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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Adieus, Sir Matanhy Saldanha

If any  politician whom I would respectably address as ‘Sir’  would be the one and only Sir Matanhy Saldanha,
a true Goan by heart. His other name, I would say 'Goa'.

 ‘Leave your religion and caste at home: Unite in one voice and one spirit for saving Goa’

This is what he always said in his speeches.

Goa just lost one of its very few saviours.

Adieus Matanhy Sir.

Matanhy Saldanha died on 21st March 2012
Funeral on 24th March 3pm at Cansaulim

It was only 5 days since he took charge of the Tourism Ministry (Forest & Environment).

Matanhy's grave on 21.3.2013

Video - a tribute
Parrikar, Fonseca, Prajal, Fr. Eremito, SEZ, GPA etc included

 My post in 2008 on Matanhy's 60th birthday (with pics)


update: 23/3/12

Matanhy's body brought home

some pics

Cansaulim Residence

Placed in the mobile morgue

Matanhy’s two sisters seated right

At Cansaulim church

 House behind the railway tracks (house not seen)

 Posters all over
This is at Cortalim - Sancoale junction

Video 1 -  Matanhy brought home..

UpadateL 24th March 2012

The Final journey

Niz Goemkar to
Goemcho okondd khambo to
Mozo gaum-bhau to

Adieus, Matanhy Saldanha

Matanhy into his coffin at home
Wife Alina also seen


Decorated with flowers – The final resting place


People lined up to pay last respect

the funeral brass band

Matanhy leaving home for the last time – Parrikar also seen

The politicians in the crowd
CM Parrikar, Arun Jaitley, Shripad Niak, Shashikala Kakodkar, Damu Naik, Mickky Pacheco
 wife Viola, Francis D'Souza, Rajendara Arlekar etc


Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar assured that Matanhy’s wishes
would be fulfilled through his colleagues

‘Go ahead Alina, we are with you’ said Fr. Eremito Rebello

Matanhy along with his family members

a section of the crowd

another section

over 50 priests – Concelebrated mass
A section


 the main three priests

With Bishop Filipe Neri, Fr. Jose Remedious and Fr. Lucio Dias

Here is Sir Matanhy –  With State / National honour

Matanhy’s sisters etc

Wife Alina

Padmashree Remo Fernandes paid a beautiful musical tribute – Flute

the coffin top / Cover

Additional/Update: midnight 24/3/12

Saw Manohar Parrikar arriving at 2pm
Funeral time was 3pm.  He was there all the time outside the residence.

Funeral service got over after 6pm (Cemetery)  and the whole thing must have go over at 7pm (wishing family member etc)

 Mr. Parrikar made a small speech saying most of his talking was done by Matanhy’s niece.

He assured Matanhy’s wishes will be fulfilled with the help of his colleagues

Matanhy’s niece Malisa also made an emotional speech.

Alina w/o Matanhy also made an emotional speech saying she lost her best friend, lost reason for living, lost everything for Matanhy was everything to her.

She also said ‘Matanhy’s greatest love was Goa and people of Goa’

Matanhy always said ‘Everything I do, I do so that I can live after my death’

She thanked Matanhy for giving her 20 beautiful years of her life.

Remo played beautiful musical tribute.

Another thing I saw for the first time was the priests going down to the people to serve Communion. Almost all priest were distributing the Holy Communion.

Fr. Eremito Rebello, in his homily, said Alina (w/o Matanhy) should take the challenge to carry on with the work of Matanhy and that we the people will be there for her.

He also said Goa needs special status besides cleaning up the mess.

He also said money looted should be brought back to the state coffers.

Cemetery was beautifully decorated with flower wreaths etc.

Funeral march was very beautiful (with Police band etc), something I think I saw for the first time (except in Movies).

Sadly, I was not able to capture the 21 gun-shots, battery problem as if it had to run-down at that time only.

Some more pics

Matanhy leaving home for the last time
CM Parrikar seen carrying his friend’s coffin

This funeral march really brought tears in my eyes

with Police band

coming out of the church - Friends and neighbours carrying coffin

Coffin / casket draped in the Union Flag / National Flag

Opp. Leader Mr. Arun Jailey flew all the way from Delhi..

 After the mass service, coffin now taken for final salute and burial


Video 2 - Funeral photos

Video 3 - Remo Fernandes paying Musical Tribute

Some more pics

Flowers wreaths and messages

Police Brass Band

Cemetery – last rites

Main video  - added 25th March late night

Matany Saldanha - Last journey

as the video is long, here I give your some timelime
so that you can skip and watch that part which may interests you.

