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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

How many more deaths Mr. Chief Electrical Engineer?

How many more deaths Mr. Chief Electrical Engineer?

No, I will not ask the same to Power Minister or Chief Minister as for them
Such deaths are  minor issues as they feel things can be patched up after compensating the
Family by a meagre amount of Rs. 2 lakhs per death.

But this death by electrocution  is very serious matter..
Gross negligence on the part of Power Dept Staff noted.

When the villagers saw the snapped wire, they immediately reported at the local section office
 by logging on the  complaint book.
Despite reporting, the electricity Dept. Failed to switch off the power leaving there for two days thus causing death of an innocent
young Arjun of Dhaukond Dharbandora on 8th May 2011

Power Minister, Chief Electrical Enginneer,AE, JE, Linesmen etc have serious explanation
to give in this incident as to why the power was not switched off for 2days?
What more? They were quick enough to join the snapped wire (not even replace by new one).
Worst part of it is 'No guard loops' provided throughout the section even after 11 days from the incident. 
As if the Dept playing with the lives of the people (pl see various pics and Video  here).

No employer's visit to the household (Father working for Salgaocars mines as watchman)
No MP or MLA's Visit (MLA Salgaokar),
No Power minister nor Chief minister  visited
No Chief Electrical Engineer nor AE or JE or linesman visited
No Patrakar or Media people visited
No financial Help received from anyone

Young Arjun was the only child. (An ITI Student)
What the parents must be going through?
As for me, I have personally seen the mother sitting in one corner and will not move or talk
God, Give courage to them to bear the loss

JoeGoaUk wishes to contribute upto Rs.10k 
if anyone or any Lawyer takes up this criminal case 
against Power Dept. They can’t get away all the time.

Following my above comment on Facebook, there was another matching offer (total 3 now) from another persons

The pics
Arjun Alias Abhay Goankar

The grieving parents

A cousin brother pointing out the spot where the death occurred

The overhead wire across the river / Stream
Pl note there are no guard loops

Close-up with little singing birds (can be heard from the Video)

Snapped wire joint

Over the river/stream
the deceased was on his routine early morning visit  (tooth brush also seen)
The house

the video Clip

Dharbandora is about 55 Kms from Panjim.
As we were first timers, we took the wrong route i.e. Usgao Heavy mining trucks route which delayed our visit by half a hour.
While coming back we came via Dhargal I think

Update: about 3 years later (29.4.2014)

Youth's death: 4 power officials booked for negligence

PONDA: Following the recommendation by the state electrical inspectorate at Panaji, Colem police have booked four electricity officials for the death of Sanjay Prabhakar Gaonkar, 17, from Dhavkond in Dharbandora three years after the incident.

Gaonkar, a trainee at ITI, Cacora was electrocuted in a stream on May 8, 2011. TVK Govindam, executive engineer; Remedio Fernandes, assistant engineer; Jagpalsingh Chaudhary, junior engineer; and Ankush Raghu Shilkar, lineman/wireman have been booked under Section 304-A of Indian Penal Code.

Three years ago, a live wire from electric poles across a stream snapped and remained in the water for two days. Gaonkar who had gone to the stream to wash his face, became a victim of alleged negligence. TOI
Extra: JoeGoaUK
Parrikar Govt recently enhanced compensation amount to kin of  those electricity employee who die on duty.  However, the compensation level of those civilians deaths due to negligence of Power Dept remains the same i.e. 2 lacs?

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