take around 5 days for the passport to be issued in Portugal, is that true?
    3. Since my UAE residence visa is stamped on my Indian passport will I be fined for travelling while surrendering my Indian passport in Dubai?.
    4. I understand there is a surrender fee, but besides I have been told that I be fined from the date I have registered my birth in Portugal, is that true?

  104. hi joe,my best friend is in uk with me with portuguese passport and with OCI,now he wants to do his wife passport who is in goa,can her passport be done without him going to goa?

  105. Hello Joe,
    I am based out of bombay.Your website and comments to each query have been really helpful and I am following it for a long time. My father, Jose Fernandes has applied for the bilhette it will take 3 weeks to issue. Based on which I'd like to apply for the same. However my father's name on my birth certificate is Joseph and not Jose. I have gone to the local municipal corporation however they have rejected my plea to rectify or correct the my father's name. Will this create a problem in my application? Do I have to correct my father's name from Joseph to Jose on my birth certificate? Please advise. Also do I hv to applyonly after my father's bilhette arrives? Please help.

  106. Hi Joe,
    Your blog I would say has done it all. Been following the reviews and recommendations from your end as per your experience which I'd say is very rarely shared by individuals now a days. You'll definitely be blessed. Also needed a recommendation as to a few clarifications on documentations required for submission in Portuguese Consulate in Goa for a Bombay based Goan individual. Documents in possession as of now :
    1) Grandmother's Nasamento and Casamento Registered In Portugal
    2) Mothers Nasamento and Casamento Registered In Portugal

    Need to register myself in Goa now and documents ready for submission with Foreign Ministry Attestation and Home Ministry Attestation are :
    1) Birth Certificate ( Bombay Born )
    2) Passport Copy
    3) Is the resident certificate required ?

    Or if missing any other documents prior to travel to Goa, please suggest?

    Thank you in anticipation.

  107. Dear All,

    For all those who have taken your BI, When you surrender your Indian Passport and in case you have travelled abroad the fine is 10000 Rupees per exit and entry Plus 5000 rupee cancellation charges + 25000 Rupee if you have reissued your Indian Passport while having a BI.
    Your BI issue date is your Nationality date and not your Portuguese passport Issue date.

  108. How long does it take to get your birth registered after submitting your papers?

  109. The registration of birth in Portugal, as per the existing Portuguese laws will entitle a person to possess Cartão de Cidadão, a Portuguese Citizen Card, which has been primarily designed to replace the older Bilhete de Identidade or Identity Card,” Dr Baceira added, pointing out that the Cartão de Cidadão would make the applicant a citizen of Portugal..... How come just registering birth one becomes Portuguese citizen. I think this is wrong info and till date no Portuguese govt have acknowledged it.. It's only after obtaining BI or CC one becomes Portuguese citizen.. And yes obtaining passport is individual choice..

  110. Hello,

    Kindly advice, as to how can I check on the status of my children's birth registration whose application I submitted to the Portuguese consulate in Panjim. Both my children are minors. Is there any weblink where I can check on the status of the application? Would appreciate your help in this regard. Thanks

  111. Hi Joe. You are doing a great service to Goans pursuing the Portuguese Nationality! Kallzantan Dev bored korum! --Kindly clarify the issue of fines levied by Indian Immigration for travel on the Indian Passport after the Cartao/Portuguese Passport is in hand. I hear conflicting info on this. Some say, when you go to surrender the Indian Passport, they count every trip to India (entry as well as exit separately!) and fine Rs. 20,000 per trip FROM the registration of birth! Also, what about those that have registered their births for their children's sake but will decide to take their passports after 3 years? Will they not be in trouble during that time? - Jodi (FB: Jodi's Art)

  112. Want to know if Indo-Portuguesa booklet to enter GOA issued in 1957 at Margao . These records can be found in GOA or Lisbon. My old Indo Portguesa passport got lost.