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Friday, 22 July 2011

A picture worth thousands..?

A picture worth thousands..?

I am sure many of you must have already filled up the blank..
But wait, it may not be the answer you have in your mind


Some months ago, I discovered an unread mail in my flickr inbox which
was there for over 3 months.
‘A request from an unknown overseas individual to use one of my pics’

I promptly replied saying ‘OK. If  it is not for profit and to give credit to JoeGoaUk’ Like I

usually do.
(Recently, there was similar request to use my pic in montly Mag. by a contributor, my pic
did appear minus credit- Pic at Azad Maidan during Sw.Agnivesh/Kiran Bedi visit)

 Few days later, curiosity made me to visit the account again
(I may have several flicking accounts).
Once again, I discovered the person's reply to me almost instantly to
previous ‘OK’ reply to him.

This time it says ‘ it is for profit’ asking me how much I expect?
To that I replied ‘same payment that you would generally pay to others for similar pics’
Soon, there came a reply ‘..‘$$’ let me know how this sounds ?’

At this time, I was about 70% sure that someone with fake ID is pulling  
my leg.(
(it happened to me once, somebody posing as female but I did not fall prey to his (or her) bait)

 I replied ‘ Sounds OK to me’
Next quick reply from him asking for my personal details such
as filling up some forms etc
It also said ‘we can send a check (we call cheque) or pay via PayPal or
direct bank deposit. Just let me know what you prefer and I can make up an invoice for you’

At this time I was 99% so sure that either someone is playing tricks or
it’s another sort of Nigerian Scam.

But deep down, that remaining 1% hope (or lust, I am also a Goan remember?)
made me to write to my best overseas Goan net friend seeking his opinion on this matter.
Received a near favourable response.

The ball is now started rolling .
We must have exchanged at least 20 mails in 30 days

(phone talking not allowed remember?)

Forms and other details sent/faxed.

On receipt, I got a mail ‘all done, I will make you up an invoice and send it in to
the accounting folks. It may take 60 days as they have been paying slowly,
but just let me know if you don't get the money in 60 days and I will pester them.’

Believe me or not, reading above mail, my hopes once again started diminishing.
I said to myself, it (such delays due to red tapism etc) only happens in India .

What choice do I have?
I waited and I waited about 3 months (not desperately though) –

No. Nothing heard, nothing received.

I wrote back in one line – 'More than 3 months now, no news'.
(by replying or quoting his last email)

He immediately, responded back apologising that he would look into matter and
come back to me ASAP.

3 days later, he did come back apologising once again -
‘all sorted out with the account dept. and the payment already left yesterday’
(Before, I could received his mail, I already got a notification confirming receipt)

Now, many of you must be curious to know..

So, what's the actual payment?
The Actual payment = The amount assured in full - $16 = ??? *

(16 deducted towards charges for availing of my preferred method of payment/channel)

See, what I mean?
A picture is worth thousands ... what?

You may now fill up the blank with  ‘Rupees’ ( and not ‘words’).

Some of you xasticars may exclaim..
‘Avoisss, itu azaru ani tei zaliar ek fottvaku?’

I told you I would come back separately on this, didn’t I?

That was the first ever payment I got for my work in about 9 years time.
I guess, I claimed it because it was big. Took risk too.

Sadly, that was the only 'giraik'  I ever received.

Fyi or for that matter, there are several cheques /payments pending
or waiting for me to claim.
Some of them must have expired as cheques usually have 6 months validity.
Amount ranging from Rs.300 – 600 per check. I never asked for it though.

* Now, who can guess the amount?? (no prize for guessing though)

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