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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

‘Taking advantage of the situation’ make dirty money the Goa Police way..


Making ‘dirty Money’ the Goa Police way..

Whenever  we read about the tragedies such as deaths on the roads, drowning, suicide etc,
our heart goes out to the victims and wish we could help them or their family in whatever
way we can by means of consoling etc. The victims, particularly the survivors need it most.

Recently, (4/7/11) a group of 5 friends went for a picnic at Khandepar river in Ponda.
One of them was trying to cross the  swollen river. (Goa Rains started on 2nd June)
but  was dragged away by strong under current. 
He shouted for help but his friends could not do anything for none of them could swim.

Imagine, what it must be for them or what they must be going through to see their close
friend dying or disappearing just in front of their eyes?

The distressed friends (survivors) called to the police station for giving statements.
And our Goa Police, instead of offering them much needed counselling,
look how they add to their trauma. 

Taking advantage of the situation, our police extort money from the victims threatening them that
they will be booked for murder if money so demanded is not paid to them.

Don’t know if ‘ extortion’ actually taken place at Ponda Police Station in above case but what I do know
or read about the ‘dirty money’ making scam at Cuncolim Police Station.

Another legitimate reason to join Goa Police!

Read this news item on this case (Cabo da Rama beach tragedy).
 ‘Even as Superintendent of Police Allan de Sa issued the order suspending
Police Sub Inspector Prasanna Bhagat attached to Cuncolim Police Station,
it has now come to light that he had demanded and in some cases even
collected Rs. 25,000 from the survivors of the tragic picnic at
Cabo de Rama (on 8/7/11)
Parents of four of the nine survivors of the tragedy disclosed to the enquiry officer

Police Inspector Nelson Albuquerque that PSI Bhagat had demanded Rs. 25,000
from each of them on Saturday evening.
They complained that the PSI threatened their wards that they would be implicated

in the death cases if they did not pay the money by Saturday 4 pm and one parent
even produced the ATM transaction slip to prove that the money was withdrawn
from a nationalized bank.

Following the tragedy on Friday and given the fact that one of the victims body was

not traced, the officer called the youngsters to the police station on Saturday where
the parents were asked to pay Rs. 25,000 each failing which he threatened to book
their wards for attempt to murder as the body of the second victim was not found.

The four parents arranged the money and the total amount of Rs. 1,00,000 was

placed in the boot of a white car driven by the PSI who then went away.

Meanwhile, SP Allan de Sa has placed PSI Bhagat under suspension and the

Cuncolim Police have registered a case of extortion and corruption against him.

 I am sure, like every other investigations, this one too will have no end.
And the cop involved will be reinstated not at Cuncolim but elsewhere in Goa.
as said earlier..

Two youngsters drowned while taking pictures..
A group of 11 youngsters were out on a picnic at the
Cabo da Rama beach  on 8th July  2011 morning.
Standing on the rock in the water (posing for camera)  a
huge wave pushed all 3 of them into the  water/sea.
One drowned (Sunil 16, of Navelim), one saved by the
locals and the other (Noel 18) was missing
(body found on 10th, funeral on 11th)
See obituary ad

Cuncolim police Staion with a policeman standing infront


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