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Friday, 29 April 2011

Vasco Illegal structures: Khariwado 365, Baina 416

After KAP, I am sure Fr. Bismarque is all set to form a BAP?

(BAP being Baina Affected People?), who is one of the core members of
the GRA for asking special status for Goa, anti-corruption etc

While we try to save on illegal money (corruption etc) we already lost
over 50 crores is just two days by the very actions of the KAP

As for Baina, I still don't understand as to why the authorities could solve
the Baina beach shitting problems - Is that really too difficult

How about filing a PIL?

What about the prominent citizens or NGOs including doctors from Vasco

Haven't we seen the state of Khariawado beach (see link bellow).
or (this one pirated as the original removed (not by me) for showing Live
'Ghu' ? )


HC to decide fate of 416 structures on Baina beach

The High Court of Bombay at Goa
will decide the fate of 416 alleged illegal structures next week, which have
been erected
on the former red light area - Baina beach without municipal
licenses or permissions.
The Mormugao Municipal Council (MMC) on Thursday
submitted a list of structures, which was compiled after a thorough
survey following Court orders earlier this month.
A division bench of Justices S C Dharmadhikari and F M Reis adjourned the hearing till May 3 directing the Goa  Coastal Zone Management Authority to submit an affidavit in reply over
the matter.
During the last hearing, the bench had directed the MMC to complete
the process of identifying alleged illegal structures at Destora, Baina
and Katem Baina in Vasco, and submit its survey report by the next date of hearing, on Thursday.


At Vasco Khariwado:
There are 363 structures identified as illegal
Only about 66 demolished so far on 31.3.11 as most other managed to obtain ‘stay
- Over 80% of them are migrants with their own habits
Video -
A view from the other side – Ruined Beach

I can only take the thirsty horse to the pond and not vice versa

Kan asloleani aikochem and dolle asloleani pouchem

If any one interested in filing PIL, JoeGoaUk promises to contribute
upto  Rs.5,000 towards the costs.  Any one?

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  1. A hefty fine or imprisonment should be imposed on people defecating on beaches.