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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Goa Assembly Elections 2017 Results etc

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar speaking
Talks about Coconut tree, Goemkarponn, Congress Govt history,
why Congress MLAs came by bus to meet Governor? What stopped Cong. to meet Governor if they had majority? New coalition Govt has 50.5% votes etc

Vijay Sardesai taking oath..

Minister Rohan Ashok Khaunte

BJP-MGP-GF- IND led coalition Government sworn in today at Raj Bhavan 14.3.2017
Manohar Parrikar sworn in as Chief Minister
and 9 others as ministers viz
Sudin Davlikar MGP
Vijay Sardesai GF
Francisco D'Souza BJP
Manohar Azgaokar MGP
Rohan Khaunte IND
Pandurang Madkaikar BJP
Govind Gaude IND
Vinod Palienkar GF
Jayesh Salgaocar GF
Portfolios will be allocated after floor test i.e. on or after 16.3.17

New Ministers etc
With Amit Shah etc


Ex Minister Mandrekar
Garden, lawn, tea party
Tea, snacks fell short, half cup tea served and without sugar (sugar sachets run out too)
Ordered for 1000 crowd was more than 2000

Videos coming soon..

A sea view
On the way to Raj Bhavan (inside gate)
Caju / Cashew apples
British Cemetery etc

At Dona Paula Circle, we also saw a handful of protesters led by Congress?

New Government formation, new development
Update: Sunday Late evening of 12.3.2017
Live Press conference
Vijay Sardesai, Sudin Davlikar, Nitin Gadkari, Manohar Parrikar etc

Parrikar to resigned as Defence Minister soon
To form BJP Govt with support of GF, MGP and INDs Rohan Khaunte and Govind Gawde
Parrikar to become CM again, hopefully by Monday/Tuesday.

 Live Press conference was going on at 8.20pm with Sudin, Vijay etc
Vijay says there will be no compromise on  Goemkar and Goemkarponn issues

Check what Vijay Sardesai has to say..
We in GF contested only 4 seats.. we have won 3 seats..
We cannot waste this mandate by being oblivious to the choices we have in formation of Stable govt that will ensure development of the state. Our mantra is Goem Goemkar Goemkarponn, this slogan given us these 3 seats.. We will never make any compromise on these issues on Goy Goemkar Goemkarponn. But at the same time, to take this forward, we believe the need for stable govt, a Govt that will ensure development, a Govt that will have co-operation with the centre which has been committed to us by Mr Nitin Gadkari specially the gov has sanction thousands of crore rupees in development works in the State of Goa in the last 2 years.  We look forward to this type of development in our constituencies first and also in the rest of Goa and I believe in the development  and protecting the interest of Sons of the soil, we take Goa Forward and we feel that the person best capable to do it with his experience and clear image is Mr. Manohar Parrikar. There we made a demand that the legislature party of the BJP should be lead by and Chief Minister should be Manohar Parrikar and we are happy to be in this coalition. But we also like to reassure every Goan that we will be watch dogs for Goemkarponn.. One’s political life there are some hard choices to make , with these choices we made we will not betray the cause of Goem Goemkar Goemkarponn.  Eventually, the people who will not be comfortable with the choices we taken now.. Eventually everybody will be happy and Goa will go forward. Thank you

It should be Cong who should have gone to Governor first but it looks like they are struggling to choose their own leader as there may be too many claimants including ex Ministers etc

Letters of support with Governor's Invitation to form Govt

View / Read it bigger here

With this written support already, Congress will now left with only two  which will make their total  (17+2) 19 only.  I guess Congress lost the opportunity to form Govt for which they are only to blame.
They knew very well that Parrikar said they will stake claim soon after the results declared..

New Govt formula or pattern  to include Cabinet berths to all 3 GF MLAs, 2 to MGP and one each to Rohan and Govind

Now, Sanguem Independent  MLA also gave unconditional support to BJP. Strength now 22
Yesterday, there were reports that NCP Churchill Alemao also supported BJP but in today's news channel he denies that.

