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Monday, 22 April 2013

Goa Heritage Festival 2013, Saligao

Goa Heritage Festival 2013
Saligao, Goa
18-21 April 2013
6pm to 10pm

Organised by
Dept. of Goa Tourism and GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation)

Well, we had decided to go on the last day i.e. 21st April.

We arrived there at 6pm but nothing happening, although there was good number of crowd.
It eventually started just after 7pm.

Started with Fugdi Dance, followed by another Fuggdi then another as if it was a Fugddi dance Competition. Fugdi dance ended after 7.30pm. At this time they announced it would take 10-15 minutes for setting up for next group (Dekni Dance ?).

We left at 7.45.

We missed Sonia Shirsat, however, I have added whatever they played (while  testing / setting up their band) to the clip below.

Looks like the event was not organised too well.
As if the whole event was meant for VIPs.

To the left of the stage there is a huge VIP seating lounge with Security guy at the entrance. see pics

In the middle, the elevated / raised 3 storey platform for Sound mixing, Media etc.

To  the right, there is another posh VIP dinner covered lounge with antique sort of furniture chairs etc. Organisers repeatedly asking the crowd to keep about 3 meter wide safe passage from the VIP lounge.

 Who are these VIPs ?
Seating and eating at whose cost?

They could easily start with Fugddi dances etc at stated time 6pm as there was enough crowd / people.

Here are some pics and videos

the Main Gate
Fort Replica

a temple front tower replica
Lamp or diuli tower

Stage set-up

To the right
VIP Dinner Lounge

To the left
VIP Seating Lounge with Security guy

The stalls

A stall selling Mushrooms Samosa and Potato ‘Kapam’
Rs. 30 and Rs. 7 each


The host /Compere
Pankhaj and Suchi  ??

Fugdi Dance


a king from Zagor
Goda modni

 Bamboo items, baskets etc

 God of Veer Bhardra

Ethnographic display - LOKA DAIJ, also watch video below
Weights and measures - Units

Coal Iron – Fer
We had one

Copper pots –Moddko ..tost, tanbyo, Kail

Earthen or Clay items
Touli, Kunnem buddkulo etc

A view from the road / Car

 Saligao Church at 6.15

at 7.40pm

Video 1 ( A short tour)

Video 2 Antique items ( Ethnographic display)

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