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Monday, 12 August 2013

Miraculous Cross at Nandgad (near Khanapur Belgaum )

It's before Belgaum,
(here to Belgaum 33kms)
 8 kms from Khanapur on  Goa -Belgaum Sector NH 4A
From Goa, its Panaji - Ponda - Mollem - Anmod - Ramnagar - Khanapur - Nandgad -Belgaum
Different Road to Nandgad hillock

Many Goans visit here during Lent - Way of the Cross etc
Many Goan names figured in the list of benefactors

From Panaji  its about 125km.
Take Belgaum bound Bus via Anmod and get down Nandgad just after Khanapur ( fare around Rs. 105)
and take road to Nandgad hillock - Road in muddy (not tarred) so avoid driving during monsoons.
Jeeps etc can go right on top
Others up to the gate from where about 15 mins walking / climbing uphill involved

Miraculous Cross at Nandgad
Estd. 1888
Pilgrim Centre declared  December 2000 by Bishop of Belgaum

'Legend says – Deadly plague had been haunting the villages around Nandgad and had brought many deaths. Tired of these deadly occurring, the people here prayed and vowed to God that they would erect Christ’s cross on one of the hills. To everyone’s astonishment that the plague really disappeared and haunts them no more'

Our visit on 11th August, 2013
Some pics
Entrance Gate – Starting point.
Vehicles go upto here but jeeps etc can go right on top

 Road / Pathway uphill

Two kids resting on the bench midway (benches provided at regular intervals)

14 boxed type stations of the Cross

close-up view, frontal

a scenic view from above

The road up here is via the purple building (Auxilium Convent) you see here

A child lighting Candles

 The Main,  Holy Cross, altar place


Video - Miraculous Cross Shrine

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