New Govt swearing in ceremony tomorrow at 5pm (Tuesday)

Looks like Congress approached court, whether the ceremony will actually take place will be known by noon tomorrow (Tuesday)
Court refused to stay the swearing in ceremony, ordered floor test within 48hrs
BJP passes floor test on 16.3.17 - 22 in favour (Cong.16)
======= =======  =======

Goa Legislative Assembly Elections were held on Saturday the 4th February 2017 from 7am to 5pm.

Over 11 lakhs Goans were to decide fate of 251 candidates
 82.23% people voted (excluding postal ballots and re-poll of about 800 votes)
(One Polling Station no. 8 at Aquem Margao to go for re-poll on 7th February as already started polling there was cancelled due to staff error who failed to delete or re-set  the EVM after 50 mock votes test)

Total No. of  Seats : 40
Number of Candidates: 251
Polling held on: 4.2.2017
Counting of votes / Results on: 11.03.2017

Cong -  Indian National Congress Party,  BJP - Bharatya Janata Party, GF - Goa Forward Party,
MGP - Maharastrawadi Gomantak Party, NCP - Nationalist Congress Party, IND - Independents

Party wise...
Congress: 17 - 3 = 14 +1 =15 -10 defected = 5 as of 10.7.19
     1.    Isidore Fernandes – Canacona defected 10.7.19
2.    Antonio (Tony)  Fernandes – St. Cruz defected 10.7.19
3.    Alex Reginaldo – Curtorim
4.    Luizinho Faleiro – Navelim
5.    Nilkant Harlankar – Tivim   defected 10.7.19
6.    Filipe Neri  Rodrigues – Velim defected 10.7.19
7.    Viswajit Rane – Valpoi    Resigned as on 16.3.17
8.    Pratapsing Rane –  Poriem
9.    Wilfred De Sa – Nuvem defected 10.7.19
10. Dayanand Sopte – Mandrem   Resigned as on 16.10.18
11. Clafacio Dias – Cuncolim defected 10.7.19
12. Chandrakant Kavlekar – Quepem defected 10.7.19
13. Jennifer Monserat – Taleigao defected 10.7.19
14. Digambar Kamat – Margao
15. Francisco Silveira – St. Andre defected 10.7.19
16. Ravi Naik – Ponda
17. Subash Shirodkar - Shiroda  Resigned as on 16.10.18
18. Babush Monsarat won by election 23.5.2019 defected 10.7.19

BJP - 13 + 1 = 14-2+3+2  (17 +10 Cong defected = Total 27 as of 10.7.2019)
1.    Glenn Ticlo – Aldona
2.    Milind Naik – Mormugao
3.    Carlos Almeida – Vasco
4.    Rajesh Patnekar –  Bicholim
5.    Pandurang Madkaikar – Cumbarjua Sick since June 5, 2018 (brain stroke)
6.    Mauvin Godinho – Dabolim
7.    Michael Lobo – Calangute
8.    Alina Saldanha – Cortalim
9.    Pravin Zantye – Mayem
10.Promod Sawat – Sankllim
11.Nilesh Cabral – Curchorem
12.Francisco De Souza – Mapusa died 14.2.2019
13.Sidharth Cuncoliencar – Panaji   Resigned on 10th May 2017.
13.  Manohar Parrikar   28.8.2017 by winning by-poll died March 17, 2019
14.  Vishwajeet Rane    28.8.2017 by winning by-poll
2 = Babu Azgaokar, Deepak Pauskar as on 27.3.19
10 = Antonio, Isidore, Nilkant, Neri, Wilfred, Clafacio, Kavlekar, Silveira, Jenifer, Babush 10.7.19

 MGP - 3-2 = 1 (2 defected)
1.    Sudin Davlikar – Madkai
2.    Babu Azgaokar – Pernem defected 27.3.19
3.    Deepak Pauskar – Sanvordem defected  27.3.19

 GF -  3
1.    Vijay Sardesai – Fatorda
2.    Vinod Palienkar – Siolim
3.     Jayesh Salgaocar – Saligao

