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Thursday, 15 March 2007

Any one can be a SAINT, any one can go to HEAVEN

No matter what religion you belong to - ALL ROADS LEAD TO SAME DESTINATION (See bigger pic below)
Its never too late to be a SAINT or to go to HEAVEN.
Any one can be a Saint, any one can go to Heaven. It's very simple, all you have to do is 'be good to others' or follow your God's preachings. Yes, and that is as simple as that. You dont have to be a priest nor you have to be a nun or 'Bhat' etc to become a saint, just be good to others and that will guarantee you a ticket to Heaven or Sainthood. Dont try to show others you are religeous (if you really are, please keep that within you). Don't try to look for your God every where. Always bear in mind your God might be very next to you.

Sant Tukaram/Kabhir said..
"Moko kahan dhundo re vande
Mai to tere pasame....

"Muje kaham dundo,
Meim to tere passi hum"
"Why looking for me every where
when I am very next to you?"
" Hanv tuje lagxinch astana,
Maka inga-tinga kiteaksodtai?"

Who has seen the GOD? Neither YOU nor I.
Yes, the only way we can see God is thru 'YOU' Let every 'YOU' be my God. And if you think you are too old or/and a sinner throughout your life, don't worry, you too can go to heaven or become a saint - all you need is a CHANGE.
Change yourself TODAY and dont wait until tomorrow. Simply be good to others and you will be there. Remember, it's the people who will send you to Heaven, it's the people who will proclaim you as Saint and not necessarily the Rome etc.

Hope to see you all there..

All the best.
See the above pic larger here..

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  1. Dear Joe,

    Keeping God's ten commandments will make us a way to heaven, please read Exodus chapter 20.

    happy reading and may God bless you