The Video:
Starting with Parrikar at the residence – Must watch
2.15 Church square round-up, cemetery, grave
4.02 back to residence – People Q etc
7.00 Arun Jaitley arrives, Brass band
9.10 Funeral service starts
10.20 Leaving the residence with Parrikar etc – Must watch
12.25 Funeral march, police band etc – Must watch
17.00 Arun Jaitley speech – Must watch
20.00 Mass service starts
22.00 Bhishop talks
25.00 Fr. Eremito homily – must watch
35.00 Communion
41.37 Remo – Must watch
42.15 CM Parrikar – Must Watch
43.41 Alina - wife of Matanhy – Must watch
50.07 funeral leaves for final salute
55.25 for burial
The End

Music: brass band, Remo’s flute tribute added to the background.

Video 4 - the last journey

Thanks you for your support.
I got lot of views in flickr pics upto 650 per pic in less that 24hours
It really made my day as if I have been paid for my work or efforts, what else I need ham?

May our Matanhy rest in peace

Viva Goa!

Grave on 26th Mrch

Update: 24th Oct. 2012
Remembering Matanhy on his 64th birthday 24th Oct.

Remembering Matanhy on his 64th birthday
At Kala Academy on 24th Oct.2012 6-10pm

Debate on the topic of ‘Development at what cost?’ Participants were Vishnu Surya Wagh, Subhash Phaldessai, Rohan Khaunte, Nirmala Sawant, Dr Oscar Rebello, Adv Thalman Pereira & Sandesh Prabhudesai moderator. watch video V below

As part of this programme, various people also paid their tribute to Matanhy including Fr Savio Gomes, Kamini Kundaikar, Prajal Sakhardande, Agnelo Rodrigues, Shalini Barbosa Saxena, Fr. Eremito Rebello,
Dilip Cotta, Vijay Pai Khot, Edgar Vales, Mahesh Sonak, Raju Mangueskar, Dasharath Naik, etc. see their pics in Alina's video below - Video II

Musical programme by Debbie Fernandes, Varun Carvalho, Kris Saldanha, Konkani Cantar Trio by Jaju – Salu – Tommy, Violin recital by Goa String Quartet etc - watch Video I and II

Video I
In this video you will watch, a small part of Parrikar’s speech, Kris solo, Debbie,
Varun, villagers group singing, Cantar Trio, Dilip Cotta singing, Fr. Eremito Rebello, Alina Saldanha etc

CM Parrikar also talked on this occasion, a 35 mins long speech. Watch Video IV

The KA auditorium was full to the capacity
Video I

Video II Alina Speaking - With all speakers' pics, Arun, Debbie and Villagers

Video III Kris Singing

Video IV CM Parrikar Speaking (Entire Speech)

Video V - Debate,  Development at what cost?

Matanhy Statue at Cansaulim
on his 66th birthday 24th Oct. 2014

more here


  1. Nobody can deny the profound impact Mathany had on Goa and this has been even further stamped with the attendance at the funeral. Fantastic coverage of the last mile in the journet of a true Goan.

  2. The Saviour Of Goa is Gone

    May his soul rest in peace

  3. A Perfect Human being, True Goan, a Man of Principles. His spirit will live on in our hearts.
    May be all strive to follow and make his dreams for Goa and the Goans come true.
    May His Soul Rest in Peace

  4. Thank you Joe for the wonderful coverage with photos and videos. I only one channel of news to when it comes to Goa..JOEGOAUK! I can't thank you enough for all that you do for Goa and Goans with your tirelesss service. I do not know your age but quite certain not as young as me. God Bless you with good health to continue with the goood work. Manthany and self did exchanged some emails in regard to Environmental and Special Status issue which I thought will be taken care but God had only 5 days plan and not 5 years plan for him. Without doubt he is already in heaven!

  5. Thank you for the pictures really brought tears to my eyes seeing a great hero and a true son of the soil laid to rest. May his soul rest in peace and wish all goan take inspiration from Late Mathany Saladana. God Bless.

  6. Late Mathany Saldana a teacher, a social activist, a leader and one of the greatest son of the will all be remembered as a true Goan.

  7. Late Mathany Saldana a teacher, a social activist, a leader and one of the greatest son of the will all be remembered as a true Goan.

  8. Mathanys all his dreams are shattered and there is none to follow it up. Goa is gone by the wind. Alina should have continued his work. May his soul rest in Peace. Adios Matanhy my friend from younger days.