 NCP - 1
Churhill Alemao – Benaulim

 Independent - 3
1.    Rohan Khaunte – Porvorim
2.    Govind Gawde – Priol
3.    Prasad Gaonkar - Sanguem

A short video tour: Day of Vote Counting, Campal

Lost (Some present term outgoing MLAs / Ministers)
    Laxmikant Parsekar - Chief Minister
Dayanand Mandrekar  - Minister
Dilip Parulekar - Minister
Rajendra Arlekar - Minister
Mahadev Naik - Minister
Avertano Furtado - Minister
Ramesh Tawadkar - Minister
Ganesh Gaonkar
Subash Phaldesai
Kiran Kandolkar
Rajan Naik
Naresh Sawal
Caitu D’Silva
Benjamin Silva
Deepak Davlikar - Minister MGP
Lavoo Mamledar - MGP
Mickky Pacheco
Babush Monserate

There were about
   6 secured  between 19-50 votes
 20 secured between  51-100 votes
 25 secured between  100 - 200 votes
 35 secured between  201-500 votes
 18 secured between  501-1000 votes
 22 secured between 1001-2000 votes
 16 secured between 2001-3000
 19 secured between 3001-4000
   9 secured between 4001-5000
 26 secured 10,000+ (highest being 16.5K)

Cheap and pathetic sound system of Election Commission of Goa on votes counting day at Panaji Campal on 11.3.17
Poor quality sound, no sound, break down, cross connection (two announcements same time) etc etc.
'Its like Mahatma Gandhi era' says CCP Mayor
It was said on 6th February TV news that EC Goa election expenditure so far was Rs. 57 crore, it must have crossed 60crore by now
I wonder, what would the sound System bill for the day?
They could have arranged a Giant TV screen (There was one Pvt installation by Prudent TV? don't know if also finance by EC goa).
No mobiles were allowed inside counting hall, there were notices too on all gates but they were repeatedly making annoucement on mike requesting and reminding about it which could mean there were some using phones inside the counting hall?
What more?
It was said that all results will be out by 11am, then they said by 12noon. Votes counting stated 8am. We arrived there at 9am, not a single result was out.
1. Mandrem (Parsekar/Sopte), the first constituency to take up for counting
They announced its results as follows:
Round 1 at 9.06am
Round 2 at 9.45
Postal ballots round - 10.25
Round 3 - 10.49
Final round/Result announcement 11.18
We got fed up and bored, we left. When we arrived home at 1pm, we saw on TV that about 20 results out so far.
I think all results were out after 5pm
It was more like Ballot paper votes counting
ECI Goa, are you reading this?

CCP Mayor
Flowers garlands sale
TV display Prudent

Total EVMs sealed and stored in 2 strong rooms Campal/Margao 1642
Total  Govt expenditure on Elections about 57 crores  as of 6.2.17  (Last time it was 27 crores)

Polling day, a short Panaji Tour

 1,642 polling stations of which 794 in North Goa
A polling booth / Station
PWD, St. Inez

College of Home Science, Campal
Govt Primary School
Massano de Amorim, near Cine National

All sealed EVMs of North Goa will be stored here at Bal Bhavan, Campal until 11.3.17
over 800 EVM machines from 794 polling stations of 19 North Goa Constituencies .
3 tier security round the clock with Goa Police, Goa Armed Police and CIPF
Total sealed EVMs 1642 of all contituencies
CCTV monitor etc

South Goa 21 Constituency EVMs stored at Govt Multipurpose Higher Secondry school, Borda Margao (Near Govt ITI)


VVPAT Voting demonstration
Voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) a glass / window display unit where the voter can verify his vote.  Display last about 7 seconds and then the slip cut / falls into the box /dispenser. Should a candidate order re-count, these cut slips will also be taken into account as double confirmation. Besides the symbol, the slip will also have Sr. No and Candidate's name
Voting is a Civic Sacrament

Check here previous elections results etc
Goa Assembly Elections 2012

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